The Happiest Mom: A Fixer Upper

cottage farmhouse

Today I have a special Sunday post for you from my friend Meagan Francis! You probably know her from her awesome and inspiring blog and book, The Happiest Mom. I'm honored to have her at The Inspired Room sharing her real life "fixer upper" story. … ** Read more **

We’ve Been Busy Around These Parts

jack at home

Wow a couple of days went by with no post! Ever wonder what bloggers are up to when they don't post? Well if it is me, it is because I'm doing other life kinds of stuff and sometimes it means I'm doing projects too! It is hard to sit on your rump all … ** Read more **

The Hiding Place {Finding Solitude}

slate tile shower with bench and glass doors

Finding Peace & Quiet I don't know about you, but sometimes I have to hide in my own house. My house gets L-O-U-D. I like quiet. So I hide. My main source of refuge? The shower. When my kids were younger I would go in the bathroom and shut … ** Read more **

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days

Snow Days are Awesome Days You know those wonderfully unexpected unusual days where you are safe and snug, but stuck at home because of snow? Yeah. Those days are the best, if you are busy most other days like I am. On a snow day, you stop … ** Read more **

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}

Real LIfe Projects

Truth. So my life has been kinda busy for the past few years. Not only did we move to another state to start a creative church from scratch, but this weekend we are launching a concert house. Yawn. Not much goes on around our house. Yeah. So. … ** Read more **

What I Learned About Blogging in 2011


via Hil's Blog This post is for you, fellow bloggers or bloggers-to-be. It is going to be kind of long and rambling, but basically my blogging sensors are telling me this: Blogging is changing. And we need to learn how to deal with it … ** Read more **