Fall Pillows + How I Store My Seasonal Pillows

Fall Pillows + How I Store My Seasonal Pillows

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Cozy fall pillows can transform a room from summer to fall in no time at all. But trying to find storage for a lot of off-season pillows? That can be a challenge. Especially in a small house! This summer I was determined to solve my pillow woes once and for all because the storage situation was really getting out of hand. My husband was giving me the stink eye every time I brought a few more pillows home and yet, I couldn’t help it :).

Hi, I’m Melissa and I really like pillows.

Now, if you are more of a minimalist and like to keep your house pretty streamlined, you probably can’t relate to the joy that is found in seasonal pillows. Bless. But for many of us, cozy cable knit pillows in the fall, velvet pillows in the winter and pretty patterned pillows in a cheerful palette in the spring can “spark a lot of joy”. Maybe too much joy, but still.

Fall Pillows + How I Store My Seasonal Pillows

Summer pillows on the daybed. I’ll show you my fall daybed pillows in an upcoming post.

For years I really wanted to do a pillow pare down, but just kept putting it off. And every season the numbers of pillows seemed to increase, rather than decrease. Since we have such limited space to store extras in this house, I realized it was finally time to get serious about paring down.

I started the pillow decluttering process by assessing the quality of my pillows. I like heavier firm but squishable down-like pillows, not flat or floppy or foamy ones. For being a generally indecisive person, I am a pretty picky pillow person!

A NOTE ON PILLOW FORMS: For those of you who asked which forms I like the best, many of them I already had, but I recently bought a couple I really like. They are heavy and squishable feather and down. You can find the ones I have here in the 22 x 22 size as well as other sizes. Also note to buy them a size or two BIGGER than your covers so they’ll be extra fluffy :).

I pared down the pillows that didn’t meet the quality standard and only kept the quality of pillow inserts I really liked. If I liked the cover and it had a zipper, I donated the flat insert that was inside and just hung onto the cover. Next I matched up inserts to pillow covers to make sure I had the right sized inserts for a set of seasonal covers. I also hung onto pillows I liked that could be used in many seasons.

Fall Pillows + How I Store My Seasonal Pillows

Love Is Patient Art Source

I’ve always kept a big basket in my bedroom or another room (like the one above pictured in my old bedroom) to toss in extra pillows. A basket can work great as a way hold those accent pillows from the bed when you sleep or as a place to put your sleeping pillows when you make the bed.

But for seasonal pillows, I was excited for the day I would be organized enough to just switch the covers on the same set of quality pillow inserts at the end of the season. I love that one set of pillows can just stay on the furniture or beds and only the seasonal covers need to be stored (which obviously takes up a lot less room). It isn’t always easy to find new covers without inserts, but at least it helps to look for pillows that have zippers on the covers so you can more easily pare down and they’ll take up less space.

Do you have seasonal pillow issues or solutions? 

Fall Pillows + How I Store My Seasonal Pillows

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Cozy Fall Nesting – Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

Hey, lovelies! Hope you are having a great week so far. Welcome back if you’ve been away on summer vacation! Today is officially “back to school day” here at our house and that means it’s time for me get into full FALL NESTING mode! One of my absolute favorite parts of fall is all the cozy scents wafting through the air.

So many of our best memories and moments in life can be connected to scents. The freshness in the air from a fall rainstorm, a walk in the forest, the crackling fire on a cozy night, a cup of steaming hot cider in my hands. It has always made sense :) to me to incorporate good scents into our daily life and home.

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

Quote from my NYT Bestselling Book: Love the Home You Have

One easy way I freshen the scent of our home every day (without burning candles or other more harmful products like chemical air fresheners or sprays) is by diffusing seasonal combinations of oils (I use Young Living essential oils for their quality and purity) so my house always smells inviting. I’m happy to share more details on the products we use anytime, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Part of my morning routine all year round begins with turning on our oil diffuser. It always helps set the mood for the day. I even look forward to it! I actually don’t feel like I can really get in my groove without selecting the right scents to inspire me to have quiet time, work or clean or whatever.

This simple daily ritual of selecting the oils and turning on my diffuser has even helped me to become a more focused and self-disciplined person, since I naturally have trouble with that (ha!). It’s right up there with bed-making when it comes to how I motivate myself to follow a daily routine and get myself started with my day.

I’ll be honest, I could hardly wait for fall to start so a week or two ago I made the transition to some more autumn-inspired scents. I was really into fresh clean fruity or floral scents all summer and now I’m head over heels for my current fave, a cozy fall nesting combo.

Everyone who has come to my house recently loves this combination, so I thought you might love it, too. You’ll find the recipe below and a graphic to pin to remind you to give it a try.

Happy nesting, friends.

Cozy Fall Nesting – A Natural Essential Oil Home Scent Recipe:

5 Drops Clove Essential Oil

5 Drops Orange Essential Oil

4 Drops Christmas Spirit Young Living Essential Oil (orange, cinnamon, spruce oils)

I simply add these oils to water in my Aria or Raindrop Diffuser from Young Living, turn on the diffuser and ENJOY!

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

See more of my natural home scent recipes here and order your own essential oils and diffusers here!

What fall scents hold the most vivid memories for you? Let’s chat in the comments!

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent