Let The Projects Begin!

Let The Projects Begin!

 Thanks to Lowe’s for their support  in this home improvement project!  

Last week something extremely exciting happened! What was it, you ask? We crossed over from the “dreaming” stage of some long-awaited home improvements to the “this is happening” phase.

In the three years we have lived here, a few things around our house have kind of gone downhill. Between the wear and tear of living and trying to establish the church and pay our bills, an old dog and a new puppy, some home improvement mishaps and figuring out how this house could best suit our needs, we just weren’t able to get around to everything we wanted to do in our house. I’m sure some of you can relate to those seasons of life.

For quite awhile I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head, but sometimes feeling a little overwhelmed with how I was going to accomplish all that we wanted and needed to do. I wondered if they would ever happen? Like I’ve said, we don’t have unlimited time, talent or funds and that is kind of a challenging combination if you want to get things done. You have to learn patience and be content.

Am I right or am I right?

You might remember my Home Dreams post from this January. I didn’t make GOALS because I wasn’t sure what our year might bring time or opportunity wise and setting goals seemed a bit much. Like I would have to make them happen or be disappointed if they didn’t. But dreaming? That felt much more realistic and enjoyable to me. But I was just looking back at what were my dreams in January and realized that every single one of those dreams has either come true recently or is about to! YEOW!! That is pretty awesome just six months into the year!

Let The Projects Begin!

One of the biggest dreams for my home was to be able to replace much of the damaged carpet in our house with new Hickory hardwood flooring. When it was just damage from our graffiti carpet from the paint spilling incident, I was able to hide the evidence with our seagrass rug. All was well. But eventually between our old doggie Winston and our puppy Jack, our carpet went from just ugly to quite smelly too.

And smelly is NOT OK with me.

It was time for it to be gone and I couldn’t wait another day, it had become a necessity. From our connected living and dining room to our family kitchen to our stairway, connecting hall and master, it all needed to be replaced — and soon.

So I did what I always do when I realize something needs to get done NOW but I’m not sure where to start. I head out the door to shop.

Because shopping is a good coping mechanism for stress. Right?

I ventured out to my local Lowe’s store to look at flooring and before I could panic any more, Lowe’s came to the rescue and sent out their capable and helpful project manager Robert to see what needed to be done. He listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions and had solutions for everything I was worried about! PANIC no more! Next thing I knew, Robert had the installers out at my house measuring and showing me everything that needed to be done to make this happen.

Best part of this upcoming DIY adventure? It won’t be a failed DIY. HALLELUJAH and AMEN. This is going to be QUICK and fairly PAINLESS! Robert and his team are professionals and they will see to it that it will be done right. That takes a load of stress off my shoulders right there because I know it will turn out beautifully!

And with that, our project was under way!

Our carpet will be torn out soon and within the next few weeks I’ll have beautiful new wood floors! YIPPEEE!

Let The Projects Begin!

Because this is one of those “one thing leads to another” types of projects (aren’t they all?), I will be sharing details and information on how this project comes together, what we chose for our floors, how they get installed and where, but also on the related projects we have going on like new paint and a pretty fun kitchen project we will reveal in the coming weeks as well. I pinch myself every day to make sure this is real!

You can see many of the spaces we’ll be working on in the photos in this post, and I’ll be coming back to each one in the coming weeks to explain in more details.

Let The Projects Begin!


I’m especially excited about working on our master bedroom! I have not done one thing to decorate or fix up our master bedroom since we moved in three years ago. We hung towels in the window for privacy (high class all the way around here!) and moved on with life.

Three years with towels in our windows.

Did you catch that? NICE, huh?

We’ve lived with the original swine colored walls, towels in the windows and now oh-so-horrid-carpet.

Let The Projects Begin!

Not exactly an inspiring master bedroom, especially for me because I happen to LOVE having a great smelling pretty bedroom. This is NOT either one of those things. But that is about to change. This week the room will be painted, the carpet ripped out and soon we’ll have lovely new floors. Master makeover on the way!  I can’t believe the day has finally come to clean up this room and make it pretty.

When Lowe’s project manager Robert and the wood floor installers were at my house, it was complete pandemonium. Robert and his team were awesome, it was US who were the crazy ones. I missed the message that Lowe’s team was coming so I didn’t have a chance to clean the house in preparation or put the dogs away. My parents had come up unexpectedly for the weekend so our house was full of people and dogs lounging around in PJ’s and eating breakfast.

