Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

Hey friends! I took a couple of unexpected days off from blogging this past week, mostly just trying to get the house ready and decisions made for all the projects ahead. Phew! We’ve been making progress everywhere but the biggest transformations are just around the corner so I CAN’T WAIT!

I’ll have lots more to tell you about our kitchen plans and the Dutch doors (if you missed the news, our kitchen demo begins in just a few weeks, yippee!) but today I thought I would share the plans for the other side of the dining room (for those of you who wanted to see more of the room the other day when I showed you the shiplap wall).

Nothing to hide here, it’s just slow going on this side of the room. While I wish I could just snap my fingers and show you the shiny after room photos, right now it’s still in process. But we’ve made progress bit by bit so I’m feeling good about it so far.

Here’s a reminder of how this side of the room looked a few weeks ago…a blank slate!

Dining Room Progress + Next Stepsbefore

I’ve been envisioning this room as a breakfast room, a bit cozier and much more casual than a formal dining space. We set the table up near the window to take advantage of the view (our dining bench is on order). To give this bright sunny room a fresh clean backdrop, we painted the walls a soft warm white.

Below I’ll share the additions to the room so far and a bit of what’s to come.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

We recently installed the bamboo shades. We are super happy with them (they are installed above the windows, but we left enough of room above if we decide to add curtains or crown molding). I’ll do a whole post specifically about the shades in a future post, but in the meantime, they are the Good Housekeeping Woven Wood Shades called “Bali Abaca”. You can find the ones I have and more here (my affiliate link will ensure you receive the best discount available at the time you order).

Our Parson’s chairs arrived and they are just as comfortable as we expected. We comparison shopped by sitting in several Parson’s chairs locally, looking at price, style, quality and comfort (you can see our roundup of some great options here). The Restoration Hardware chairs were the clear winners for our needs. The linen slipcovers are nicely tailored and add a lot of softness to the space.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

We added a new seagrass rug to add a layer of texture. I was surprised what an impact it had on the feel of the room, it just feels more “grounded” and cozy. While a rug in a dining room can be a challenge to keep clean, seagrass is indestructible! You can find the rug we chose here.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

In the next few weeks my new dining bench from Ballard Designs should arrive! You might remember me talking about some options for dining benches. The bench I ordered is the Bristol Bench with driftwood toned legs and a linen and navy stripe upholstery (the sample I received shows wider placed stripes than it appears in the product shot, so it’s helpful to always ask for fabric samples before you place an order).

I really wanted a long more substantially sized bench with a padded back to fill the space under the window, so I really think it’s going to help anchor and complete that side of the room.

The biggest changes will be seen as we add more architectural interest to this space. Besides the new shiplap we already installed, the next step is to enlarge and arch the doorway opening between the kitchen and the dining room. The arch will frame the view to our new kitchen and of course bring more shape and softness to the room. The current opening is pretty small and uneventful so I can’t wait to see how the arch transforms the look of this room.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

Soon we will have an electrician move light fixture box to be centered over our table so we can finally install our new wood beaded light fixture! It’s been just sitting in a box forever. My mom thought our new dining light was small from the product photo I posted on the blog awhile back. To help offer perspective, my daughter Courtney is holding the light up over the table so you can get a better idea of the actual scale.

It’s a large enough light fixture to make a statement, but not too big for the room. It will hang down from the ceiling at an appropriate level for the table. Courtney is only 5 feet tall so a lower height simulation was the best she could do, even on her tiptoes :). Also, note she is a very small person, so you can see by comparison how big the light actually is.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

We are also considering adding sheer breezy curtains to the windows. I’m always a fan of patterned curtains to add more softness and interest to a room, but heavy curtain fabric didn’t seem right in this airier space.

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

I found some cute sheer panels with a swirl pattern from Target online, but they only had two left. I ordered them anyway but then searched eBay and kept my eye on the Target website for the past couple of weeks just in case. Finally two more panels randomly popped up for sale. They are on their way to my house right now!

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

The two panels I have so far are just tucked around our shades to simulate what they might feel like. I know how we hung them looks ridiculous in these photos, but at least you can get the idea of curtains. If we actually hang curtains, they’d be on a rod outside of the window and double the fabric of what you see here. I could go either way, curtains or no curtains. I guess I’ll know better once I see the bench in place. What are your thoughts?

Lastly, we plan refinish our old oak floors to a more brownish less orangish tone. The goal is for our floors to all flow together more effortlessly. There are are lots of flooring changes in this old house! While we aren’t changing every floor surface, we will do the best we can on our limited budget help the house flow together style-wise and tone-wise.

So, that’s where we are at so far and the vision we have planned for this space in the upcoming weeks!

