Goodbye to Swine and Hog

Goodbye to Swine and HogI dream of finished rooms like this one from Cove Interiors via Queensland Homes!

I dream of “finished” spaces and finally, on this very day, we have painters and contractors in the house! Not for the kitchen project, yet, but for other important rooms like our living room, dining room, family room, office, Luke’s room and the staircase.

I’m happy with any progress at this point and the updates to these rooms are going to make a big difference in the feel and function of our life here. If you only like after pics, feel free to move on from this post and wait for the prettier afters that will be soon to follow. But for those of you who understand how long it takes to get a house from start to finish and want to celebrate this momentous day with me, I’m glad you are here for this update.

As you can imagine, I’m so ready to say good-bye to swine and hog colored paint. It is true, ridding a home from the presence of swine seems to be the never-ending story of my life. It follows me everywhere. Don’t be upset if you love swine colors, they might work well at your home but they just don’t bring me joy here.

Goodbye to Swine and Hog

See the swine ceiling? It’s time for it to go.

Goodbye to Swine and Hog

Our living room (our new daybed, a test painted wall and the newly painted fireplace!)

When we bought this house it had several shades of white, tan and yellow (and even red) paint colors throughout, including a swine-ish mauve hued ceiling in the living room. Because I really like to make a house my own, I’m pretty excited to see these spaces all freshened up. Something about new paint really just makes a house feel like yours, doesn’t it?

Our main rooms will be white, a much brighter but still warm hue than the several different shades we started with. We tested other neutral color options to be certain what would look best, but due to the bright natural light in our home, this shade of white is the only color that enhanced the space and didn’t make it look washed out or dingy. That is a case in point why waiting and living with colors matters so much. We also have new bamboo window shades to install which will really finish off these rooms nicely!

My office and Luke’s room will have different paint colors! I’ll show you those soon in separate posts.

Goodbye to Swine and Hog

Dining room – removing doorbell, adding planking and painting walls one consistent color

We also are adding a planked wall to our dining room to cover up the doorbell niche (my apologies to anyone who loved that niche) and my newly relocated office in the lower level will be getting a brand new wall and door to make it an official room.

Goodbye to Swine and Hog

The lower level family room room looked great from this angle with the white brick fireplace and a new chair as a great starting point, but we still had all the swine walls surrounding it (see the chaos below) so it will be fun to have a clean slate in this room, too.

Goodbye to Swine and Hog

Next steps are a new sofa we ordered will be delivered and hopefully new flooring at some point, too. The opposite end of this room is where my newly created office will be, but I’ll have to show and explain the changes in a separate post.

Soon we’ll redirect our attention to the kitchen remodel (yay) and while I’ve been so anxious to get to that project, it is pretty thrilling to know that this very week contractors will transform so much of the rest of our house and we’ll be able to finally set up each corner!

For those of you wondering about our side yard project, that’s a saga all on its own, but rest assured, there will be lots more progress and afters to come!

Meanwhile, today I’m over at Proverbs31 sharing about Make Room for What You Love with a giveaway so you can check out my post here!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationBHG

Years (and several houses) ago I set up my first coffee station in our kitchen. We currently live in Seattle, home of the original Starbucks, so it probably goes without saying that coffee has been a big deal in the Northwest for almost as far back as I can remember (I’ve lived in the NW for almost my entire life).

If you are a coffee or tea lover, a dedicated zone for a coffee station is worth considering for any kitchen remodel. Even if you aren’t remodeling, a special spot for coffee (or tea) can give your kitchen a homey functional appeal!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Mug Tree // Mugs

I loved my little mug tree I bought for our old house several years ago and the colorful mugs I collected to hang on it. While I still have my original mug tree, a few months ago I bought a taller mug tree that can hold a lot more coffee mugs (and doesn’t take up any more space on the counter) to accommodate a growing pretty mug collection.

I actually had already set up a coffee station in this house (it was probably the first thing I set up here, haha), but sadly, the day I brought my new mug tree home was the day my beloved coffee maker died. SADNESS! After zillions of years of faithful service brewing my morning coffee (and let’s be honest, often my afternoon coffee too), it unexpectedly stopped working. SORROW!

Our coffee maker was so reliable and made great coffee for years and years (check out similar models here), I highly recommend it.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Ever since my coffee maker bit the dust, I’ve used my Nespresso (which I really like as well, mostly because it makes GREAT foam even without milk/the milk frother) but life without my old coffee maker has not been the same. I do plan to get a new espresso maker to go with my new mug tree, it is just a matter of saving up my pennies. I’ll let you know what I decide to get, I very well may get the same brand as I had before.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationFröken Turkos / Photo by Lina Ikse / via House of Turquoise

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationMug Tree

Besides the joy of selecting a beautiful mug to go with your coffee each morning, there’s something so charming about the form+function of a mug tree on a kitchen counter. I’m all for a clean and streamlined space, but the warmth and charm of seeing a coffee station all set up, inviting me to enjoy my daily ritual makes it a welcome addition to my kitchen. The mug tree really doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter, and they hold so many mugs that it saves a lot of space in the cabinet, too!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Wall Mug Rack Source — Cute mug wall via Baked Bree blog

If you really don’t have space on your counter for coffee mugs, you could add a charming wall mug rack. Or even just use cup hooks under a cabinet to accomplish the same thing.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

We even used a small tiered stand for coffee mugs one Christmas, which really is a great idea if you only need a few mugs!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station
My daughter made a DIY mug rack with a rod and hooks for her coffee station (above), it’s so cute and perfect for even small spaces.

A mug rack would be an adorable addition to an informal dining room, too, so you can be creative about the location of your coffee station.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

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Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

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Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station