Townhouse Powder Room Update {and City Print Giveaway!}

Powder Bath Progress

Hi! It’s Kylee here today! I know I’m long overdue with an update on our move to the townhouse, but between working, taking care of Bella and unpacking boxes, getting settled has taken a bit longer than I expected. The last time we moved I’m pretty sure we didn’t have nearly this much stuff!

We also had a little incident trying to get our old leather sofas up the narrow staircase to our second floor living room. I was kind of hoping to use that as an excuse for buying a new sofa, but my husband Lance was determined to salvage them. So, he came up with a plan to hoist the bulky sofa up over our balcony and into the sliding doors on the second floor of our townhouse. Good times. I have all the ridiculous photos to prove it, so I’ll share that tale and how it all turned out in my next update.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share a quick update to our main floor powder room! This tiny little bathroom is perfect for guests. Can you believe we have three and a half bathrooms in our tiny townhouse? We do! Our last place was a studio apartment with no separate bedroom and only one bathroom so we feel like we are living the life here!

I have been looking forward to updating this little bathroom ever since we bought the house! It is so fun having so many rooms to decorate. I really wanted to give it a personal touch as well as make it feel pretty and welcoming for guests. Eventually we may decide to do something crazy like install wallpaper or, dare I say it, stencil the walls…but for now we are loving these simple updates!

Gray Powder Bathroom Update

In a powder bath it doesn’t take a lot to make it feel finished, which means even simple updates make a big difference. I started by adding a fresh hand towel, a pretty soap dispenser, and a small bouquet of flowers.

Bathroom Update - Roses in Blue Vases

I’ve collected blue glass vases for awhile now, I think they look so sweet with these mini pink roses in them.

City Prints - Albie Designs Portland and Seattle Artwork

I couldn’t wait to get art on the walls, but I knew I didn’t want just any art. I really wanted artwork that has personal meaning behind it. When I found Kim at Albie Designs on Etsy, I loved the entire collection of her city prints and knew I needed some in my house! My husband and I grew up in Portland, and we now call Seattle our home, so artwork that represents those cities is very meaningful to us!

Aren’t they fun?

City Prints - Albie Designs Portland Seattle Artwork

If you love these prints as much as I do, you’re in luck, because today Kim from Albie Designs is giving away a $100 towards your choice of art at Albie Designs!

Note: The frames are not included, I got mine at Target! The wall color is Seal Grey by Glidden.

If you missed the story of our new house, catch up here!

What will you pick out from Albie Designs if you win? Comment below to enter!

Getting in the Rhythm {Day 1: Loving Fall}

21 Days Loving Fall - Coffee Station The Inspired Room

As I was daydreaming about Fall (blissfully, I might add, heh heh heh) and pondering where to start with my little fun Fall series, 21 Days of Loving Fall. I kept trying to think of the perfect way to start the series. But I kept getting stalled. How does one START Fall? For the love. I thought about ALL THE THINGS I could do for Day 1. I was simply trying to come up with the most inspiring perfect activity or project I could to do to kick things off. I mean, I did the Fall house tour (thanks y’all for coming by and your sweet words, seriously, you are all the nicest!) and you’d think that was STARTING Fall off with a bang, but no.  A house tour wasn’t IT. That isn’t how I start Fall.

Then it became clear to me why I couldn’t figure it out.

Fall isn’t something you DO.

I can’t START Fall with a bang.

Fall is something you EXPERIENCE, it’s a gentle rhythm you get into at home, like the season that unfolds one yellow falling leaf at a time.

The Inspired Room - Fall Nesting

So, that’s where we begin. We take a little step forward toward a new comfortable rhythm at home. Maybe it’s simply slowing down to create an intentional and comfortable rhythm of rest, work, and play. Perhaps new rhythms of eating and cooking in the kitchen. Maybe it’s establishing a rhythm of regularly organizing spaces that have spiraled out of control in the heat of the summer. Or finding a new passion for decluttering the things we no longer want to manage at home. Or perhaps it’s rearranging what we have to make the most of our space. Or even a new rhythm of pursuing the finishing details in a room to make our home feel more complete and peaceful.

The Inspired Room Fall Rhythms

That’s what I most love about Fall. I love embracing or reviving rhythms that make our house our home.

So today I took an hour to simply just be present at home. To look around at the current condition of my home and the areas that had quietly fallen into disarray when I wasn’t paying attention. There was no agenda. No pressure. No expectations of instant transformation. I just puttered around, organized shelves and put some things away. I didn’t do it for the blog, it wasn’t for a big upcoming project. I just enjoyed returning to a peaceful rhythm of nesting, because that is what Fall is all about!

What Fall nesting rituals are you enjoying this week?

21 Days of Loving Fall - The Inspired Room Fall Series

This is a special periodic series running through October and November! See Day Two here!

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Gray and White Striped Entry Wall - The Inspired Room

Fall Blogger Home Tours - Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Hello, my fall lovin’ friends! Come on in! I’m SO HAPPY to invite you all in for a little tour and visit on this fine day! I’m excited to be a part of the Finding Fall Home Tour this week!  Twenty bloggers coming together for a Fall house tour? YAHOO! If you are stopping by from Laura’s blog, Finding Home, welcome! {and thanks to Laura for hosting!}

If you were really standing at my door right now, I’d swing it open and welcome you in with a hug and then you’d be immediately trampled by two dogs wanting to kiss you. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty crazy whenever someone comes to the door. There would be a huge commotion. You can see our Labradoodle, Lily, standing on the stairs in the top pic (muddy feet and all) just like she would if she saw you ring the doorbell.

