Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator & AddWash Appliances

Samsung FamilyHub Refrigerator

O ne of the things I’m most excited about as I plan out our remodel is the fun of getting new appliances! I haven’t bought new appliances in a long time, I just used what we already had when we remodeled our last kitchen so I didn’t even look into what was available out there. Now I’m definitely starting to research and think about what we would want and it’s pretty fun to see all the new innovations!

CES 2016 - The Inspired Room

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (my first time in Vegas!). CES is a huge innovation conference. I was invited to attend with Samsung (along with The Everyday Man and Joe’s Daily) as one of their brand ambassadors, so it was really neat to be able to see their brand new appliances first hand.

Today I thought I’d introduce you to two of Samsung’s new appliances I was especially excited about, the Family Hub refrigerator and the AddWash washing machine. I was pretty impressed at how far appliances have come since the last time I was appliance shopping. I love how these appliances could help make family life easier and more efficient.

Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung - Touch Screen

First of all, this is the awesome Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The busier our family has become and the more my business has grown, the more we are learning to use technology to keep ourselves sane and organized. While I still love my command center magnetic chalkboard on the wall and enjoy using paper notebooks and calendars, for coordinating our busy life I do use electronic calendars to color code schedules, set reminders and keep everything organized.

So as a mom and business owner, imagine my delight when I saw this refrigerator. It features an electronic family organizing center right there on the fridge where everyone in the family can see it! Check out our video below for some of the highlights. It offers so many features that could be real time (and money!) savers while helping keep the family connected and organized.


I also love that it has a FlexZone where you can decide if you want it to be a freezer or a fridge at any given time, that’s brilliant. If you’re interested in seeing more about the Family Hub, check out Samsung’s promo video about it here, it’s definitely worth watching!

The New Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Next up was the AddWash washing machine. I shared about it a couple of months ago, but this time I actually got to see it in action! For those of you front loader fans, this machine takes laundry efficiency up a notch by solving one of the main limitations with previous front loaders. Samsung has added an extra door to the front design to finally make it possible to add in that stray sock you dropped, a bath towel that needs to get into your wash load, or even to add more delicate laundry later in the cycle.


Check out our video above!

Hope you enjoyed our sneak peek! I can’t wait to share more plans for our upcoming kitchen remodel, including cabinet colors, counter and layout ideas!

I am thrilled to be a brand ambassador for Samsung Home Appliances and this post was created as a part of my partnership. My experiences and opinions are my own.

Vision for The Laundry Room & Craft Room {My New House!}

The Inspired Room Laundry Room Before

What a week! Technology has not been my friend. From the dryer breaking down, leaving us with draping laundry to dry all over the house, to my blog practically combusting before my eyes and the resulting havoc of trying to piece it back together again (with the help of my patient tech person, Ted) I’m ready to just focus on PRETTY & PLEASANT THINGS. Shall we?

Be sure to scroll all the way through the post to see both my laundry room and some lovely laundry and craft room inspiration photos at the end.

Laundry Room Before - The Inspired Room blog

I’ve been taking you on little tours through several rooms in my new house so you can see what we have to work with, the pros and cons of each space, and some inspiration rooms that might give us a vision for the direction the room could go in time.

As I’m thinking through each room and getting to know our home, I am also starting to get inspired with a feel for the house as a whole and understanding better what it wants to be :). I’ll put together a post on the overall vision for the house, soon, too. SO much fun to dream about it!

So far I have shown you the inspiration for our entry and our living room. Today I thought since I’ve spent so much time thinking about laundry this week, we might as well hop downstairs and check out the laundry room so you can see where I’ve been hanging out!

It is one of my favorite spaces in the house already, so I think it will be a lot of fun updating it!

Laundry Room - Empty Before Photo - The Inspired Room blog

While our laundry room is in the basement of our house, it is much more inspiring than any basement laundry room I’ve ever had! This isn’t a dark, creepy or dreary room you dread going to thank goodness! It is light and cheery. I actually enjoy going into the laundry room, even though we haven’t yet solved our dryer problem :).This space is just overflowing with potential, don’t you think? Imagine this room as the most adorable craft room/laundry room or a mudroom/laundry room? Can you see it?

Here are some of the pros:

  • Nice tile floors
  • Tons of cabinet space and counter space
  • Two windows for lots of natural light
  • Large size room
Laundry Room - Before Photo

Here are some issues to deal with:

  • Broken dryer
  • I cannot reach into the washing machine because it is up on a pedestal and I’m short :)
  • The plumbing is exposed in one place on the wall
  • The room doesn’t have a laundry sink so that might be something to add in the future

Ideas to consider:

  • New counters
  • New hardware
  • Additional millwork
  • New lighting
  • Functional and attractive organization
  • Cute accessories
  • Space for crafts or projects
  • Fun rug
  • Could change the mirrored doors to the furnace and water heater closet

Cosmetically this space is already very pleasant to be in. It was SO nice to move in and already have a great start in this room, but how much fun will it be to make it our own? There are so many things we could do in time and many of them will be easy enough to update right away.

