I’ll have a Blue (and White) Christmas

blue and white christmas decorating
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blue and white christmas decorating
Mudcloth Tassel Stockings: Habitation Boheme Etsy Shop

blue and white christmas decorating
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blue and white christmas decorating ideas
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Blue and white buffalo check napkins - Christmas decorating
Navy buffalo check napkins (Etsy / Amazon) / Brooklyn D. Photography in Rue Mag

Blue and white ChristmasSkonahem

Blue and white Christmas
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Happy Monday, friend! How was your weekend? I can’t believe we are less than a week away from Christmas, can you? I wish I was all ready, but I’m going to be scurrying around trying to pull my house at least somewhat together in time for guests. Leave it to me to have house projects going on right up until Christmas :). The good news is that I am optimistic my kitchen is going to be finished and my Dutch doors will be installed this week! Yahoo! Can’t wait to show you all the progress.

Hope you have a great day!

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Decorating with Moody Colors

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls
Emily HendersonHouse Beautiful

I have always added a mix of light + dark in every home I have lived in. It’s partly because I decorate in all seasons, and maybe because can’t make up my mind on the mood I love the most (light and bright? cozy and moody?) but partly because the complexity of moods is what I love and feel the most at home with. I probably wouldn’t be happy in a totally dark and moody house, but if it was all light and cheery I’d feel like it was missing some depth, richness and contrast.

Usually I have a mix of light and dark all in one room, but I also find it creatively interesting to experience various moods as I wander through the house. The “moodiness” of a room doesn’t have to come from dark walls, of course, it can be achieved through darker floors, a mix of richer furniture, antiques, fabrics, or painted cabinets, too.

Moody rooms might feel more appropriate in certain styles or even locations and settings of a house. Our house has a lot of natural light at the back of the house and dark wall colors would feel washed out, so a lighter mood really works best in those rooms. But our bedroom feels so cozy with darker walls! It has enough light to not be dreary and is small enough to feel cozy. I love the mood of our bedroom (incidentally, Benjamin Moore just selected their 2017 color of the year and it looks so much like my bedroom walls!).

You might feel that creating a much lighter mood inside is a way to balance out a darker “mood” you might see outside in the winter. For instance, in the Northwest we have a clouds, rain and a darker natural environment in the winter than say a state like Florida does. Some people feel if they live in a darker climate that decorating with a more “summer” mood will help elevate their personal mood when it’s gray outside.

For me I feel best when the mood of our home feels inspired by and incorporates aspects of the mood in our natural habitat here in the NW. When I’ve attempted to select brighter, cooler or clearer paint colors like I might see in homes in Florida, as an example, they don’t seem to work as well here. I tend to feel more comfortable with colors that have slightly warmer or more gray undertones.

Selecting moods that bring about a cohesiveness inside and out feels more settling and comforting to me. But I couldn’t have an all moody house that only feels cozy in the winter. I prefer to balance the mood of our winter with lots of warm whites to help reflect more light and spread more cheer around the house. As the seasons change in the NW, a more balanced mood helps my home to evolve easily with the seasons, too.

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Plum Walls - The Inspired Room

My master bedroom (color: Glidden Black Frosted Plum)

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark WallsTali Roth for Design Sponge

Decorating with Moody Colors - Plum WallsHouse and Home

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls - Chris Loves Julia
Chris Loves Julia

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls - The Nesting GameThe Nesting Game

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls - Emily A Clark
Emily A. Clark

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls
House Beautiful

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark WallsWeekday Carnival via Design Love Fest

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls
Luxe Magazine

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark WallsArchitectural Digest

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls - Earnest Home Co
Earnest Home Co.

Decorating with Moody Colors - Dark Walls
Photography by Philip Ficks; styling by Pam Morris via Remodelista

Do the natural surroundings throughout the seasons where you live tend to impact or influence how you decorate? Let’s chat in the comments!

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