Doodles at Home

Doodles at Home

Y‘all, I just can’t with these pups. Each one is so DOGGONE adorable that I thought you might enjoy a little puppy moment to bring joy to your day. Our family has four pups now, Jack (the goldendoodle, he’s five) and three labradoodles (Lily, Bella & Leo). Leo (above) is our newest family member and he is so cute I can hardly stand it. I introduced you to him a few weeks ago and he’s been growing so much.

Doodles at Home

Doodles at Home

They each have their own personalities and we truly cannot imagine our home without them. Bella and Leo live close by with my daughter Kylee (Jack and Lily live with us here); all of the dogs LOVE each other and as you can probably imagine, our puppy “cousin” play dates are full of energy and joy. Doodles at Home

Do you have pets at home?

You can follow the day to day happenings of these pups on their own Instagram @doodlesathome (even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can see their updates on a computer by clicking the link to Instagram on your computer) and on their Facebook page.

Jack used to blog, but he’s been pretty busy with all the new pups. So at least for now he just posts updates on his Facebook page and his own Instagram. He’s a wild and crazy doodle, so he is often sharing some silly antics and thoughts from his day.

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Doodles at Home

Follow the pups on Instagram: @DoodlesAtHome

Stay tuned for a kitchen post on organized pull out pantries, coming right up!

Farmhouse Style Decor at Target

Farmhouse Style Decor at Target

Hey friends! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my fall decor post and the other updates to my little house. I’m so glad you’re enjoying seeing the progress around here, we do LOVE living here! Newsflash, Wednesday is our official TEAR OUT THE KITCHEN day (WOO HOO!). Cabinets have been ordered, countertop and flooring selected, appliances chosen and we are READY to get this show on the road.

We’ve been busy little bees this weekend emptying cupboards and preparing as best we can for the resulting chaos we know will occur. I’ll have more updates on the house and of course, updates on the kitchen as soon as I can. Can’t wait to start showing you what we have planned and the progress reports, too.

Fall is just the best time to fluff up your nest and make it all homey and cozy, isn’t it? My sister was asking me where to find a cute chalkboard for her house and I stumbled upon these gems from Target. I thought you’d enjoy seeing them, too. Finding a few new items can inspire our nesting instincts. :) Sources for the items in the graphic are below.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday!

1. Striped PomPom Euro Pillow

2. Gray Distressed Farmhouse Dining Chair

3. Wood Farmhouse Dining Bench

4. Red Striped Pillow

5. Black Watering Pitcher

6. Hanging Chalkboard

7. Natural Border Rug

8. Gray and White Distressed Console Table

9. Striped Mugs

Farmhouse Style Decor at Target

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Farmhouse Style Decor at Target