Before & Afters: Going from neutral to color — layer by layer

I found a fun slideshow at Better Homes & Gardens that loosely ties in with our discussion yesterday! {Can I just say that I'm really enjoying all of your comments on that post, by the way! You all give such thoughtful and interesting … ** Read more **

Colored Walls

red wall dining room

Country Living Keith Scott Morton I have lived with mostly white or pale walls with color in the accessories look for years and years now (my entire 23 years of married life, actually!). It has always been the look I felt comfortable with, I love … ** Read more **

Inspiring Finds

Emily from Chatting at the Sky has a mini-destination in her kitchen. Guess what this chair is for? Domestically Speaking re-did her bathroom and I love it. Wish she would come over and bring her saw. Wow on this room re-do from Sanctuary … ** Read more **

Real Simple Solutions for
an Organized & Efficient Home


Martha Stewart I love the idea of an attractive, organized and efficient home. I'll admit I am not the most organized person, but I do get inspired by the thought and creative potential of being organized! Here are some ideas we actually use at my … ** Read more **

Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home

Winter home tip: Create mini-destinations in your home. Remember the post on establishing a purpose for your room? Well, you can even have special purposes for different corners within a room. You might not have a whole room to devote to … ** Read more **

Something’s Gotta Give
& Favorite Movie Set Houses


I bet I know the answer to this question, but do you ever watch a movie and totally lose track of the whole plot because you are drooling over the house they are in? Yeah. me too. I look like I'm totally watching the movie but I am actually taking in … ** Read more **