How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

As someone who has admittedly always struggled with procrastination and staying focused on tasks, zeroing in on and practicing my “must do” daily routines was a literal life-changer for me. I desperately needed to figure out daily routines not only to help me keep up with my house, but to help me to focus so I could reach my goals, too.

About seven years ago I shared my basic daily routines on The Inspired Room. Through opening up about my own struggles over the years, I realized I wasn’t alone in needing a simplified approach to home management. Since then I’ve continued to learn so many new things about productivity and being intentional with how I spend my days. I enjoy offering what has worked for me and love when I hear how these simple things have changed other people’s lives, too.

I wasn’t the “born-organized” type, so even if I read all the organizing books in the world or had a list of what to do, the only way I was able to actually become a more organized disciplined person was through beginning to recognize my habits, struggles and limitations and finding super practical ways to work around and overcome those challenges.

In recent years I stumbled upon another life-changing realization: I discovered the key reason I used to be so disorganized. Decluttering and organization was an ongoing issue for me most of my life because I was indecisive and lacked focus in so many areas of my life!

Once I learned how I could in fact train myself to be more inspired, decisive and focused in the areas that mattered to me, I was able to accomplish so much more with much less stress and effort. I still struggle with a tendency toward clutter and disorganization at times, but now I have very specific and practical ways to bring myself back to focus every time and keep myself motivated to succeed.

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

The simple habits and mindsets I learned have impacted my house, my style, my business and my family in so many positive and healthy ways. I love to share what has actually worked and been successful for me. It makes me so happy when what I learned offers hope to others who, like me, really want to simplify their life and home.

Here are five tips for success in setting daily routines that will transform your life:

  1. Be decisive.
    What are your goals for your home or life? If they are undefined or unattainable, you will not be effective in reaching them. Plain and simple, to have a beautiful, uncluttered and organized home you have to be more decisive both in what you want to allow in your home and focused on the daily steps that will be required to get where you want to go.
  2. Commit to being disciplined.
    Whether you are heading out the door early for work, wrangling kids to school or working at home, what you do from the moment you open your eyes and in the moments or hours that follow determines and sets the course of your day. Discipline yourself to start out every day with a realistic sense of purpose and intention and follow through with attainable goals. Your life and home will not change unless you commit to being disciplined.
  3. Focus on your dailies.
    You don’t have to do everything (in fact, to succeed you shouldn’t do everything) but you have to be very focused on your housekeeping essentials and stick with those every day. Anything extra is a bonus.
  4. Practice productivity.
    Habits aren’t learned in a day, they are acquired through practice over time. If you want to become organized and reach your home or life goals, you’ll need to practice productivity. Don’t give up or get too discouraged by setbacks, practice will make daily routines and chores so much more effortless and rewarding in time.
  5. Eliminate distractions.
    What distracts you from keeping up with your home goals or doing what you love? What non-essentials and low priority tasks are crowding your day, life, or your home and keeping you running around frazzled? If you stick to your daily routines you will be able to better manage a busy and full schedule so you can live life to the fullest! Eliminate the clutter and excess around your home and in your schedule, so you can effectively transform how you live.How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

If you find it challenging to stay focused on tasks or to keep up with housekeeping or to eliminate the clutter in your home, you’ll find lots of valuable insights and very practical tips and encouragement in the new book I wrote called Make Room for What You LoveIt’s different than my other books, so whether you’ve read the others yet or not, I hope you’ll find this one uniquely inspiring and motivating!

So many people who have already read the book have mentioned that they are so inspired and motivated as they read that they find themselves getting up repeatedly to go make progress on their home! That’s the best compliment I could receive! I didn’t just want to offer a list of ways you could transform your home, but my goal was that you’d be inspired to actually go take action and see the results for yourself.

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

Download this set of Make Room for What You Love Printable Worksheets HERE!

Above you’ll find a link to save and then print the set of FREE worksheets pictured in the graphic. We created these worksheets as a companion and support to a few of the concepts in Make Room for What You Love. If you’ve read the book or would like to, these adorable free printable sheets will be a visual way to help you set goals and begin to find your focus and purpose as you prioritize your home, day, and even refine your decorating style! You can add them to a home notebook or post them on your command center.


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My Kitchen Remodel Update

My Kitchen Remodel Update
Annie Schlechter via Martha Stewart

It’s been awhile since I updated you on my kitchen plans, so today I thought it was high time I share our refined and (finally!) more firm plans! Yippee! I’m super excited to finally feel settled and am very ready to start moving forward on our project. It was so very helpful for me to go through the process of dreaming up all the possibilities and then letting the options sink in (see what I did there?) to see what felt right. As I mentioned before, the main reason we moved here wasn’t to design another house, but rather to more fully live. That perspective helped so much in our decision making process.

With our goals and purpose in mind, being intentional about the life we want has really helped me narrow down what we need to do to our house and makes it more clear about what we don’t want to do. Having the chance to design another kitchen is a dream and not a must in the grand scheme of life. Being intentional about designing our life is by far the most important challenge and goal for our family. Because our home and our life are so intertwined, I’m excited that we will have an opportunity to see our vision for our home come to life for our family.

