Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

This is part two of a four part Gift Wrapping tutorial by our featured guests from the little shop in the middle of nowhere, McMaster and Storm! Click here for part one! We often use flat bags that have funky old newsprint or floral print to make … ** Read more **

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part One

Welcome to day one of Creative Inspiration Week! I know it is a half a day early, but we are being threatened by a significant windstorm, the winds have begun to howl, and I would hate to lose power before I posted this. YIKES! So, I'm … ** Read more **

Invitation to Creative Inspiration Week

The cat is out of the bag! I didn't want to reveal who was participating in Creative Inspiration Week until my co-conspirators (oh, I mean, co-hosts) in this event were ready, but now that they have made the announcement on their blog, I can let you … ** Read more **

Creative Inspiration

Hello! As promised, I am back with some updates on our upcoming Creative Inspiration Week! I have just received an email from a really inspiring creative woman (she has been featured in magazines, including Country Living, Martha Stewart and ME Home … ** Read more **

The Big Creative Reveal

Boy do I have a treat for you! I have been working with some very wonderful & talented people to bring you a shot of creative juice next week! YUMMY, just what we need! Tasty creative juice! During the holiday season our creativity is challenged, … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: Christmas

Greetings! Now that our bellies are full of turkey and mashed potatoes, and the memory of dead giraffes and mouse remains are behind us (well, the smell lingers on, but nothing a few gas masks and candles can't handle) we in the U.S. can join … ** Read more **