A Beautiful Life

A beautiful life is often the one you are already leading, not one you need to go out to find somewhere else... This weekend, I am savoring the life I already have. An unmade bed, ready to crawl back into... A coffee maker in my own kitchen, no … ** Read more **

Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy

THANK YOU!   How very touching to find that I have been given two lovely awards by some very nice people! And what an honor it is to be included in lists of such amazing women accomplishing so much good. I feel quite humbled and grateful to be … ** Read more **


Having an old, 1930s, fixer-upper can be kind of overwhelming sometimes. Especially to someone who loves the ambience of a completed room. Even so, my husband and I torture ourselves every Friday with the same laughable question. What shall we do … ** Read more **

The Sweetest Things

So for the past week, I have been laying awake each night unable to fully sleep because my son has a cough. After a few days of interrupted sleep, I was starting to feel a bit in over my head with life. Little things were falling through the cracks. … ** Read more **

Gooseberry Dreams

You and I live in shabby little homes. I hate to break it to you, but when you have just toured a $3 million dollar 5600 square foot new home, EVERYONE'S homes look shabby and run down by comparison. As cute or nice as we think our little houses are, … ** Read more **

I reveal to you today …

I got myself some monkey fabric! I almost wasn't going to share this little happy moment in my day yesterday, because I generally have a policy of not asking friends what they think of my new things. I show, but more in a matter of fact way, … ** Read more **