Kids’ Bathroom Progress: DIY Board and Batten

DIY (swine?) board and batten walls! UPDATE: This bathroom is now finished! Want to see how it all turned out? Make sure you check it out here in the bathroom reveal! We made a little bit more progress on our bathroom updates with our Home … ** Read more **

How To Decorate {Simple & Affordable Ways to Decorate a Home}

living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen

Do you need tips for how to decorate, no matter what your style or budget is? Do you need some fresh inspiration for ways to decorate your home? I've written TONS of posts over the years on how to decorate and find inspiration for your home. So to … ** Read more **

Everyone Deserves A Lovely Home {but how we get there is up to us}

My old house....lovely lanterns, cobwebs and all. There are endless discussions and advice around blogland and in magazines for what makes a lovely home -- and how to go about creating one for yourself. You can get decorating advice on one blog … ** Read more **

My New Dining Room Lantern is Here!

Finally! My new dining room lantern is here! Well, one look at the picture might tell you I chose an entirely different lantern than I originally had proposed. But I'm in LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVE. If you will recall, I was given a gift card by the … ** Read more **

I’ve Got a New BFF

Meet my new ladder. For many many years, I've wanted my own ladder. My very own 6 foot ladder. My husband has ladders that are 12 feet or 20 feet or 100 feet something crazy like that. Manly ladders. They are so tall I cannot get them in the house … ** Read more **

Framed:: Maps

DIY Art: Framed Calendar Maps! The other day I had an email asking about my family room artwork. And it dawned on me, I am not sure if I ever talked about the maps on my walls! They kind of relate to my post from yesterday about our life of … ** Read more **