White Appliances {yes, you can}

white kitchen appliances

Style at Home BHG BHG Coastal Living Canadian House & Home … ** Read more **

The Redecorating Season


I'm in a bit of a redecorating season here at my house, transforming it into a home I will love and that reflects the way I want to live in this house. Yes, I'm always on that journey to create a home, so there is nothing really new about my … ** Read more **

Finding The Happy {Medium} in Design

kitchen yellow island

Jas Design Build As I've mentioned before, I sometimes struggle a wee bit with decorating choices for my own home because I have a split personality (among other issues, heh heheh). I like happy fun decor, but I always want to keep things tasteful! … ** Read more **

Yellow Kitchen Islands {Love or Not?}

BHG yellow extendable island

Yellow Kitchen Island via Jas Design Build Yellow kitchen island via BHG Yellow Kitchen Island via BHG  Yellow Kitchen Islands I like yellow. Too much yellow in the kitchen and my head might hurt. But a yellow kitchen island seems just … ** Read more **

Lessons from A Failed DIY Project {creativity, life, passion & purpose}

diy fail

It is time for some reflection on creativity, life, passion, purpose. Shall we? So, let's get right to the tough questions we all ask ourselves. Are you living the life you want? Have you found your purpose and are you pursuing your goals with focus … ** Read more **

The Pallet Garden {re-mix 2012}

pallet flower garden

pallet garden Last summer I painted a pallet as a privacy screen for my not-so-private deck. I filled some French garden buckets with some end-of-the-season annuals and hung the buckets on the pallet to create a small-space hanging garden. It was … ** Read more **