I love doing laundry {not}

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I love doing laundry. Actually, let’s be honest. I don’t enjoy it all that much. We’ve been spending a crazy amount of time in our tiny not cute laundry room lately. I’ll spare you the details that are not fit for print, but our nearly 18 year old Westie (Winston) creates a lot of extra laundry. Bless his heart. And while doing those extra loads of laundry, I have had more time to look around our laundry room and ponder how cute it could be. Positive thinking…how cute it WILL be. Someday. Maybe this year? Maybe if it was cuter I’d like laundry better.

>In related news, I have not forgotten about doing the home goals review post and my 2013 project plans. It’s coming, I promise. Maybe by summer? Ha.

>In other related news: Our laundry room also happens to be one of only two {!!!} remaining rooms still sporting the SWINE.

Do you have a cute laundry room?

Farmhouse Laundry Room

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Inspiration: Laundry Rooms

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Laundry Rooms


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