Vintage Bathroom Touches


Please welcome my special guest and good blogging friend, Heather Bullard! She has the most beautiful blog and has just relaunched her online boutique, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting her, you'll not be disappointed! Heather … ** Read more **

Quick Decorating Tip:
Add An Element of Surprise

Use a chair as a bedside table. Use a piano bench as coffee table. Use pink plastic spoons to make a sunburst frame. Decorating is more fun, way more interesting & much more frugal when we disregard the rules and think outside the box. Don't … ** Read more **

Going Nautical with Red, White & Blue

Ever inspired by nautical style, I am finding myself drawn in to summer by red white & blue. Inspiration: top two images Country Living Inspiration: Coastal Living Such a fresh, fun and summer-at-the-coast-inspired color … ** Read more **

The Best Decorating Advice Ever

I have heard a lot of decorating tips over the years. I love the kind of advice that saves you money, makes your home look pretty and is really easy to follow. Helpful and practical advice that normal everyday people can actually use! A lot of … ** Read more **

Interior Windows:
Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

(inspiration: kitchen and bath ideas) If you have a small house or a small closed in room, a great way to make the space feel larger is to open it up visually with an interior window. You can find old windows at garage sales, second hand stores … ** Read more **

Decorating with Photos


Please welcome my special guest today, Emily from Chatting at the Sky! I met Emily when we, along with her sister Nester and Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer, all roomed together at Blissdom this year. What a treat to have been able to spend some … ** Read more **