The Lived In Look

Let me tell you a little something about myself. For some reason, I have eyes that want to see everything in fairy-tale vision. I imagine that my house should be tidy and beautiful all the time. It should be super cute and styled just right for … ** Read more **

My Book Page Wreath {LOVE Etsy!}

Almost two years ago I laid eyes on my first book wreath. Except, it wasn't MY book wreath. It was Lindsey's book wreath. I didn't have a book wreath of my own. {insert violins} Until now. Two years have past but I finally have a book wreath to … ** Read more **

My Outdoor Porch: 7 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Retreat


Outdoor Room: A Retreat Oh dear I'm behind on posting about this porch. It was such a simple makeover but I've had one trouble after another this summer trying to get this photographed. Weather, surgeries, you name it. Finally I just said to myself … ** Read more **

Weekend Giveaway: $200 American Express Gift Card

deco headboard

  Deco headboard, via Dwell Studio, from my Retro Bedroom Design Board Let the giveaway games continue. As long as we are having a Giveaway Weekend (Pick your Prize!), we might has well keep the fun going, right? More chances to win … ** Read more **

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

Dayspring blocks

It is a Pick Your Prize Weekend here at The Inspired Room! It has been a long couple of weeks for me and I'm finally getting back in the swing. As you probably know, last week my daughter had emergency surgery. She is doing so much better, I … ** Read more **

31 Days of Change

Fall House

I'm interrupting your summer to bring you this public service announcement: I am a lover of Fall. But you probably already knew that if you've been around here much. Actually, I'm a lover of all seasons. But I'm especially fond of Fall. For … ** Read more **