She’d be there for just a split second and then she’d be down by the door wanting to kiss your face. Jack (our Goldendoodle) would be scrambling around the corner to make it to you before Lily got there, leaping in the air and skidding around on the wood floors trying to grab a toy or eat or something to calm himself down. He would be ridiculously excited to see you (sorry, we are still working on his manners and anxiety issues heheh).

But once we got past all the excitement and fur flying, you’d finally feel that it was possible to come all the way inside. :) So, welcome.

Striped Gray and White Entry Wall - The Inspired Room

Everything about Fall makes me happy. I mean, no explanation of my love for Fall needed after all these years, right?

We live near Seattle on a peninsula out in the Puget Sound. Even though I don’t look forward to the gray rainy days of winter you might associate with Seattle, in general Fall is absolutely FANTASTIC here. Be jealous. It’s not hot or cold or gray (at least not now ha!). The NW has some nice weather this time of year! I bring out the umbrellas just for fun, but the weather is just about perfect for much of September (and if we are lucky, it will probably be beautiful in October too!) I actually look forward to September and October all year round. Autumn is my favorite.

And to be honest, the gray rainy days are perfect for snuggling inside and nesting inside, so I’m even cool with those kinds of days now and then.

Cozy Fall Entry Settee and Dresser - The Inspired Room House Tour

While I love Fall, I’m not as crafty as some of the talented ladies in blogland, so by comparison my Fall decor is pretty subtle. I’m just not that into themed seasonal decor, but I do love to make my home more cozy this time of year! That’s my thing and cozy is what Fall is all about around my house. I bring out the blankets, pillows, rugs, candles, layers, textures, plants, and I even switch around books for the season! The feeling of the house starts to evolve as little things change. I just keep on adding the layers until it feels warmer and cozier!

Simple Fall Mantel - The Inspired Room Fall Decorating

Mirror Source

It really doesn’t take much to make the slow transition from summer to Fall, but I savor every little detail! It’s still early Fall, so as the season goes on I start to add more and more layers. (You can see what my house felt like in the summer for my summer house tour.)

I snipped Fall branches right off a tree in our yard for my mantel. I just love the simplicity of a bit of natural decor all year round, but especially in the Fall. Creating the mood and ambience for the season is one of the many joys of my life :).

Cozy Fall Family Room Decorating - The Inspired Room

Soon I’ll be lighting the fire and spending the cooler nights curled up on a chair by the fireplace, or nestled up on a sofa with my coffee. To me, Fall is about comforts and making our home our sanctuary and refuge from the world.

Gray Wingback Chair - Fall Pillows - The Inspired Room

Cozy Fall Dining Room - The Inspired Room

My girls and I have fun setting tables and lighting candles (I’d say candles are probably my most favorite decor between now and spring!).

Cozy Fall Dining Room - Simple Fall Decorating - The Inspired Room

While I don’t feel like I have to use “fall colors,” I do kind of love bringing in some reds, oranges and greens in small doses. Those colors always put me in a cozy and festive mood. That’s one of the things I love most about my simple neutral palette, I can pretty much bring in any color for any season and it works!

Cozy Fall Dining Room Table - The Inspired Room

Fall Kitchen - Charcoal Cabinets and White Subway Tile

I also love Fall because I start to get more motivated to cook and bake, so you’ll find me in this corner a lot more often! I love when my house smells like freshly baked pumpkin cookies!

Fall House Tour - Kitchen Paneled Wall and Command Center - The Inspired Room

This is the time of the year when we get back into our rhythms, when my son returns to school and all his Fall routines become a part of our days. Our hall “command center” board is where we keep all the important papers and things I need to keep track of everything this time of year! Being a little more organized is definitely part of Fall nesting.

Cozy Fall Bedroom - The Inspired Room House Tour

I also love creating a comfy little nest in my room in the Fall! A few more cozy pillows and blankets and fluffy comforters make their way to our bed.

Cozy Fall Bedroom - Jack the Goldendoodle and Lily the Australian Labradoodle

I meant my fluffy feather comforters, but these two think they are THE official fluffy comforters and should be allowed up here to keep us warm. I try to keep them off, but I’m outnumbered. And, their faces kill me.

Cozy Fall Master Bedroom - The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room Love Is Patient Art and Pillow Basket

Speaking of adding extra pillows and blankets, I was asked on Instagram over the weekend where I keep all my regular bed pillows when I make my bed in the morning! Great question. This lidded basket (pictured above) is where they go! It keeps them clean and off the floor. The decorative ones can go back in the basket at the end of the day or some pile on top (or on the settee which isn’t pictured). It’s an easy system! The basket is from Birch Lane. (the art is from Between You and Me on Etsy).

Cozy Fall Family Room Sectional The Inspired Room

Want to see our coziest Fall hangout at home? This is our upstairs TV/media room. It’s the only room in the house where we have a TV! It’s not a very big room, so the sectional (LaZ Boy) makes it really warm and comfortable in the Fall, especially as the nights start to get cooler! I don’t get to watch a lot of TV (book writing takes up a lot of my free time!) but we do try to watch something together every week as a family, so it’s really nice to have this space.

Fall Blogger Home Tour - Fall Decorating Ideas

Thanks for coming by for a peek at what’s going on around my house! Every day is Fall nesting around here (and soon I’ll be starting my 21 Days of Loving Fall series) so I hope you’ll hang out and be inspired all season long!

Finding Home Button


Meanwhile, to start at the beginning of the home tours and find the links in order, you can visit Laura at Finding Home and then the next up on the tour is Thistlewood Farms! And here are a couple of fun links, check out Better Homes & Gardens 100 Days of Holidays and be sure to follow the the BHG Finding Fall Home Tour Pinterest Board!

Enjoy the rest of the Fall tours!

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