Progress in the Sideyard


And so it begins! I’m pretty excited that this side yard project is finally getting started. Just before the work began, we discovered something we hadn’t really thought about before…this side yard has a view! I don’t know why we hadn’t noticed it before, perhaps it was because we were always looking at the ground trying not to trip and die on our way to the backyard. Ha! It was a happy discovery and definitely inspired us with how much we are going to enjoy using this space as a destination and not just a pass through to the backyard.

Carson Wall Sconce - Matte Gray Outdoor Barn Light Wall Sconce from Rejuvenation

I am already dreaming up a couple of special design details for this space, including this charming new light we ordered from Rejuvenation (Carson Wall Sconce) for the back porch, right next to our eventual Dutch door. I’ll be sharing more of our design vision for the exterior as this project continues to move along!

Usually with a big messy project like this it “will get worse before it gets better,” but so far we’ve felt the opposite. We were really happy to see that with the old concrete removed, it actually feels better already! :)

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DIY Shiplap On A Budget

DIY Shiplap on a Budget - Inexpensive Paneling - Perfecting the Homefront

Want to add texture, charm, and warmth to your home? While accessories and furnishings certainly can bring wonderful warmth and character, one of my favorite ways to redesign a home is to add the personality right to the shell of the space! Unique lighting, floors with character, chunky molding, or paneled ceilings and walls are all great ways to cozy up an ordinary space. I’ve had paneling (or added it) in every home I’ve lived in, so wood or painted paneled walls and planked ceilings is a classic look I feel most at home with.

There are many ways to get the look of shiplap, and there are definitely some cost effective DIY methods as well. I recently ran across this great tutorial from Karen at Perfecting the Homefront for how to add shiplap on a budget. Isn’t her room adorable? Check out the shiplap tutorial here.

PS. If this room looks familiar to you, you may have seen it when I featured Karen’s clever idea for how to hide a flat screen TV with a map! She shared all the details on Home Love Stories. See that here if you missed it!

Home Love Stories - Community - The Inspired Room

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Take us on a tour of your home, show off a project, tell us about your decorating or remodeling adventures, give us a peek at your favorite room or corner, inspire us with your home organization projects, or even ask for decorating opinions. Best of all, you don’t have to have a blog, you don’t have to be a pro at social media, and you don’t have to have a big following to be noticed. Everyone is welcome!

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