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Homemaking Goals in 2013

Find the 2014 Home Goals printable here!

I have a wild 2013 New Year’s celebration planned, I’m going to be sitting by the fire, watching movies and thinking about my goals for 2013. WOO HOO! My kind of celebrating! While I do like to make personal goals, I also like to think of some dreams and goals for my home, too.

Whether it is a short list of home projects I want to work on, a key word I want to use for my home this year, the areas of my house I want to organize, a project I am committing to complete, or most importantly, memories and traditions I want to make in our home, it is so helpful to write my goals down! It gets me thinking, dreaming and planning. And best of all, it gets me FOCUSED on what matters most to me.

As my New Year’s gift to you, I’ve included a free downloadable Home Goals worksheet to help inspire your own homemaking goals for the new year. I’ll be filling mine out and sharing my goals and thoughts on my home in 2013 with you soon!

To download, just click on the image above, or on this home goals 2013 printable link, and the free 8 1/2 x 11 printable pdf will be available to print.

Happy New Year, dear readers!

The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ….

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I have been on a mission for quite some time to get my home in functional shape, as well as getting it in shape visually. This is not an overnight journey, of course. When we moved here three years and nine months ago (HOW could it be that long ago?) we weren’t really in a position to do much with our house. I mean we literally had to pour almost all of our time and energy into the reason why we moved here, which was to start a church.

So we kind of started out our life here under some stressful and extremely busy circumstances and money wasn’t really available for working on our house. That’s why we bought a NEW house, because we know we wouldn’t have time or money for much home improvement in the first few years of being here. Which was totally fine with us, it was just one of those seasons of life! I still did what I could and enjoyed my home!

Now our life is all settled and perfect and our house is DONE!

NOT. Sooooo not.

Ha! But, this was kind of “my year” to be able to spend a little time and money to get my house into some sort of order and get a start on my vision for this home. I REALLY needed this. Seriously, it has been so good for me to get this time to just focus on my home. It is still not DONE but I am focusing more on how far I’ve come!

In blogland we tend to celebrate the before and afters. I love those! But I think for most of us, creating a home is a journey of progress, rather than the one big ta da moment of reveal. Even if we do have the big reveal, we still have to stay on the journey because no house stays in ta da! order for long. Am I right?

Of course, the goal in my process is NOT to arrive at PERFECTION. And if I ever get thinking that is my goal I need to reign myself in because perfect isn’t going to happen. I’m still working within limitations and any time you’ve got limitations on what you can do, you’ll have imperfection.

But when you are realistic about what you can do and you make peace with it, imperfection is really so much more fun and ultimately more charming and authentic, IMHO.

I’ve been realizing something about myself as I have been thinking about all I’ve accomplished around my house lately. I have had almost as much fun working on the functional and foundational elements of my home as I have on the creative visual side.

And of course, when those things all intersect, it is fantastic collision of beauty and function that is so much more rewarding to me than just creating a pretty room by adding accessories or furniture.

This process has been worth the added thought and effort I’ve put into making our home really work for us! Like I said, my home will always be FAR from perfectly organized or decorated, but I’ve made so much progress this year I’m excited to talk more about each of the rooms I’ve made progress in and why they are all so significant to me and my family!

I’ll be sharing more of what I’ve been up to during our Fall Nesting Party & Series starting next week so don’t be late! Cause NESTING is what it’s all about in October! Can’t WAIT!

But meanwhile, let’s chit chat in the comments about that happy collision of beauty and function within a home.

Do you enjoy creating both order and beauty as much as I do, or are you more inclined towards focusing on one or the other?
Which area of your home needs the most attention right now, the “order part” or the “beauty” part?

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