Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea
Love is Patient Love Is Kind

A home is a place where we should feel surrounded by love. It’s a safe place where we should feel encouraged to be the best we can be and to love and be loved as we are. It’s a place we gather together, recharge and rejuvenate. I really enjoy nesting for fall and trying to get all nestled in before the holidays, too, but I am especially inspired right now to transform our home in deep and meaningful ways.

The impact our home has on our family matters to me. Pumpkins are festive and plaid makes things cozy, of course, but the words we choose to surround ourselves with can change, motivate and inspire us. There is power in words, encouragement and truth! Besides being careful about the words we speak, I love to find creative ways to bring motivating quotes, thoughts and verses into our home so we can be surrounded by inspiration daily.

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

I Have Called You By Name

I’ve had several readers write to me recently about the art we have in our home. So today I’ve gathered some of my favorite pieces in my home and a few others I’d love to have or give! This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love the art and think any of these pieces would be a lovely gift for a special friend or family.

What is a favorite verse or what words might inspire you or someone you know? Encouraging artwork could make such a meaningful gift for to give someone going through a hard time, too. Gather a group of friends or family and go in on one together to bless someone else.

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Be Joyful Always

These art pieces from Between You and Me Signs are hand-painted on wood, so they are each unique and high quality. They’ll be a treasure for years to come. Custom signs are an option too, so if you want a special quote or verse you can have art created especially for you.

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea
Be Strong and Courageous, Do Not Fear

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea
By Wisdom a House is Built

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea
Amazing Grace

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Love is Patient (from our old bedroom, this sign will be hung in our new house soon too!)

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

She Believed She Could So She Did

Meaningful Encouraging Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Hope and a Future

Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

The Weary World Rejoices

Love Never Fails - Meaningful Artwork For the Home: Gift Idea

Love Never Fails

See more from Between You and Me Signs!

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Refining Your Authentic Style

Refining Your Authentic Style - The Inspired Room

I love getting inspiration for my home all over the place. Sometimes when I’m taking a walk, looking through a magazine, or window shopping I’ll see something that speaks to me and know instantly it’s a vibe or a look or even a texture that I would love to have reflected in my own home (remember my decorating lessons from Anthropologie?).

This little scene inspired me while wandering around near my home in Seattle this weekend, so I snapped a quick iPhone photo before anyone noticed. I’m always trying to be stealth like that. (Disclaimer: I don’t know who that man is in my pic, but I bet he doesn’t realize he’s a feature at the top of my blog today. Hello, sir. Hope you don’t mind.).

As I was standing there enjoying this space in a store called Lucca, I noticed I really loved the textures, the colors and the quirkiness that all came together in this part of the shop. I was especially taken with it all because there were so many familiar elements in one spot that I already have in my home now or used in my last house (and will still likely incorporate here over time!).

The mix of elements like open rattan display shelves filled with visual delights, quirky animals and whales, antique lighting and chandeliers, some chippy furniture mixed in here and there, chalkboards, and navy walls aren’t just things I happen to have, but they are all things I still love. 

My new home will have unique things about it of course because it’s a different house and I’m always evolving creatively, but I am pretty sure that by the time I’ve lived here for years, it will reflect all the things I love in one way or another. When you follow your heart, you always take that with you.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, too!

It takes time to get to know your home and to get to know yourself. Don’t hesitate to incorporate the styles, colors and textures you discover along the way that make YOU happy. Refine what works, edit out what doesn’t. You’ll find a mix that inspires you.

That’s what I love about personal style, it’s a process of discovering who you are, refining what you love and then becoming more confident in what makes YOU you so you can reflect that authentically in your home.

What elements in a home make YOUR heart flutter?

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