Birthday wish list: toilet seat

We had a great day celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday yesterday. This was just her family party, friend event will come later. She wants to take a group of girls to our family beach house, which current looks like this: Clearly you can see … ** Read more **

Inspired Rooms

Do you know the difference between "inspired rooms" and "theme rooms?" Having a business and blog entitled "The Inspired Room™" I often get asked about how to create specific themes for rooms. Theme rooms conjure up the idea of every nook and cranny … ** Read more **

Decorating for moms with limited time & money

I want to encourage you moms with limited decorating budgets. I have learned some things from my own experience that I want to share with you. There are many people out there who either have large sums of money they dedicate to decorating, or they … ** Read more **

Vacation Ambience Everyday

I was out shopping yesterday for my daughter's birthday present. While I really was intent on finding special things for her, my eyes landed on the most scrumptious pillow shams EVER. Not for her, for me! :-) They are not fancy or fine in any way, … ** Read more **

Authenticity: A Very Good Thing.

So, being totally new to blogging and not really knowing the first thing about it, I decided to take a little tour today around other people's blogs. Just to see what this is all about. I found quite by accident an old friend Alicia's blog (hello … ** Read more **

Self Improvement through Home Improvement

"We shape our buildings and our buildings shape us." Winston Churchill We talk a lot these days about wanting our homes to reflect our personalities. For instance, if you like to travel, perhaps you put artifacts from your travels on your coffee … ** Read more **