A Little-Known Secret of Success {10 Things I Know}

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I had a crisis a few months ago. I’m over it now, but don’t worry. It’s not the sort of crisis where you are admitted to the ER or need to be talked off a precipice. But rather, the sort of crisis where you suddenly realize once again, you are feeling in over your head for whatever reason. Perhaps you are trying or starting something new and scary, or perhaps you are decorating a new-to-you house. Decorating can be scary, right? You have to find your own way and might even fear you have to make all the right decisions if you are going to succeed.

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I’m no stranger to these sorts of crisis moments. Yes, I’ve moved to quite a few styles of homes so I’ve had to find my own way in new places often. But even outside of home decor, back in the day (when I first started blogging in the darker quieter ages of blogdom) I had a blog style crisis. As far as I could tell, there were basically three kinds of bloggers in the home blog world in 2007. There seemed to be creative bloggers, homemaking bloggers and design bloggers.

Now, likely there were more types of bloggers, or maybe they weren’t quite as defined as I thought. Perhaps I was all wrong and clueless (likely), but that is just what I perceived as a newbie to this strange new world of “BLOGS.” I assumed everyone else knew what they were doing and they were all doing it the right way within the boundaries of those labels.

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Blackband Home & Design

Since (in my typical indecisive form) I couldn’t decide which type of blogger I was or should be, I just made up what I was going to be and do. I just did what I loved and felt like doing. I made it all up in my mind. That’s scary, but it’s reality. I didn’t have a clue what the correct way was to blog, so I just DID whatever I could. Sometimes I was a homemaking blog, some days I guess I was more of a design blog, but every now and then I was just feeling creative so I dabbled in a few rare and embarrassing crafty moments. Basically, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. I still don’t. That may be pretty obvious by now, ha, but still, for better or worse, I kept going.

I could go on here and explain all the times and ways over the years I have had no idea what I was doing, but suffice it to say, it’s an awkward amount of times. Was I confident in everything I did in the past? No. Am I confident in everything I do now? Nope.

So why am I bringing this up now? (i.e. Do I need therapy?) 

Maybe, but not really. I’m fine! Really, I just hope it will encourage you to know a little secret I’ve learned. The truth is, I’m not the only one who wings it. Maybe I do it more than some folks, but the truth is NO ONE who is creating something totally unique or brand new to them knows what they are doing at all times. Most people are just winging it until it comes together in a satisfactory way (or it becomes obvious that it is time to try something new, ha).

They aren’t necessarily faking it, they might be, but sometimes that’s what you do when you have no clue what to do but you have to do something. It should be called experimenting with confidence. Even if people might look like they have it all together and are confident in who they are and what they do, inside they often feel like they are just making a lot of it up as they go.

Island Style Shutters Historial Concepts Southern Livingvia Historial Concepts Architecture & Southern Living

People who try new things can learn from their mistakes and what they’ve done successfully in the past. And those mistakes and successes will definitely shape what people know to do in the future. But when they were making the mistakes and heading towards those first time successes, most of the time they didn’t actually KNOW in advance what would work and what wouldn’t. They just kept trying. They might have good instincts, a good eye or good training. Those things are helpful. But perseverance is often a big part of success.

Everyone can assess what has worked for them in the past (or what they have learned or believe to be true about the current situation), but to truly feel pretty confident about what will work NOW, you either have to have done that exact thing before under the same exact circumstances, or what you do will involve floundering a bit through trial and error. New things are just that…new.

Coastal Style Living RoomHouse Beautiful

Every time I’m faced with a new room to decorate, a new house to figure out, a new post, a new challenge, a new budget, a new book to write, a new look to create, a new opportunity, a new idea, another teen to parent :), whatever it is that I have to put my heart into on any given day, it feels like a huge RISK.

I worry that I could totally embarrass myself or fail or stress out if I don’t know everything I need to know in order to succeed. I can start to fear that maybe I’m a fraud. Ha. Not really, but more like I might be a little bit in over my head, until I talk myself down off the ledge and remind myself of the things I already know.

