Lessons from A Failed DIY Project {creativity, life, passion & purpose}

diy fail

It is time for some reflection on creativity, life, passion, purpose. Shall we? So, let's get right to the tough questions we all ask ourselves. Are you living the life you want? Have you found your purpose and are you pursuing your goals with focus … ** Read more **

The Pallet Garden {re-mix 2012}

pallet flower garden

pallet garden Last summer I painted a pallet as a privacy screen for my not-so-private deck. I filled some French garden buckets with some end-of-the-season annuals and hung the buckets on the pallet to create a small-space hanging garden. It was … ** Read more **

{gather} Red + White + Blue

memorial day red white blue collage

red, white & blue from: 1. High Street Market 2. Toast 3. High Street Market  4. Terrain 5. Brook Farm General Store 6. West Elm   … ** Read more **

Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}

Book Nook Kids Room Country Living

Country Living Book Nook Sunshine is a fairly surefire way to feel HAPPY, don't you think? I know I'm always happier when the sun comes out. Maybe because we don't get quite enough sun around here to fill up our happy tanks year round. As I … ** Read more **

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Rooms {Lowe’s Designer Challenge}


Ever dream of hosting an outdoor movie night in your own backyard? Now that I've seen this amazing outdoor room, I can't stop thinking about how I could create one on my deck! Right? I mean, wouldn't an outdoor movie party be SO FUN? So where did … ** Read more **

Come Away With Me {Out to See}

two coffees

Hellooooooo again! I'm finally back from NYC! I've really missed you and this little corner of the world, but you know, I think absence is a good thing sometimes. Not only was I able to soak in every delicious moment of being fully away from the … ** Read more **