Inspired Holidays {Day 23}:: pssst….I wrote an ebook.


So, from the very first day I started my blog, I intended to write a book. Only, I didn't write a book because I wrote a blog instead. Four years and lots of words later, I finally got around to creating that book. You can find the website for it … ** Read more **


I was never anything remarkable. I was more the stay-in-the-shadows type. I had a shining moment or two in life, but honestly they were really pretty rare. I was OK with that, I didn’t feel a need to be in the spotlight. I was OK with hiding. I … ** Read more **

Gearing up for 31 Days 2011!

So in case you were lounging by the pool with a summer novel in your hand a few weeks ago (as you well should have been!) and missed the big announcement, I'm once again going to do a 31 day series in October! UPDATE: IT HAS BEGUN! Here is the … ** Read more **

My Dog Ate My Camera Cord {and other awesome excuses}


So I've had grand aspirations of doing another blog post soon. Really, I've been trying. Between crazy disasters, puppy chaos, being on the other side of the country without a computer, working on several big creative projects, our church … ** Read more **

The Post In Which I Compare Seasonal Decor to Mullets

 photos House Beautiful So, it is September 1. I'd say that is as good a day as any to start talking about the change of seasons! Am I right or am I right? Let the fall madness begin! This was a post I shared last summer. I just ran across it again … ** Read more **

The Lived In Look

Let me tell you a little something about myself. For some reason, I have eyes that want to see everything in fairy-tale vision. I imagine that my house should be tidy and beautiful all the time. It should be super cute and styled just right for … ** Read more **