We cannot wait to move forward and I could not be more happy with our vision and the design direction! To have contractors stand in our home and confirm the ideas are good ones was so exciting for some reason, I guess I just feel relieved to finally be at this point.

My Kitchen Remodel UpdateHouse Beautiful

Hopefully early this summer our kitchen will be gutted and the remodel will actually begin! I told one contractor that if he could gut it TODAY I’d be thrilled. Keeping my fingers crossed because I’m just SO ready. My goal is to have this kitchen finished by fall one way or another. My timeline isn’t always realistic and I know there are often bumps in the road (take my side yard which is still in process, for instance) but I’m feeling hopeful that we will be moving ahead in the coming weeks and the pace will accelerate.

My Kitchen Remodel Update

Kitchen – Dana Benson Construction

What about the layout, size and style?

The style of our kitchen will be in keeping with the look we’ve always loved, a more modern traditional style with a coastal farmhouse vibe (at least that’s how I’m thinking of it in my mind!). Our whole house will be receiving a style update over time, so we cannot wait to see the elements we love start to come together!

My Kitchen Remodel UpdateZoldan Interiors – High Gloss Magazine

The inspiration images in this post have design elements I really like (some I’ve shared before) and each one has a piece of the puzzle that has inspired an idea, or at least give a bit of the ‘feel’ I’m looking for (not necessarily the exact colors or details). I’ll continue to share more inspiration pics and ideas as we go, certainly the ones in this post are just a fraction of the wonderful ideas that will continue to inspire our design.

The key to simplifying the process and cost (with any remodel) is to leave the physical space intact. That means the appliances, plumbing, windows and layout will remain as is, but the space within the walls will be completely gutted and transformed. It is a small kitchen and will happily remain one. I happen to love the ambience of small kitchens so no complaints from me on that. We will simply address how spacious the room feels and functions and its connection to the dining room in other ways.

My Kitchen Remodel Update

What about the location of the sink?

You probably remember my original dream was to place the sink at the back of the house (to take full advantage of the view of the Puget Sound, mountains, and Bainbridge Island) but as we’ve lived here longer we’ve decided that wasn’t as much of a priority as I originally felt it was. It was a splendid idea, to be sure, but there are other simple yet wonderful ways we will transform the kitchen to fit with overall vision and our goals.

Besides, the great thing is that we will still have the view from our kitchen sink if we leave the sink where it is (with a quick turn of our head or as we move about the kitchen), but by leaving it where it is we won’t be blinded by the light that streams in the windows in the late afternoon. Instead, we will have a new full height counter under the the large window with lots of drawers below, the perfect space for a coffee and baking station! We can enjoy the view from that nice wide and unobstructed countertop any time we want to.

My Kitchen Remodel Update

What about the upper cabinets?

All of the upper cabinets (except around the fridge) will be removed to add to the sense of spaciousness and to give the kitchen a really clean and uncluttered look that I love. When I removed the upper cabinets in our last kitchen I felt like I had to often defend or at least explain my choice but now it’s much more common and acceptable. Even if you still think I’m crazy for removing upper cabinets in a small kitchen, ha, keep in mind we will be adding lots more very functional drawer space so we will not have any less storage than we currently have. I love how extra spacious countertops feel with no upper cabinets so in a small kitchen that is a big plus for me.

My Kitchen Remodel UpdateOlivia Babarczy via The Grace Tales

What about the walls?

Besides the joy of an entirely fresh and new kitchen, one change I’m super excited about is we’ve finally decided for sure to eliminate both of the small cramped interior doors to the kitchen in favor of wider archways. The arch was an idea we had very early on and just couldn’t stop thinking about. That’s when you know you have a winner of an idea, I guess! And when a contractor took a look and agreed it was doable, it was settled.

My Kitchen Remodel Update
Saskia Folk / Inside Out

Arches are so inviting, romantic and charming, don’t you think? We will have a wider archway from the dining room and a narrower one from the entry hall. The change in doorways means three spaces will have more character! It’s a triple win. We will have better traffic flow between rooms and from the back Dutch door to the entry hall, which will make the entire tiled hall nearly as functional as a new mudroom would have been. Hooks for the win!

My Kitchen Remodel UpdateThis isn’t the layout we will have for our dining room,
but you can see the painter’s tape we put up a long time ago to help us visualize an arch!

The archways will open up the wall to bring more light to both rooms, but still allow us to keep the location of the range wall with counter space on each side and a range hood above it. The new arched doorways will also help keep the “messy” areas of cooking in a small kitchen less in view from the dining room and living room than if we removed the walls entirely. That will make holidays and dinner parties much more enjoyable for me. No one really wants to look at the turkey carcass on the stove and all the cookware in the sink during Thanksgiving dinner, right? Problem solved.

So, there you have it, the latest plans! So…SO excited to get this rolling and thrilled you are following along. Stay tuned!

My Kitchen Remodel Update
Old Seagrove Homes

See more angles of the “before” of our kitchen and catch up on past posts about the kitchen here!

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