Making the Best Use of My Space {Plus a New Project: Goodbye Living Room, Hello Practical Space}

organizing with a wire basket in hall

So, I know I'm not supposed to start a new project until I finish the ones I've started. Clearly, I'm a rebel and probably a glutton for punishment. But, I am almost done with my office (just have to hang the blinds and the two reading lights and … ** Read more **

Fresh & Unique Kitchen Ideas

colored cabinets kitchen and orange accent wall

Traditional Home - kitchen with cheerful blue chairs and charming oversized light Kitchens with Charm and Personality! If your kitchen makes you yawn, maybe there is something you could do to give it a little more of a WOW factor! How about a … ** Read more **

Dare to be Different {Mix & Match to Be Unique}

anthro sheets

Decorating the Anthropologie Way This quilt made my mouth drop to the floor. Fabulously unique and fresh and wonderful. And those pillows? I'm in love. Even the simple iron bed itself gave me a new appreciation for my own classic iron bed, … ** Read more **

Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

Good night sleep well pillows

Sleep Well! via Design Sponge sold at Kin Ship Press on Etsy This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic. Tempur-Pedic can't wait to hear about what you accomplish with a better night's sleep. I have a super exciting and huge giveaway contest for you at … ** Read more **

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

kerrisdaledesign striped headboard

Layering Bedding - BHG Now and then I let myself dream a little bit about my future bedroom makeover. I haven't done anything to my bedroom in this house. Not even paint on the walls. I just have had too many other projects going on in life and … ** Read more **

A Fabric Flower Pin Craft & Chocolate Fountain Party

craft party flower pin

An (in)RL Craft & Chocolate Party! Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was jam packed and I'm all worn out from hosting several events this weekend, but I had a lot of fun! If you have to be worn out, it might as well be for something fun … ** Read more **