The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

One of our inspiration pics for our entry, source is unknown (please let me know if you know it)

We are really excited to see the tone set for the style of this house right at the front door. We pretty much have had the same basic vision for this entry since we moved in (see the inspiration photos I shared here and more of the entry here), but it’s been slow going getting to the final result. Partly because not everyone involved moves as fast as we’d like (trying to keep my patient smile on) and sometimes we ourselves get too busy to keep up with our ideas, ha! But nonetheless, progress is being made and we are getting excited with the direction.

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

Entry hall, before (dark and swine-esque)

Along the way we’ve taken a turn or two, so since it’s been awhile since we talked about our entry I thought I might as well give you an update of some choices we’ve made and a little visual of how it might look.

You might remember that one of the reasons we liked this house was that it has an actual entry space. Many of the houses we looked at in Seattle opened directly into the living room, so having an entry at all was a bonus, even though it’s more of a small hallway. The front hallway connects all of our main floor rooms together, so giving the entry the right personality off the bat is important. The color was originally kind of a swine hue, so a coat of white paint (Swan White by Glidden) was a first step!

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

hall with a little paint progress

Our original plan was to add planked walls like we had in our old house or maybe even planking the ceiling to bring more character. We still plan to proceed with that vision! But at the moment we are thinking that part of the project may take a backseat for a bit so we can invest in our kitchen first. We have to balance our visions with reality sometimes, but even if we decide to wait, we do have some immediate ways we can enhance the personality of this space.

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

a next step door, light and art design mock up

I’m excited because we are for sure proceeding right away with a Dutch door to replace our current front door (YAY!). We are thrilled the door will be one of our next projects. I know it is going to be adorable in this little space and bring big personality to the room. I can hardly wait for the impact it will make!

We also finally decided on our new light fixtures for the entry. It took us awhile to be certain of the lights we wanted, as we had several types of fixtures that we felt would work to take the space in slightly different directions. To help us to make a decision we did a little mockup (messy and imperfect, but still helpful to visualize) of how our entry might actually look with a Dutch door and new lighting with our current white walls and the slate tile floors. Since we are saving the planking for a next step, we left it off our mock up to make sure we were realistic in visualizing the space with just the basic elements. The door in our mockup is not the exact door we will have, but just a good inspiration version for now.

Once we added white Barn Light Electric lights as an option in our mockup, we knew right away they made the right statement. We placed the order for four ceiling entry lights this week! We are thrilled because we really missed the cute Barn Light Electric fixtures we had in our old house. The quality is superb and they definitely ramp up the character we’re looking for.

The actual fixture we chose is the same as the one we had in our map hall, except these will be in a white finish and flush mount (similar to what you see in our mockup above, but not exact). Because we have lower ceilings than our old house, we measured carefully to select the appropriate scale and size of fixtures for our space. In a future post I’ll share some other alternatives.

The exact lights we ordered are here, but of course we will show you them as soon as they arrive and are installed!

Our mock up helps us to actually “see” how the room might look and helps us to refine our vision and play with elements. If something isn’t working for us, it’s easy to change it in this phase (not as easy once your contractor has already done the work!).

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

some of the art for our wall

Peacock Art Print / Crane Art Print / Sailboat Print / Celestial Print (sold out) / Watercolor Fern Illustrations Set of 2

Because (as I mentioned previously) we will likely save the wall or ceiling planking for a next phase project, we were free to proceed with a simple art wall to warm up and “finish” the entry for now. We’ve been collecting frames at estate sales for a few weeks and have put some art prints on order, so now we just wait for it all to arrive! Making progress on decisions and placing orders feels great, but SEEING it will feel even better!

In selecting pieces for my home, I want to incorporate the ambience of an “island” escape (among other things). One of my favorite places is Lanai (Hawaii) and our home just happens to overlook an island, so that vibe just feels right for this house. I focus not so much on a creating a “themed space” but incorporating a mood into our home that reflects our family and what we love as I am making decisions.

The new and existing art in our home will fit right in as we have been collecting botanicals, birds, maps, ships and other related elements that inspire us. Mixed into the other moods and styles we love, our home will definitely have our own vibe!

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

Here are a couple of our frames we’ve gathered so far (from estate sales and thrift stores).
We’ll be getting new mats and mixing together art we have and art we like with the new art on order.

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}
Row of Hooks / Chambray Tassel Striped Tote Bag / Sun Hat

A number of you have asked how our new house and old house style might be the same, or ways it might be different. I think the answer is there are some basic style elements and colors I still love (and many I’ve always loved) so some familiar things will be incorporated here in various ways.

But, there are some surprise twists I’m excited to incorporate that I feel will suit this house (such as the unexpected plum walls in our bedroom, and the island vibe of our new beaded chandelier). There will be no sudden style changes or dramatic differences since I still love what I love, but I think that overall this house will end up feeling fresh and unique from my other houses while still being US. I’m looking forward to seeing it come together!

Do you feel like your entry helps set the tone for your home?

PS. Be sure to enter a giveaway for one of 20 signed copies of my new book Make Room For What You Love, over on my Instagram today! Thanks so much for your encouraging response to the book so far, I’m very happy that so many of you are resonating with it. You all are the best! I hope it will encourage and inspire you to make more room for what you really love. Xoxo.

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Inspiring Ideas to Get Organized and Simplify {Blogger Tour}

Inspiring Ideas to Get Organized and Simplify {Blogger Tour}

Happy Monday! You are in for a treat today, I’m so excited that this day is finally here! I have the honor of introducing you to some great blogging friends. These ladies are incredible not only because they are amazingly talented and inspiring, but because they were willing to do something extraordinary not just for me, but for all of us today.

These ladies not only offered to come alongside to support and be a part of celebrating the Make Room For What You Love book launch today, but they will give us all of us a peek into their home to show us how they simplified and applied the “make room for what you love” principle in their own way in their own home.

I don’t know how many of you out there happen to be bloggers, but I can tell you that creating a great blog post is no piece of cake. It’s hard work. And for anyone to go out of their way and take the time to create a special post to help support a friend they met on the internet or maybe met at a blogging conference, well, that’s extraordinarily gracious and generous.

I don’t for a minute take for granted the kindness of so many who have supported my projects! Each and every one of you readers or bloggers that have offered a kind word or a high five or bought a book or shared something I created with others is really is a blessing to me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I loved reading all of your comments on yesterday’s post on DCS :), too. In the words of C.S. Lewis, friendship is born the moment you say, you, too?

I know, so mushy for a Monday, right? But it’s true. You all mean a lot to me. I don’t ever want to take any of you for granted. I’m very grateful.

So enough from me! Today I want you to enjoy being inspired by these ladies. Whether it is simplifying something that didn’t work for them, or just making more room for what they love, these ladies will inspire!

Click through the links below the graphic to go to each blogger’s post!

Inspiring Ideas to Get Organized and Simplify {Blogger Tour}

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Inspiring Ideas to Get Organized and Simplify {Blogger Tour}