Befores & Afters:
WOW! Budget Makeovers

PAINT AFTER Whether it is as simple as an updated paint job or an ingenious and clever way to conceal a flaw, I love that you can make a room or window or feature look entirely different and more than acceptable without a big fat wad of cash and an … ** Read more **

Favorite Antique White Paint


Paint Colors Choosing a White Paint for an Older House I get a lot of inquiries about the antique white paint I used on many of the walls, trim and my white kitchen cabinets in my old house. I absolutely love this paint color, especially for an … ** Read more **

Creating Ambience: Under Cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lighting

BH&G One of the most significant and relatively inexpensive things you can do to enhance the feel of your kitchen is to use under cabinet lighting. The options for under cabinet lighting range from lighting strips you plug in to an outlet, to … ** Read more **

White Kitchens I Love {5 Take Away Tips}

black and white kitchen

image: House Beautiful Kitchen Ideas Frustrated with looking at magazines for kitchen ideas because you don't know how to recreate the look on a budget? I think there is a lot to learn from glossy magazine photos!  Creating a beautiful room isn't … ** Read more **

A Beach Cottage: Life By the Sea

by Sarah of A Beach Cottage W hen I first started on this Beach Cottage journey I have to admit I was rather disillusioned with things, the realities of renovating the cottage from grot to glam hit home and I was the Whining Queen of … ** Read more **

Consignment & Second Hand Shopping

T his is going to be fun! We have our very own consignment shop expert here to help us make the most of our hard earned decorating money! We'll be learning some tips on buying second hand. Sarah is from Gallery St. Elmo in Bethesda, Maryland.  … ** Read more **