5 Art Prints to Welcome Autumn {Lindsay Letters}

We Love You Fall print by Lindsay LettersWe Love You Fall Print

Hello! We’ve been having some technical difficulties with the blog the past couple days. All sorts of randomness has occurred on the site. How wonderful, yes? My apologies for any mayhem you may have witnessed. Isn’t that one of Murphy’s laws, when one thing goes wrong everything will? Now I have a broken dryer and a broken blog, so, yay!

I had planned to post about our vision for another room in our new house, but alas I was unable to get that post up because I’ve been fixing broken things. But good news, I’ve been wanting to show you these sweet fall prints from the amazing Lindsay Letters and I already had this post set to go, so art prints it is!

Aren’t these the perfect way to celebrate fall? I just love them.

I bought the ‘we love you fall print’ last year because I just couldn’t resist. I’d show it to you all styled on my inspiration board in my office but I can’t find it, because, you know, MOVING MAYHEM. Sigh.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my next room vision post so in the meantime, carry on and enjoy this fall day (and hopefully the blog will not self-combust in the meantime. I guess I should say goodbye just in case, it has been lovely. Ha!)!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Art Print by Lindsay Letters
Pumpkin Spice Print

Autumn Carries More Gold In Its Pocket Than All the Other Seasons - Art Prints by Lindsay LettersAutumn Is Golden Print

Thanks and GIving Art Print - Lindsay LettersThanks and Giving Print

Perpetual Thanksgiving Print - Lindsay LettersPerpetual Thanksgiving Print

PS. If you’ve been thinking about doing a fall 31 day challenge this year, The Frugal Homemaker is starting a fun series today that might inspire you so be sure to check it out here and follow along!

Happy October!

A peek inside my new book: The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room New Book - Sneak Peek

Do you ever just feel a bit perplexed or even overwhelmed about where to begin to pull your home together? I’ve felt that way, too. Unlike home makeover shows on TV, most of us don’t have designers running around styling our tables for us, bringing in the perfect pieces, completing our room design in a matter of hours and photoshopping out any imperfections for the final reveal.

Creating a real life home, starting with what you already have and evolving with you over time, is quite a different approach!

sanctuary is so much more meaningful than a showplace. I think designing a real home should be a slow, thoughtful journey to tell your family’s story in a personal and authentic way, through the addition of your favorite colors, textures and patterns, and mixing and matching what you have and collect along the way.

The elements you pull together for your home will inspire you and transform where you live into a place you love.

Sneak Peek of The Inspired Room new coffee table book

Looking back to when we first moved into our craftsman home, I never would have dreamed it would be in a coffee table book! What a surprise that was. I’m excited that it isn’t in the book because it is an example of a perfectly designed house, it’s featured because it is a real home.

The Inspired Room - New Coffee Table Design Book

Thank you all for always being such an encouragement to me, I really appreciate it. I wake up every day so happy to be a part of this supportive community. I am grateful that I get to share these real life adventures in creating a home with you as well just sharing the twists and turns of life together! Needless to say, I’m over the moon excited for this book to be released November 1st so YOU can see it in person!

The Inspired Room - New Coffee Table Book

I am pretty sure when you pick up the book you’ll think the shimmery coppery rose gold leaves on the cover are the prettiest little details you’ve ever seen on a cover. I kind of can’t stop turning and tipping the book to see the leaves shine! Maybe I have issues :) heh heh. You really can’t capture how lovely it is until you see it in person.

The Inspired Room - a new coffee table book - Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have

But my biggest hope is that as you turn the pages inside, you’ll feel welcomed into my house, cheered on and inspired to create a home YOU love. It isn’t just a pretty photo book, it is full of practical decorating tips, simple ideas and encouragement for YOUR home.

You can preorder it now and your book will be shipped to you as soon as the book is released! It is really helpful to receive preorders now as it helps buyers to gauge how many to purchase. With the holidays coming up, there are dozens of new books coming out all at the same time, so of course I appreciate any support you can offer in promoting the book to your friends, pinning it on Pinterest, featuring it in your holiday gift guides or ordering them for Christmas gifts.

>>>  Pre-order your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!  <<<

The Inspired Room - New Coffee Table Book

I will also have a fun opportunity for you all to share your own inspired rooms with us in the upcoming weeks, so start thinking about what room you could share (whether you have a blog or not!).

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