Thanksgiveaway #1 {LoveFeast Shop}

serving tray on ottoman

thanksgiveaway the inspired room

Surprise! Today through December 1 I have a special treat for you. Three, yes, THREE giveaways! Because I’m grateful for YOU. You can find all three of the giveaways on my blog, just leave a comment on each post to be entered! 

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Are you looking forward to holiday entertaining and cozy winter nights by the fire? ME TOO!

You could be serving in style with this gorgeous Provencial Platter from the lovely girls at LoveFeast Table!

beautiful serving platter on ottoman

Check out the description on this baby from the LoveFeast shop:

Australian sculptors run the cooper’s craft in reverse and breathe a second, artful life into French oak wine casks. By disassembling the clever puzzle of steambowed oak ribs and cambered end pieces, these artisans have created a range of Provencial Platters. They are fitted with rugged wrought iron hardware hand-forged in Brooklyn. The surfaces are finished with copious layers of high-grade beeswax to a lustre perfectly in step with entertaining for every occasion.

This platter is absolutely gorgeous! I was excited to see how absolutely lovely the craftsmanship is. It is such a quality piece, from the wood to the iron handles,  you will want to set out on display, even hang it on a wall or keep it out on your coffee table or ottoman all the time.

It would be fantastic for serving pizza on the table, too!  I would love to give or receive this as a family gift. It would become a special heirloom for any family.

Large wood platter with iron handles for serving

Do you want to win one?


This giveaway is for one Large Provencial Platter. All you have to do is take a peak at the beautiful gifts my friends at LoveFeast Table offer in their online shop!

Then come back and leave me a comment on this post saying what you’d serve on your platter if you win!

Good luck! One winner on this giveaway, only one comment per person per giveaway, please.

Giveaway ends December 1.

Wood serving tray on ottoman

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How to Make a Monogram Wreath {Tutorial & My DIY Project Video!}

DIY Custom Birch Bark Monogram Wreath

As promised, I’m back with a little video I made to show off my recent DIY birch bark monogram wreath project! You’ll see some scenes from the making of the wreath along with instructions for making your own, plus a few peeks at instruction from the The Home Depot Do-It-Herself workshop I was a part of last week.

This post is sponsored by  The Home Depot but the wreath, ideas and video are my own.

The workshop was a great opportunity for us ladies to try out some power tools and learn from the experts at Home Depot. They taught us how to use the tools we can use to make monogram wreaths and DIY projects! If you are a beginner to DIY as I am, you’ll love the workshops!

I’m not super skilled with DIY or video, making but I had fun anyway! :-)

Fun note: the song on the video was written (lyrics and music!) by my daughter’s friend Erin Wirth, performed by Erin and my daughter Courtney in their band called Friends of Friends. Cool, huh? It’s an amazing song, so I hope you enjoy it as you watch the video clips and tutorial for the monogram wreath! You can find their band Friends of Friends on Facebook, so give ’em a like!

Here is the tutorial for my version of the DIY monogram wreath.

Birch Bark Monogram Wreath Tutorial

The cool thing about this project is it’s completely one-of-a-kind and custom designed with natural birch bark, plus, when you cut the letter out of the plywood it is super sturdy and will last for years!


1/4 sheet of plywood
Letter template
Glue gun and glue sticks
Birch bark


Ryobi Jigsaw
Safety glasses
Dremel Multi-Max -or-
Ryobi Job-Plus Multi-Tool

Print out a letter template (search for one online to print out or use a stencil).

Trace letter onto plywood with a pencil, using a ruler as a straight edge.

Lay plywood on cement blocks or sawhorses

Extend the plywood out from work surface and clamp to keep board from moving around.

Cut out letter with a jigsaw (use a fine bit).

Use a Dremel Multi-Max equipped with the MM70W sandpaper wood sanding sheet to smooth out any rough edges.

Paint your letter (including edges). Then start hot gluing your bark (I pulled bark right off a fallen log!), overlapping as necessary. Fill in with moss if desired.

I hot glued a twine ribbon on mine so I could hang it. If you want, you can add your monogram to a wreath, as I did in today’s example!

Hang your monogram and be proud of it, because you made it yourself!

Here are a few photos I took at the workshop!

The Inspired Room embroidered apron

Can you believe the store made me my own apron? I LOVE it.

I felt so official, like professional DIY’er heheh.

Home Depot Workshop

Here was the area all set up to teach us how to use the jigsaw and other power tools needed to make the monogram wreaths.

the home depot do it herself workshop

I got to meet some inspiring ladies who were there ready to learn how to use the power tools from the Home Depot staff who could teach us the ways. We also got to take home a goodie bag, which was fun!

DIY Birch Bark Monogram Wreath

It’s been fun making my own monogram and sharing it with you all!

Thanks to the Home Depot for encouraging all of us to try something new with power tools!

