Play Kitchen “Renovation”

Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig HackIkea “Duktig” kitchen


Hello! It’s Cassie here today for my monthly guest post. If you have ever searched “play kitchen” on Pinterest, you have probably seen an image of an Ikea Duktig kitchen hack. Ikea’s simple play kitchen is easy to assemble, affordable, and fun to customize, which makes it a popular “Ikea hack.”

With my daughter Evie’s birthday coming up this month, I knew I wanted to tackle this project in time to give it to her as a gift. I looked at a few examples of what others had done, but mostly I thought about what my own dream kitchen would look like. I wanted her’s to somewhat coordinate with our house, but I also wanted it to be practical, easy to clean, and fun for her to play with. The final product turned out better then I expected and I had the best time working on it! It took me a few days, but only because I waited to put it together after painting it.Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig HackIkea “Duktig” kitchen, as it originally comes

Here are the main changes I made to the original kitchen:

  • Painted all wooden pieces grey with the exception of the oven and microwave doors, which I left white. I used a high gloss spray paint.
  • Used contact paper (I chose one that looked like marble like this) to cover the counter top.
  • Painted the kitchen sink white with high gloss spray paint. I also glued the sink in place.
  • Purchased new hardware for doors.
  • Spray painted faucet and new hardware with matching gold paint.
  • Added wooden knobs above oven to imitate real oven knobs.
  • Added a battery-powered LED light for under cabinet lighting.
  • Used a 3M hook to hang a child’s apron on the side of the kitchen.
  • Added a paper-covered foam poster board to the back to imitate a backsplash.

Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig Hack - by Cassie at The Inspired Room

Apron is from Anthropologie, although it is no longer available.
 Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig Hack - by Cassie at The Inspired Room

With the holidays coming up, this is a super doable gift idea for children. Some play kitchens can be on the spendy side, but as I mentioned above, this one is pretty reasonably priced. Also, most of what I purchased for this was spray paint, and that happens to run fairly cheap.

If you are ever interested in doing this project, or a similar project, here are my biggest tips:

  • Assemble top and bottom pieces separate and without doors attached, then paint.
  • Paint doors before attaching.
  • If using contact paper, apply to countertop and cut out the holes for oven and sink later.
  • I used basic hot glue to glue sink in place and to attach the poster board to the back (we will have to see how that holds up!)
  • Find a way to keep faucet upright when painting- I just stuck mind in play-dough (since we have an abundance of that in our house) to keep it upright.
  • Read the back of the paint can. Some paint takes a day or two to really cure. Sometimes they recommend doing multiple light coats close together or waiting 24 hours to do another coat.

Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig Hack - Under Cabinet Lighting

Here are the sources for some of what I used for this mini “renovation:”

Note: I loved styling this mini-kitchen for fun, but I don’t plan to let my two-year-old use ceramic owl salt and pepper shakers or breakable dishes. As pretty as they look, they aren’t always practical. She has lots of plastic and wooden fruits, veggies, and dishes to play with once we give her the kitchen. They just weren’t as pretty in the photos as the breakable things. (wink wink)

Play Kitchen Renovation - DIY Ikea Duktig Hack - by Cassie at The Inspired Room

I hope this project inspires you all as you begin your holiday shopping or if you are tempted to try a simple Ikea hack.

Until next month,

Cassie TIR

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Cassie - TIR

Hello The Inspired Room Readers! Cassie here! I am so excited to catch up with you all! You may have noticed I have been absent these last few months. As many of you may know, we were expecting our second little over the summer, and he (and his spunky sister) have been taking up most of my time. I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to our newest family member: Ashland Rion.

meet ashland

I am just smitten with this tiny man.

A few months ago, I showed you around our daughters new “big” girl room.  We moved her into a bigger room so we could keep the nursery in our smallest bedroom and we wouldn’t have to change a whole bunch, mostly just the decor and a few touch-ups here and there.

We kept the crib, dresser, rocker, and even the rug we had in the room when it belonged to Evie. I would have loved to get around to painting the crib and dresser something different, but as it turns out, painting furniture while pregnant and during the hottest summers in Seattle history was just not something I wanted to do. So white they stayed.

nursery with planet mobile and triangle quilt

Sources: crib, dresser, sheet (discontinued, by Dwell Studio), mobile, (quilt made by me, cheater quilt fabric available here)

My husband is one of those men that cares greatly about how we decorate and what our home looks like, so I wanted to give him a little say in how we decided to decorate Ash’s nursery. And while I would have probably done a woodland/vintage/rustic nursery, he wanted robots.

space sheets and triangle quilt

Robots, it would seem, are actually quite hard to decorate around. Most of what I found was either way to “cutesy” or rather creepy. I ended up doing more of an “outer space-meets-robots” sort of theme.

robot space nursery shelf

Sources: robotconstellation print, moon print, shelf- Home Goods. 

space themed nursery storage

Sources: planet print, wire baskets

Although there are a few more projects I want to finish up (like painting the crib!), I love having a place that feels special and mostly complete where I can do those late night feedings and spend cuddle time with our newest family member.

Until next time!

Cassie TIR

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