Have a great Monday!

*UPDATE: See the progress on my home in my Fall 2016 House Tour!

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps

Dining Room Progress + Next Steps


Seagrass rug

Leather sofa

Blue and white rug

Gray and white striped pillow


Dining bench

Glass sideboard (ours was the antiqued taupe color)

Wood beaded light

Slipcovered linen chairs

Woven wood shades

Rattan shelf – thrifted

Bird botanical canvas art (out of stock)

Blue and white swirl lamps

Rattan and white round mirror on shiplap wall

Shiplap wall details

And as always, you can find more sources in my shop!

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color
House & Home

F INALLY I can actually say we will be starting construction on our kitchen in just a few weeks. No more dreaming, it’s finally happening. What a long process to get to this point (lack of money and time always slows me down), but I’m thrilled to say that by the holidays this year (KNOCK ON WOOD!) we’ll be enjoying our new kitchen.

Today you’ll find inspiration photos that helped reinforce and influence our own kitchen choices to help you start to visualize the vibe we’ll be going for. None of them will have every element we are choosing, of course, but they all have a similar feel to them. I’ve shown several of these images in past posts since they were in our kitchen inspiration files, so they probably will look familiar.

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet ColorZoldan Interiors – High Gloss Magazine

I spent months wrestling (agonizing, ha) over each decision (and there are still many final decisions to be made). Ya’ll know me, I love ALL THE KITCHENS. It’s really hard to commit to just one when there are so many colors and styles and combinations I’d be happy with. But since I can only have one kitchen here, I had to narrow down my options, including what elements seemed to fit best with our style, our kitchen layout, and our budget.

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet ColorAtlanta Homes Magazine

The first real decision we made for this kitchen was made months ago, when we first moved in. Remember my dream of a Dutch door in the kitchen? It’s finally happening. Because a Dutch door feels like a friendly, homey cottage type vibe, we knew the rest of the kitchen needed to flow from that mood. So I guess you’d say the Dutch door was the key element we designed this kitchen around! And in fact, when I got my heart set on a specific color for the door, every other decision was easier to make.

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color

In my last kitchen, we basically started our design with the floors. Since they were a very distinct grain and pattern (natural Hickory), every other decision flowed from what would make sense with the floors. The dark color of our previous cabinets brought contrast and strength against the wood grain and texture. Dark gray cabinets weren’t popular like they are now (I was actually really nervous no one would like my dark cabinets!), so even though it was not an expected choice at the time, it just felt like the right decision for that kitchen. In contrast to the dark cabinets, we had white walls, white counters, white upper cabinets and a white island If you’re new around here, you can find my previous kitchen reveal post and sources here!

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color
Patti Wagner

Interestingly in my new kitchen, we are going to have white cabinets (unless I change my mind before I order them, ha) mixed with some other darker elements. We chose white this time, not because I want to rebel against the trend of dark cabinets now, or because we’ve “been there done that.” We chose white cabinets for our new kitchen because they will be a clean contrast to other elements (the floors we want, the hardware, the Dutch door). As much as I still love dark or colored cabinets, my Dutch door will be a feature with a strong color so it just feels right to have white cabinets.

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet ColorSouthern Living

Over the past months, we found a few kitchen inspiration photos we all loved and discovered that while they were all unique, they all had a similar “mood” in common. Each kitchen in our inspiration file had different colored cabinets or mix of materials, but the mood was always simple, relaxed and inviting.

our kitchen mood: simple, homey, relaxed, inviting, classic, timeless.

To make each design decision easier, I thought about the mood we wanted and considered other goals. I wanted a kitchen that would be easy to update with the seasons. A clean backdrop was important to me because I wanted to be able to make simple changes to the room on a whim, like adding a different pattern or color of rug or accessories.  I wanted a kitchen we would love for years to come, but something future owners could live with, too, if we ever move. I began to picture our kitchen as having a classic “lake house” vibe and that seemed to help me narrow down many of my choices. I wanted it to have style and personality, but nothing too pristine, not too glamorous, not too fussy or fancy.

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet ColorBungalow Magazine / Photo by Jared Tseng

Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color
House Beautiful

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making final design decisions so I’ll be able to share more details with you as things happen! Fall nesting will be in full swing throughout my house and in the kitchen this year so I CAN’T WAIT for FALL!

Catch up on some of our home progress so far: Dining Room Shiplap Wall / Fireplace Makeover / Living Room Botanicals & Dresser / Living Room DaybedMaster Bedroom / Guest Room / Basement White Brick FireplaceMy Son’s Room /// or scroll through all my Seattle house posts here to see inspiration and ideas!

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Our Kitchen Mood & Our Cabinet Color