luke sleeping

Well, upon reflecting on my Monday, the day of chaos, I had a tender moment this morning with my son. Just sitting by him as he was waking up. Looking at his long eyelashes slowly fluttering awake, his rosebud lips, his fair skin and curly mop on top … ** Read more **


Well the warm fuzzy calmness of yesterday's post gives way to Monday morning madness. At least, the Monday morning reality for many of us with kids! From not being able to find the mate to a soccer shoe, to forgetting to put sunscreen on your child … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life

A beautiful life is often the one you are already leading, not one you need to go out to find somewhere else... This weekend, I am savoring the life I already have. An unmade bed, ready to crawl back into... A coffee maker in my own kitchen, no … ** Read more **

Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy

THANK YOU!   How very touching to find that I have been given two lovely awards by some very nice people! And what an honor it is to be included in lists of such amazing women accomplishing so much good. I feel quite humbled and grateful to be … ** Read more **


Having an old, 1930s, fixer-upper can be kind of overwhelming sometimes. Especially to someone who loves the ambience of a completed room. Even so, my husband and I torture ourselves every Friday with the same laughable question. What shall we do … ** Read more **

The Sweetest Things

So for the past week, I have been laying awake each night unable to fully sleep because my son has a cough. After a few days of interrupted sleep, I was starting to feel a bit in over my head with life. Little things were falling through the cracks. … ** Read more **