Live Your Best Summer

Carefree Summer

This past week I took a day off, and even turned down a conference call with HGTV and designer David Bromstad!, in order to spend the day hanging out with my son. I shut down the computer, turned off my phone and we had a wonderful electronic-free day as a family.

Enjoying summer breaks can be challenging for us, being that my husband and I live where we work and are in an extremely busy and demanding season of life! We have to take deliberate time AWAY from our computer in order to feel like we are having a day off!

We have many more days like that planned this summer. Deliberate, fun, carefree, computer-free days.

I’m over at (in)courage today, sharing 6 Tips for Enjoying a Beautiful Summer {at Home}.

Come chat with me there!

Happy Memory Triggers

Better Homes & Gardens


E very summer when I was in high school two favorite of my ice creams were Daiquiri Ice or Chocolate Chip Mint. Not at the same time. Somehow when I saw this room, I was instantly transported back to those carefree days of summer where my biggest dilemmas were what swimsuit to wear and which ice cream to choose. Life was sweet!

Seeing this room, I could smell the fresh air outside, feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze coming off the lake at our house, and of course, taste the refreshment of my favorite summer indulgence, $1 ice cream night at the local ice cream shop. Memory triggers are powerful!

When a color scheme can make memories come back to you as if you were right there in the moment, we can see how important it is that we surround ourselves with the most happy, powerful memories we can access! Whether they are from our collections, family photos and stories, or even scents and yes, COLOR … all of these things can be happy memory triggers at home!

I am very much inspired by my senses!

What are some of your happy memory triggers?


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