Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

simple spring coffee table styling

I‘ve been puttering again! It’s like creative therapy, it relaxes me. I like to mix things up around the house, rearranging the accessories, pairing old and new and texture and gloss for a tablescape. I got a new coffee table a few weeks ago (from World Market) and I love the rustic touch it brings to my family room. It’s nice to have furniture we can put our feet on, dress up with accessories and spill on without worry! And of course I love having a new surface to decorate for the season. A touch of spring green always makes me happy!

spring coffee table

coffee table with succulent and magnifying glass

coffee table book styling

It might still be really gloomy outside most of the time {sad face} but bringing in live plants makes everything come to life and reminds me that the days are in fact getting longer and the warm sun WILL return!

Soon I’ll be outside puttering around with my garden and enjoying spring once again!
coffee table styling 2

coffee table styling

spring coffee table styling

froggie tablescape

I had to smile when I saw this tablescape in my kitchen the other day.

I kind of love the perfect spring touch of froggie green, don’t you?

So what’s on your coffee table? It’s ok if you have stuffed frogs or Lego buildings.
They add a little quirky touch, right?

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{Love this look!} Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

D o you love the look of exposed wood beams in a room? I sure do! The living rooms in two of our old houses had old beams on the ceiling and I REALLY miss that architectural feature. Didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started staring at my own flat ceilings every day.  Plain drywalled white ceilings can be so, well,  flat. And kind of boring. Sigh. Beams add so much character and warmth to a home!

Traditional Hall design by Other Metro Interior Designer Joel Snayd

This post is sponsored by AZ Faux Beams.
A couple of my blogging friends have recently installed awesome looking faux wood beams in their homes and I was inspired! Maybe this is something I should consider ADDING to my home to give it more of that character I love.
wood beams kitchen
Faux ceiling beams in kitchen {Home Stories A to Z}.
Check out Beth’s kitchen wood beams and Traci’s bathroom beams! GORGEOUS, right? I never would have guessed they weren’t original to their homes or that they were faux beams.  You can read their posts to find out how they installed the beams and more details on their projects!

wood beams

Installing Faux Wood Beams in Bathroom {Beneath My Heart}

Don’t these wood beams add a ton of character?
Be sure to check out all the amazing options for adding faux beams to your home!
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