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Let’s chat today! Since we are just getting into the new year, I wanted to pause for a moment to thank you for your support and friendship over the years. Your comments and visits here (and on social media) always mean so much to me! Even if it is just a short update on what projects you are working on or a “me, too!” comment, it is so nice to know you are out there. It can be a little strange to type into this screen and have no idea who is going to be on the other side, so I really love reading your cheery hello’s, responses to my questions or even your questions back to me because they really do remind me that you are out there! You are such a positive and encouraging group. I just love that, so thank you.

I know there are so many people one can follow on social media these days, and millions of blogs offering inspiration and great content, so the fact that you take the time to visit here means a lot. Thank you.

One of my favorite things about blogging is having the opportunity to get to know YOU. In previous “get to know you” posts I’ve asked you to tell me about your home, and to share what your decorating style is. I really enjoyed reading through all the responses and hearing a bit more about where you live!

Today I thought it was a good time to ask your thoughts about current design trends. I enjoy so many styles (and I don’t really like to get pigeon-holed into any one style so I can keep my options open) but it is fun to at least be aware of what’s out there. I think it’s important to incorporate what you like, whether it is currently trendy or not. Fortunately there are many design styles, so we don’t have to all have a cookie cutter look. I love that there are many unique ways to express individuality and creativity.

I’m curious about your thoughts on the evolution of home decor and design styles. Do you feel like you are evolving along with the most current trends, or are you just sticking to what you’ve always loved? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just a fun discussion. What do you love most right now? What furniture style (or general look) appeals to you? What colors are you drawn to? What are some of your favorite design elements right now?

Even if your own home doesn’t reflect what you currently love in the design world, I’d love to hear what you think!

Let’s discuss and get to know each other better in the comments!

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4 Takeaway Tips for a Home Office {My Home Office}

The Inspired Room - Hale Navy Home Office

This weekend I shared quite a few inspiration images for functional and livable spaces (if you missed that post, you can find it here)! Today I thought I would share one of my own favorite functional spaces, my home office. Now, for those of you old timers here, you know this office is from my old house. While I have not yet beautified my new home office, I will be using my old office as inspiration for the new in many ways. My decor might change, but the lessons learned will still inspire me for my new home.

I featured this room and many photos in The Inspired Room book, of course, but today I wanted to give you a little peek at my office and offer a few of my own takeaway tips that you could use if you’re setting up your own creative space or home office.

The Inspired Room Office - Secretary Desk - Hale Navy Home Office

1. Designate a special space to be inspired, organized and creative.

Being self-employed, I realized years ago that I needed to have a home office to keep me sane, organized and creative. If you are serious about a home business or just want to keep the family organized, make it your mission to set up designated space somewhere in your home (even if it is just a small corner of a bedroom).

Hale Navy Home Office The Inspired Room

2. Surround yourself with inspiration.

I need to be inspired by my own working environment so I can focus on the new tasks at hand. When I was setting up my office, I thought about the colors, the textures and the items I wanted to see around me. I hung inspiration boards above my desk. It all mattered to my productivity and sense of well-being!

The Inspired Room Office - Rifle Paper Company Notebook

3. Find organizational systems you can live with.

Having organizational systems that I actually use makes all the difference in how organized I feel! If I buy all the pretty bins and boxes but never use them, my office really isn’t functional at all. When I find I have systems that I don’t use, it is worth the effort to try something else until I find what does work for me.

The Inspired Room Office - White Hutch - Hale Navy

4. Create a homey environment.

While I run a real business from my office, I still want the office space to feel comfortable, as it is still a part of my home. I found furniture pieces and accessories for my office that brought in my style and personality but served double duty for organization of necessities, such as my second hand store rattan shelving unit and my antique secretary desk. I put a large lamp on my desk for ambience and a comfortable chair for working. The homey and creative environment made me want to spend time in my office, so I’d say it was a WIN for PRODUCTIVITY!

Do you have an office space of your own? 


Wall paint color – Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Desk – Pottery Barn

Botanical prints – Poppy Talk

Blue swirl lamps – Target

Linen chair – Restoration Hardware

Linen pin boards – HomeGoods

More sources from this room and others can be found in my shop!

Get more simple ideas for decorating a home you love in my books, The Inspired Room and Love the Home You Have.

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