Simple Backyard Makeover: Family Fire Pit

I‘m really excited to complete a few simple weekend makeovers this summer!

Especially makeovers inspired by my desire to create meaningful and memorable family spaces for enjoying summer evenings!

This holiday weekend we got to fulfill a long time dream, a backyard fire pit for family nights! YAHOO!

We had kind of a sad, lonely place for a fire pit though, with no landscaping whatsoever (unless you count the weeds, which I think should totally count as landscaping). It was not very inspiring, so it was time to get to work!

We had just a couple of hours to make this space fit for an informal party of “s’mores and fireworks” on the 4th of July.

What do you need for a backyard oasis?

A cute outdoor pillow or two.

Outdoor chairs for sitting around the fire.

A flag, a few planters with summer flowers,  a roaring fire in the new fire pit and all the ingredients for s’mores!

Well, and about 25 friends to celebrate with you.

There is obviously more we can do to this space down the road, sooner rather than later we plan to add a rock or stone surface under the fire pit (safety first!).  Our long range plan for our backyard is for trees, trellises, more fencing and lot of plants! It is always fun (and a bit overwhelming) to have a nice blank slate to work with!

Even if you don’t have the ideal setting or budget yet for your dream backyard oasis, you can still create a memorable space for backyard fun with your family THIS summer.

Baby steps and simple makeovers are A-OK!

A fire pit, a few potted plants and some new chairs = a backyard makeover our family will remember for a lifetime.

Thanks to my favorite backyard makeover destination Lowe’s for generously providing the following materials featured in this simple backyard makeover:

Woven chairs, bird & blue pillows, plants and fire pit.


More weekend makeovers to come!  I’m currently working on a front porch, a deck and a little potting area! Oh, and in case you are wondering (cause I know you all are) I’m still working on our bathroom and a couple of other spaces in my house. Yes, I am making progress on that bathroom, in spite of the lack of blog evidence. I promise.

Do you have a fire pit or a special outdoor space for family gatherings?

Live Your Best Summer

Carefree Summer

This past week I took a day off, and even turned down a conference call with HGTV and designer David Bromstad!, in order to spend the day hanging out with my son. I shut down the computer, turned off my phone and we had a wonderful electronic-free day as a family.

Enjoying summer breaks can be challenging for us, being that my husband and I live where we work and are in an extremely busy and demanding season of life! We have to take deliberate time AWAY from our computer in order to feel like we are having a day off!

We have many more days like that planned this summer. Deliberate, fun, carefree, computer-free days.

I’m over at (in)courage today, sharing 6 Tips for Enjoying a Beautiful Summer {at Home}.

Come chat with me there!

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