6 Take Away Tips: A Beautiful New England Home

There is just so much to love about this house in New England Home! I could move right in. :)

Here are a few of my favorite elements and takeaways from this home:

  1. All the blue and white is so classic and cheery!
  2. The industrial lights. I love how they mixed in some industrial lights which keeps this home feeling casual and kind of beachy–not too stuffy or glamorous.
  3. The patterns. I felt so inspired by the interesting patterns on everything from the fireplace tile to the blue and white accessories to the pillows, rugs and those chairs!
  4. A truly lived in space. Some houses can seem so stuffy that it’s hard to imagine living in them. But not this one! I love all the books in the built-ins and sitting on tables, a cute dog lounging in the entry, the spaces to sit at the island for breakfast and the nice big dining table for gatherings.
  5. Wood tones bring such warmth and texture.
  6. Interesting architectural features. The gray exterior shingles, blue shutters, the fence and arbor, the interior woodwork, built-ins, arches and staircase, oh my!


Chances of moving into that house are probably pretty slim, but here are some ways to get a similar look right where we are (scroll with the arrows above, or you can see sources below the mood board, too!).

Sources for above: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

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Photography by Michael Partenio, Architect: Thomas Catalano and Kerri Byrne, Catalano Architects, Interior design: Nancy Serafini, Builder: Les Fey and Will Gorman, Les Fey Millwork, Landscape design: Patricia Dunn, Sabrina Design

Thinking In Pink

Decorating with pinkPink Decorating. House Beautiful

About a week ago I really started to get spring fever. I love cozy winters and falls, but by this point I’m over it. Anyone else? Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20 (the calendar says) so I guess I’m just getting antsy for some sunshine.

In my dreams we’d head off to a warm climate, but to prolong our winter-vibes we enjoyed a random snow storm here in Seattle yesterday. It was lovely, though. Truly. It is so rare that we get snow (I was getting jealous of my family in Portland who had tons of snow this winter!) that I actually loved staying in my jammies all morning and drinking coffee in bed as the snow fell outside. It felt peaceful and quiet.

But still. I’m ready to walk outside at will and not freeze or fall flat on my face on an unexpected patch of ice! :)

Decorating with pinkHouse & Home

Until the snow melts and some pretty flowers start poking up from the ground to assure me spring is on its way, I’m just getting into pre-spring nesting mode around the house :). I still need things to be cozy (because snow) but I can’t help but start thinking in shades of PINK. Pink reminds me of new babies and romance and the earliest spring blossoms on the cherry trees.

I don’t usually have much pink at my house (well, unless you count our pink bathtub or a pink bouquet from time to time) but I do love to see a touch of it in a room. Even if you don’t have pink at your house, I hope a little pink will inspire you for spring, too.

Decorating with pink

Decorating with pink

Decorating with pink
The cutest bath tub I ever did see from The Cast Iron Bath Company

Decorating with pink
House Beautiful

Decorating with pink
House Beautiful

Decorating with pink

Decorating with pink
The Stables

Decorating with pinkHouse Beautiful

Decorating with pink
Frederic Ducout

Does pink feel like spring to you, too? Which room in this post is your favorite? 

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