The Mystery Hook {Wire Basket Hanging from a Hook}

Hang a Wire Basket on the Wall with a Hook! Awhile back I showed you my cute little wire basket, hanging from a mystery hook in my entry. I found the hook in a random box of bits and pieces in my garage. I pictured this little hook like something … ** Read more **

Destinations in Your Home

martha stewart coffee corner

Country Living I know I'm probably a little strange but I love having "destinations" in my home. I imagine some corners in my home as a getaway for reading, blogging or just quiet time. I'm kind of smitten with this little corner with the fun … ** Read more **

Decorating with Red

Decorating Rooms with Red

DECORATING INSPIRATION: RED It's almost Valentine's Day! So, of course, we can't let this opportunity to talk about decorating with RED slip by without a mention now can we? I've always loved red and used it in most of my houses. Do any of you … ** Read more **

Pinterest Style

white walls bookcases around window

Source:   Find your style on Pinterest I pinned this awesome living room yesterday. I would feel at home in that room. It inspired me. I like it. It is warm and cozy, white but colorful. Comfortable but … ** Read more **

Tweaking This and That Around The House

black and white gallery wall sketches

I guess I'm a tweaker. I enjoy moving this and that around, living with it for a few days, and then sometimes I think of a better idea. Or I'm stumped for awhile. The black and white framed drawings in the photo above used to be hanging in my what is … ** Read more **

Where to Find Affordable Cool Modern Vintage Industrial Wall Lights, Pendants and Lanterns

where to find home lighting

One of the most important elements in a room is the lighting. Not only for obvious reasons, rooms need various types and sources of light, but I love lighting because of how much personality it can bring to a space! I like my interior lighting to be … ** Read more **