DIY: Bed Canopy

Want to make your own bed canopy? We made one for our daughter's room about five years ago and it turned out pretty cute! It also doubled as a creative concealment, as there was an unnecessary and awkward window behind the curtain (I pulled the … ** Read more **

Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)


O k, so on Tuesday I published this giveaway post and the only thing that showed up for you all was the photo! No text, no giveaway details, no nothing -- even though I had stayed up late the night before to get it all fancy for you! Nice! So … ** Read more **

Spring-ify your Chandelier

spring bird chandelier

I thought this was such a whimsical and charming way to spring-ify a chandelier! There is something so unexpected and happy about seeing those pretty spring colored birds all tucked in among the crystals! Wouldn't it be cute at a tea party? … ** Read more **

Inspiring Finds for a Beautiful Life


Loved this kitchen makeover from The Lettered Cottage! The bin things on the wall came from Home Goods, love that place! I love the texture of the succulents with the white milk glass, a beautiful and frugal idea from Nesting Place. This was … ** Read more **

Q & A: Who makes the decorating decisions around your house?

A few of you brought up a potentially tricky decorating dilemma a couple of posts ago and I was asked how I handle it. At risk of opening up a sensitive topic {ducking and cringing}, how many of you married ladies (not to exclude any single or male … ** Read more **

3 Tips for Finding Your Decorating Style

I took some time Sunday afternoon to do something I love -- sit in a big comfy chair surrounded by stacks and stacks of my favorite magazines. Bliss! While I have leafed through these same pages dozens of times, the ideas feel fresh and new again … ** Read more **