10 Things I Know for Sure

  1. A brave no is just as powerful for success as a timid yes.
  2. I don’t have to do something expected (which eliminates the guesswork and fear about what exactly IS expected!).
  3. I don’t have to worry, unless I am making the type of mistakes that are fatal.
  4. I can seek advice from others and learn from smarter people, I am not alone.
  5. I have already learned important lessons that I can apply to any situation.
  6. I will grow from constructive criticism, but other people’s critical spirits won’t define me or my failures.
  7. There are always people who are better at what I do, but there is only one person who can be me.
  8. What I have to do, want to do, or feel called to do, is worthy of pursuing, even if I can’t do it perfectly.
  9. I can confidently do my own thing in my own way, even if it is through trial and error.
  10. I’ll love the result, be proud of my effort, or at least learn from my mistakes so I can improve going forward.

That’s it. Those ten truths are really what we need to hold on to when we are venturing off into new territory or afraid we might fail.

If you are willing to try something new, you’ll end up a little bit wiser or a little bit braver, or both. 


True Confession: This started out as a post I was going to call Inspired By: A Modern Coastal Island Style (whatever that style is, I might have just made it up). But somewhere along the way, I got inspired in a different way and starting writing a totally different post. Was it about blogging? Decorating Style? Book writing? Trying new things? Success in business? All of the above? See? I have no idea. Awkward, right?

Colorful Coastal Island Style - Coastal Idea Home Historical Concepts
Historical Concepts – Coastal Living Idea House

The Little Known Secret to Success - 10 Things I Know For Sure - The Inspired Room blog

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A New Season {+ a new partnership}

The Inspired Room - Coffee Meeting

Guess what? Did you know the beginning of July was my eighth blog anniversary? Can you believe it? I’m starting my NINTH year of blogging at The Inspired Room. I can hardly believe it myself, I’m still here blogging away and loving every minute of it! I meant to have a little celebration that important day took a backseat to the craziness of trying to move our life across a body of water. (Moving depletes every ounce of energy you have!).

While I plan a special post soon to reflect on my first eight years of blogging, I do want to pause for a moment to say I’m just so grateful first and foremost to you, my readers, for bringing such joy and growth to my life through this experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is going to be fun to kick off a new season in blogging this week from our new “old” house in Seattle. I never dreamed when I started (with absolutely no expectations) that all these years later I would have the privilege of continuing to open my home (several homes? ha!) and share what I love with so many of you. There are so many new adventures and projects still ahead!

I also never imagined when I started The Inspired Room as a decorating business (seven months before I even started blogging) that I would eventually have the opportunity to grow my business and establish rewarding partnerships with brands I know and trust. These partnerships are not only a chance for me to stretch personally and professionally, but they offer me unique opportunities to continue my goal to provide useful insights and the relevant content we are interested in here on the blog.

The Inspired Room girls

So as I leap forward with enthusiasm into my ninth year at The Inspired Room blog, I’m honored to announce a new partnership. I have been selected as one of four new Brand Ambassadors for Samsung Home Appliances! This is a dream partnership for me and I look forward to working with Samsung for the next six months.

I am in great company, too, check out the amazing blogs that will round out the team of ambassadors: Joe’s Daily, The EveryDay Man, Design Hunter.

Samsung Home Appliances are smart innovative products that work together to make everyday life as efficient as possible, so that you have more time to do what really matters to you. We should take back our weekends, right? Samsung’s social agenda for 2015, Own The Weekend, really resonates with me!

I’ve always felt that appliances should be trusted to be working efficiently in background of our life so we can move on to enjoy the things we love. I’ll be sharing the behind the scenes things that matter most to me on my Instagram with the #owntheweekend hashtag, so follow along here with to see some of our fun weekends in Seattle?

I’m excited about this new partnership, a new season in blogging, and a new chapter in real life, too!

I hope you had a great three day weekend,. I can’t wait to get this week started to share some updates on my house, and especially … so we can TALK ABOUT FALL!

Are you ready for fall?

You can follow Samsung Home Appliances on InstagramFacebook and You Tube.

This post created as part of a partnership with Samsung Home Appliances

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