Children’s Bedrooms: Sharing Space


Cottage Living (Roger Davies) Do your kids (or grandkids) share a bedroom either with a sibling or for sleepovers? One of my favorite memories is hearing my girls chattering about their day after I put them to bed in their shared room. I can still … ** Read more **

Baby’s Room: Nesting


One of my good and most supportive blogging friends from the beginning, Holly Mathis, just had a new baby boy. I fell in love with his nursery (and of course, fell in love with him when I saw his precious face!). Almost enough to consider having … ** Read more **

Creating a Memory Shelf
for Children {or Yourself!}


When we did the pirate scavenger hunt for our son a few months ago, he collected quite a few "treasures." We took a shelf in his room, cleared it off, and allowed him to put all of the mementos from that day on display. It was a rotating display, he … ** Read more **

Rooms for Girls


Ideal Home April 2008 Homes & Gardens 2006 25 Beautiful Homes July 2005 Ideal Home March 2006 Ideal Home March 2008 I thought these were such sweet photos! Enjoy! Image Source: House to Home Related Posts by The Inspired … ** Read more **

Children’s Rooms: Decorating & Organizing Tips


Disclaimer: Ugh. This photo above disturbs me. I'm not a fan of the giant Spiderman. Kids' rooms can be a challenge to decorate and just as frustrating to organize. Especially boys' rooms. Let's face it, their tastes and favorites seem to change all … ** Read more **

Girls’ Rooms: Fanciful Rugs & Lamps

It's all in the details. My philosophy for decorating kids' rooms is they should begin with a few elements of whimsy to bring the room to life. The key is to select whimsical items that are fun and encourage children's fanciful imaginations, but that … ** Read more **