Inspiring Finds:: Amazing kitchens and more!

For the Love of a House

Gorgeous White Kitchen For the Love of a House, via Southern Hospitality's Feature Friday Interview! For your weekend reading, I've gathered up some great homes, blogs and posts for you to check out, so head on over to my Inspiring Finds page to … ** Read more **

Rearranging Rooms

Family Room {all my paint colors can be found here in my paint post!} If you are one who can paint rooms, rearrange furniture, keep up with your furniture being taken out and being put back in your living room every week for music rehearsals and … ** Read more **

A Beautiful Old World Modern Farmhouse Kitchen {With Natural Wood Cabinets}


House Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen I have always loved beautiful natural wood furniture and cabinetry. Yes, that is probably not the most popular statement in a day when most people are "lightening up." But I like wood when it is beautiful. My … ** Read more **

Creativity Out of Imperfection: {Painting Subfloors}

Painted Subfloor via ashleyannphotography

Painted Subfloors: Ashley Ann Photography So, long before our unfortunate paint mishap, my daughter and I sat in our family room staring at the carpet I don't like. We were about 30 seconds away from ripping it out, come what may (i.e. my husband … ** Read more **

Put a Bird on It

Hahhaahaaha. Speaking of overdone trends, I had to laugh at this video! And being from Portland myself, this was particularly funny to me. Of course, I love birds in moderation. I do however have a recurring nightmare about birds pecking my … ** Read more **

Decorating Trends for 2011

One of the reasons I hate to follow trends is just about the time you start to follow one and think you finally know what is "in" you are actually out.  BUMMER! More significantly, I just like to be unique and do my own thing. I really don't like the … ** Read more **