Well, the people were in PJ’s, not the dogs.

It was pretty much how my house normally is … c r a z y.

Robert kept laughing, but I’m sure inside he was wondering what he got himself into.

It was all a bit embarrassing and quite awkward and I felt bad for the installers, but that is a home improvement lesson I learned back when I remodeled my kitchen. You throw all pride out the window when you are having extensive work done at your house. You just have to invite the contractors in and treat them like family. Or rather, they see how weird your family really is.

Want to see what was going on behind the scenes? When I was trying to talk to the installers? Let’s take a look …


Let The Projects Begin!

Take note of how my kitchen looks here because as one thing leads to another, there will be some changes in the kitchen too!

Let The Projects Begin!


And that is another day in the life at our house! 

I’m so excited to share more of the new floors and the room makeovers along the way! Stay tuned! Meanwhile, tomorrow I’ll have pictures of my home office which is done “enough” to show you the pictures!

So, what do you think? Some big transformations ahead, huh?
And I’m sure Jack will keep us highly entertained through it all.

 Huge thanks to Lowe’s for working with me on this flooring installation project! I’m so excited!!

If you are starting a home improvement project, I recommend checking out Lowe’s online resource for home improvement and project organization! 

For an update on my kitchen remodel and to follow along with the project, click here for the first post!

Happenings Around the House

Happenings Around the House


Let’s catch up on some of the projects I’ve been working on, so I don’t feel so behind in keeping you in the loop, shall we?

First of all, I am really enjoying the new furniture arrangement at my house, with the baker’s rack in the dining room and this dresser with the TV in the family room. I am thinking about wall mounting the TV at some point just to make it a little less bulky on that side of the room as well adding some bamboo shades to the opposite side of the room to balance out the weight of the TV. I also have a few ideas for updating the dresser, but overall, it feels so much better after making that simple switcheroo! Baby steps!

Happenings Around the House

Then, around the corner from the family room there is a little excitement going on in this space at the end of the hall. Do you have a door at your house that you keep shut? Well, that would be this office door at my house. It is opened a few times every day as I go in and out or work in the space, but it just wasn’t the kind of room I really wanted to look at or admire as I walked down the hall, you know what I mean? I just couldn’t bring myself to LOVE that room as it was, but I hated to keep it closed off! I do love seeing the light coming through the big windows.

Well, the door will be shut no more because I am finally getting around to organizing, rearranging and pretty up this room! Last week I gave away a bulky desk I didn’t like in this space and now I really have more room to dream! I’m thinking of a brighter more cheery space. Lately I’ve been drawn to citrus colors like yellow and tangerine, I guess I am craving spring and summer! Just seeing the door open with the light flooding in makes me excited about how much happier I will be leaving this door open and seeing a brighter more cheery room!

And then of course, I’m still working on the never ending bathroom project, photos will be coming soon …. but I pretty much came to a complete HALT on the bathroom project while I worked on this:

Happenings Around the House


Ta da! Our first Easter in our new coffee shop style church building! Sorry for the quality of the pic, it came from my phone and then I took a snapshot of it off of facebook so it is bad — but at least you can see that we really are meeting in the new building now and it is coming along from those cold white wall beginnings!

We’ve only been in for two weeks but it is amazing how fast you can transform a space when you put your mind to it. We have a long way to go but I’m pleased with the progress so far.

Soon I’ll be showing off some of the creative projects I have put together so far for this space, including a pallet art display piece that would be very cool even for a house, and inexpensive but funky Anthropologie inspired pendant lighting. I need to bring my better camera to take pictures though so you can get a better look.

I’m having a blast trying out new ideas and stretching my creative mind to work with what I have and what I can find on a budget! Super exciting to have this opportunity to create some vintage modern industrial elements from what was essentially a white box of a room.

My girls and I have also been working on a nursery that I cannot wait to show off too!

And yes, for you eagle eyed inspired room readers, that is my green dining room chair in the foreground of the picture. We don’t own enough chairs yet — we had people standing and even sitting on the floor.  But you know, having our own place is pretty awesome and not having everything perfect almost added to the excitement for everyone, we are all working on it as a team, so it is fun to watch it come together.

It is always fun to have a new place to call home!

Happenings Around the House