Meet Jack.

So, yeah, you might have seen on Facebook that we have a 10 week old Goldendoodle puppy.

I’m thinking most people think we were bit crazy to get a puppy now, but that is kind of how we roll at our house.

I guess you would say we are the kind of people who get a puppy even though it seems like it “isn’t best time for that.”

A few weeks ago our girls decided that their younger brother, who just turned 11, needed a puppy. I was thinking, yeah, sure, Winston is 16 now so yeah, we could start thinking about a puppy. Next year when things settle down a bit. Yes, sure. Let’s plan it out so we’ll be all ready, NEXT YEAR. We’ll fence in our yard and THEN we’ll get a puppy. Yes.

Right now we have pallets crashing boom banging on my deck and paint flying off of ladders and we are busy relaunching our church this fall in the new building. We’ve got lots to do.


And now, we have Jack. So, yeah.
We kind of adore him.


I rest my case.

Note to the World: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

Pallet Disaster: What Not to Do

Ok so yesterday I admitted on Twitter that a gust of wind had blown over my pallet garden.

I figured I should bolt it down, but you know, it was probably a fluke gust of wind.

Clearly I am a tempter of fate.

So now I can tell you for sure, no. It wasn’t a fluke gust of wind.

Today, when we heard the crash, bang BOOM, we knew exactly what it was this time. Gah.

We didn’t know whether we should laugh or cry. Poor little pansies.

I’ll spare you all the destruction and mayhem that second freak gust of wind caused.

I think you can see from that photo, it wasn’t pretty.

Learn from my mistakes people. Bolt your pallet gardens down.

If I can save ONE pallet garden from this sad demise it will have been worth going through this twice in 24 hours!

And this concludes my PSA for the day. You are welcome.

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