Farmhouse Laundry Room

I completely blew it in my previous post when I linked to this fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Room from Raised In Cotton. My link went NOWHERE. Gah and Ugh. I wanted you all to be able to actually find her blog and the rest of the pictures! Sooo sorry … ** Read more **

Inspiring Finds:: Blogland Inspiration

Make your own headboard, and other nifty ideas for dorm rooms (or anywhere, really) from My Home Ideas. Charming Farmhouse Laundry Room from Raised in Cotton A few more inspiring finds from around blogland... Rocks In My Dryer did a great … ** Read more **

We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

Waking up on a Monday morning wouldn't be so bad if... there were yellow stripes involved to wake you up. With a room this bold and bright, you might even put on your sunglasses as you wake up in the morning! Ahhhh, the view from laying on … ** Read more **

Inspired By!

This has been a full week of inspiration at The Inspired Room! Here is what inspired me: I was inspired by Living With What You Love (WOW, a lot of us resonate with that is the last day to enter the giveaway so if you haven't yet … ** Read more **

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Nate Berkus Room

You might as well pour yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy because I have A LOT of fun stuff to show you today! First, I made a new friend! Of course, I make friends almost every day thanks to the wonders of blogging. But this particular new … ** Read more **

How to Paint Furniture {tips, tools & finding the perfect piece}


How To Paint Furniture If you are a regular reader of The Inspired Room, you know I am not skilled with painting furniture -- but I attempt it anyways. Life is too short to live in fear. I love PAINTED furniture, just not the process of painting … ** Read more **