Another great thing about this space is it has a tiled hallway leading up to it from outside the lower family room, connecting the garage, a bathroom and this room.

Hallway Before - The Inspired Room
The hallway also has a lot of potential to be a continuation of the laundry room’s functional space.

Hallway Before Photo - The Inspired Room

I love that the hallway offers additional wall space, which will provide even more opportunities to personalize the space with organization and decor.

The Inspired Room - Hallway Before Photo

The paint color is a nice pleasant gray blue so I’ll be keeping that for now at least, so I can begin with just making this space more functional. I love that there are spaces wired in for sconces. My wheels are turning for what this hallway wall could look like!

I already have a simple idea for how to use the hallway, so I’m getting started on it and I’ll share my first update to this space soon!

I’ve gathered up some inspiration pics for our laundry room that might spur some ideas we could mix and match to make this laundry room the perfect space for our family. What ideas do you like? Enjoy!

Pretty Organized Laundry Room InspirationStyle at Home (Photography by Stacey Van Berkel)

Laundry Room and Mudroom by Studio Mcgee :: The Inspired Room Vision for the Laundry and Craft Room in Our New House
Studio McGee

Laundry and Craft RoomCalifornia Closets

Pretty Laundry Room - Blue Washer and Dryer

Style at Home (Photography by Stacey Van Berkel)

I love colored washer and dryers!

Laundry Room Organization - Brown Eyed FoxBrown Eyed Fox

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PS. Don’t forget, if you ever have questions about about any of the things you see in any of the rooms in my home, even though we have moved, you can still find sources for my style and furnishings (as well as things I dream about) in my shop here, and paint colors from my old house here! As we get settled, I will be updating my house page and colors for this house as well.

How to Make a {No Sew!} Rolled Fabric Shade

DIY No Sew Rolled Fabric Shade - The Inspired Room

Thanks for all the nice comments on our laundry room progress! I’m glad you like it, I am so excited to be rid of the swine and feel like I have a fresh space to do laundry in! I promise to share more of the room as the details come together and I have a more “finished” room to share.

Meanwhile, I received a lot of questions on the shade so I’m happy to share a few more details! It is SO easy! It’s not only adorable but it’s NO SEW, NO STRESS and AFFORDABLE. THOSE THINGS ARE MY FAVORITE! You can have this shade up in a matter of minutes! In my laundry room, this is intended to be a stationary shade for extra pattern and softness on the window

No Sew Rolled Fabric Shade - The Inspired Room

Here’s what you need:

Curtain Rod

Any curtain rod will work, but we used this one from Target that is designed without brackets or finials. It is streamlined and especially perfect for a small space (and it will let the fabric look more like a shade, less like a curtain). You will hardly see the rod once you are done if you use this kind of rod!

Curtain Panel

We found our panel at Target, here’s my direct link to buy it online. Or pick any pattern and color you like!

This is where you’ll have to measure and then use your own discretion and judgement to adjust your fabric for your particular width and length of window.

You’ll want to measure the width of your window and how much wall space you have available. Then you can determine how many panels and what width of curtain panel you need. Pre-made curtain panels come in various widths, often 48 inches or 54 inches. We used one 54 inch panel stretched out straight and we hung the rod a couple of inches outside of the window frame. If our window was wider, we would have used two panels or done some other modification such as folding the fabric and pinning it over the rod to make it work.

Of course, you could use regular fabric and just fold it over the rod or sew your own rod pocket or tabs.

Rope or ribbon

For the rustic look, we used rope we already had, but here’s something similar.

White Laundry Room Makeover Progress - Green Barnlight

How To Make a New Sew Rolled Fabric Shade:

Step one: Hang curtain rod a couple of inches wider than your window opening, using wall anchors for stability if necessary. We were able to hang our rod up to the ceiling, giving the illusion of a bigger window and showing more fabric without blocking too much light.

Step two: Put curtain panel on rod and let the curtain hang down, covering the window.

Step three: Cut your rope or ribbon, perhaps about two feet long. You can trim the excess if necessary later.

Step four: Roll the fabric evenly (backwards), so the pattern will remain visible. You might need some extra hands for this step and especially the next one, depending on how wide your fabric is.

Step five: While keeping your fabric rolled (using an extra set of hands or pins) tie the rope around the rod in a knot or bow at the bottom of the rolled fabric.

Step six: Adjust curtain as desired. Step back and see how it looks so far! It’s easy to roll the fabric a little tighter, higher or lower, slide the rope left or right and even adjust how the fabric hangs. If you don’t plan to unroll the shade, you could even use push pins to help the fabric hang exactly right against the wall. If your rolled fabric isn’t behaving, you could even roll your fabric around a lightweight dowel or cafe rod for added stiffness.

Step back and admire your new shade! :)

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