Doing Life Together.

My house full of women and children. I wouldn't have it any other way. What is going on at my house these days? I got my family room walls all painted, and everywhere you look there are sewing machines and fabric and babies, oh my! So what is going … ** Read more **

DIY: Lattice Cutout Mirrors

  I am calling this a lattice cutout mirror because I can't think of what else to call it. Whatever you call it, the idea is you can create a fancy mirror like this out of any thing that has cut outs. You could try a piece of real lattice, an … ** Read more **

Inspiration:: 3 Things to Love

charming cottage kitchen

1. A Charming Cottage Kitchen {Cottage Living: My Home Ideas, above} 2. A Happy Craft Area {Coastal Living, above} 3. A place to kick off your shoes {Southern Living, above} … ** Read more **

Inspired By: Fun New Things

So, I have some new little things around the house to show you, but I am going to have to put a few of them off until next week because I didn't get time to do all the photos I needed (after the whole time consuming 'iPhone incident', which ended … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape: A White Farmhouse Dream Home

You know those days where you had things all planned out and in your mind the day was going to go so well, but then this and that happened and the day just turned out entirely differently than you expected? Yeah. Like those days when your husband … ** Read more **

DIY Powder Room Vanity: Before & After

Bathroom Decorating Ideas Paint your vanity! My projects take on average about 50.34323 times longer than other blogger's projects do to complete. This is now a scientific fact. I almost called this post DIMS: Powder Room Vanity Before & After. … ** Read more **