Do you ever use power tools?

Tell me what kind of projects you like to do!

Disclosure: The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me for their DIH Workshop program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. As always, my experience is my own. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas {Why I Decorate Early for Christmas}

christmas branch with ornamentsHouse & Home

Just like the fall season at our house, Christmas is a season I like to let evolve slowly and savor each step of the way. That is why I don’t adopt the rule that you cannot start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That doesn’t work for me! No, it isn’t just because I’m a blogger with deadlines (I am, but I resist that as it isn’t my primary motivation or focus for how I live or decorate). Maybe I should move to Canada where Thanksgiving falls earlier on the calendar! I just don’t want to cram Christmas in to the few weeks right after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving for us isn’t only about the designated day to eat turkey or give thanks and Christmas isn’t about rushing out the day after to start shopping with the crowds or the approved official day to decorate by dragging out the tinsel. I want to enjoy the true spirit of the holidays we celebrate.

We choose to embrace the season we are in and what works for our family, rather than get caught up in what is acceptable for how or when to decorate our home. There is no right or wrong when it comes to how or when to decorate.

Flocked white christmas treeHouse & Home

I like to give the seasons proper time to be enjoyed. That is why I enjoyed Fall for so long! We are gentle with ourselves through the changing of seasons. We let our enjoyment of life and celebration of holidays evolve slowly, rather than start and stop abruptly on a particular day on the calendar.

This is a season in our home that is different than Fall. And different than Winter. And not at all like Spring or Summer. I want to embrace it as long as I can.

I love Thanksgiving and am very grateful for my blessings, but I can love it all the more with the evolution toward beautiful greenery and sparkling lights in my home on my way to celebrating Christmas! Maybe I’m weird, but I love the idea of eating turkey dinner and giving thanks for our blessings by the Christmas tree. That seems so homey and magical and wonderful to me! Christmas shouldn’t have to wait ’til we put away the turkey!

At our house, this is a season of gratitude to embrace, not just a day we shop for, decorate for or a day to eat. Not that we ignore the day at all, on the contrary, we love celebrating. There is no time limit or designated day or way or order we have to celebrate in order to be grateful for our blessings. 

Simple christmas decorCountry Living 

Just like the cold air that has started leaving glittery frost on our porch, I’m ready to gently usher inside the sparkle and greenery that makes this season SO beautiful. I absolutely love it!

I usually don’t go crazy and spend a ton of time decorating my house for Christmas just so I can “officially start” the Christmas season. That’s just not me (not wrong, just not how I do it!).

I start when I’m inspired. I usually start by slowly adding a Christmas touch here or there, one gentle bit of evergreen at a time. A wreath here. The garland, lights and sparkle there. A tree. Or two.

I may move things around as the season progresses. I may add more, or take away some. I don’t like to stress myself out about the date of the particular holiday, I just enjoy the process throughout the season.

I don’t overdo my decor because I don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed by stuff. And I don’t like the process of hauling lots of stuff out and having to put it all back. I like real, authentic decorating. Not something that is done for a big event or a day or photo, but rather what is done to enjoy in the moment.

gold paperchainHouse & Home

But on the other hand, I don’t want to be so focused on simplifying that I abandon special traditions or neglect to create a magical environment and memories for my family.

We want to keep the traditions that matter to us.

We let go of the expectations that others might place on us.

We evolve how we celebrate with the times and with our family’s needs and seasons of life.

Every year is different now with our girls are getting older, but we embrace each season as it is, something fresh and new but equally as wonderful.

christmas tree containersLantliv i Norregard

Every season is a gift we can spend as we wish! We don’t need a calendar or a holiday or decorating rules to limit us to when or how we can celebrate our life to the fullest. 

I love to let the Christmas season evolve simply and slowly at our home. I enjoy every bit of that gift. I want to fully enjoy every moment of the season before I rush on to the next holiday on my to do list. When I feel like my house is already decorated, I don’t feel that big pressure at the last minute to “get ready” for the holiday itself and miss out on just being with my family.

A holiday is an important calendar day and we want to remember it, but a season is long enough to savor!

boxwood garlandHouse & Home

Speaking of embracing this season, I’m about to cut some fresh greenery and bring it inside. Yes, now. Why not?

We live in the NW and there are plenty of trees and greenery outside our door! I love the smell of fresh cut pine and cedar. It is a simple pleasure that I enjoy all winter long. I love to celebrate the season we are in with the evolution of my decor.

greenery for christmasHouse & Home

And, go ahead and mock me …

but we might even get our real live Christmas tree this weekend!

Eating turkey by the tree is alright with me.

{For lots more Christmas inspiration, please visit my Christmas gallery! There is a special pin it button at the bottom of that gallery page if you want to pin it for later!}

Why I Decorate Early For Christmas - The Inspired Room

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