Decorating with Photos


Please welcome my special guest today, Emily from Chatting at the Sky! I met Emily when we, along with her sister Nester and Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer, all roomed together at Blissdom this year. What a treat to have been able to spend some … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape {in your own backyard}

Love this adorable little garden shed turned sweet escape! Sigh. Where are you escaping to this weekend? Where am I escaping to? Besides having a party at my house tonight and then going to Portland for my middle daughter's graduation party, I … ** Read more **

Charming Details: Child-Sized Chairs

I love these sweet little chairs lined up at the coffee table! I remember reading once that every living room should have at least one child-sized chair, even if the homeowners have no children. I have always loved that unpretentious advice. A … ** Read more **

Summery Window Treatments

via Architectural Digest I love the look of lace or sheer curtains blowing through open windows on a breezy summer day! If you like to lighten up your window treatments for summer, or just want to freshen up your decor in general, here are some … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Life Friday

Check out the gardens and outdoor rooms over at View from the Pines (sorry! the blog seems to have moved and the link no longer works!) I'm hooked and inspired! The outdoor room above is from Brenda's yard! I spent some time drooling over her … ** Read more **

Simple Decorating: Real Life Accessories

simple decorating ideas

  BHG I am not a fussy decorator. I like details and {second hand} quality and all that, but when it comes to displaying accessories and decorations around the house, I like to keep things simple, easy and unfussy. If it looks like it took me … ** Read more **