Hey friends, I was just writing a post on my new SHIPLAP wall (you can see tiny sneak peek of the wall above, eeek!) when I got an email offering a copy of THE INSPIRED ROOM BOOK F-R-E-E for everyone who is taking advantage of the Caldrea summer entertaining kit I told you about the other day!

WHAT? I’m SO excited about this I had to stop and tell you about it right now (can you blame me?) and you can come back in a bit tonight to see my new planked wall :) It’s worth the wait.

So here’s the deal, if you already ordered the Caldrea kit through me in the past few days OR if you place your order through Sunday through my link you will ALSO get my book, THE INSPIRED ROOM FOR FREE. Yay! It’s a gorgeous hardback, full color book about how to decorate every room in your home on a budget with tons of ideas and photos to inspire you.

NOTE: THE OFFER FOR THE FREE BOOK EXPIRED! It was a limited time offer.  So you will not receive a book, but you can still get the Caldrea dish soap and counter spray for FREE with this offer.

This offer for the free book and free Caldrea kit is good for first time Grove Collaborative orders who place their first $20 order with my link. Get TOILET PAPER! DISHWASHING STUFF! Things you’ll probably have to buy on Monday anyway, but I guarantee you no other store will put all these awesome freebies in the bag with your TP.

I’m sure you’ll agree it is a crazy generous offer from an amazing and generous company (!) so I am BEYOND thrilled to offer this to you. Plus, I love the Caldrea products and I know you will, too.

What are you signing up for?

No worries, there is no further obligation to buy anything you don’t want. After your first order of $20, you will receive a text / email as a reminder when it is time to check your cart. Grove will recommend great items you might like, but you don’t have to order anything. You can choose to order whatever you want, there’s no mandatory or minimum order, and you don’t have to order anything at all. It’s your choice. No tricks or gimmicks, you’ll always get the email or text notice to remind you to update any upcoming orders. And if you want, you can cancel ANYTIME but I bet you’ll never want to.  You’ll love Grove that much.


So when you place your first $20 order of anything you want to order, you will receive your Grove shipment (the FREE Caldrea kit with Caldrea dish soap and countertop spray in any scent you like, wood handle dish brush, $20 of products of your choice all shipped FREE) very soon. I can’t wait until you get all your goodies!


Here’s another freebie for you, you can get this hand drawn downloadable quote for FREE! Check it out in various sizes and in more colors here.

Would you help me out and share this post with a friend who would love this deal and please let them know before it runs out? I’d hate for anyone to miss it and the sale is over Sunday. This book makes a perfect gift for brides, moms, sisters and friends and if I can say this myself, it truly has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. It glistens and shimmers with copper foil leaves :).

Click the link below to place your order, remember that you’ll get the counter spray and dish soap but the book is no longer offered through this promotion.


Here are the details for how to get your free gifts:

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*Offer expires July 17th. Please note that sadly Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska


OK, back to writing my planked wall post so I’ll have that up shortly :).

*This post is in partnership with Grove Collaborative and contains affiliate links.

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom ColorsPretty Bedroom Colors
Coral, black, and white / Traditional Home

As we are focusing for awhile on bedrooms in our Best of the Best series, I was thinking about the best bedroom colors. Of course, everyone will have a different description of what the “best” pretty bedroom colors would be! Your house, your lighting, your taste, your moods, your style, your room and your furniture can all play into your decisions for a bedroom color scheme.

Your bedroom should be your escape from the rest of the house (and the world), so most of all you should feel like it draws you there (whatever that means to you). Interestingly I find sometimes the aspects of a photo I’m really drawn to are not the same elements that I’m drawn to in my real life room. They might be the same if I pick a photo that has similarities to my space, but when you are actually in your own room you still might be working with or aruond other features or limitations.

Your own room has more dimension to experience than what you can see from a photo. Observe the size of your space, the angles and windows and textures and character. What works for your real life room is what matters!

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom ColorsBlue, white, black, green and pink / The White Buffalo Styling Co

Focus on taking bits and pieces and elements of any room you see pictured online or in a magazine to apply them to your space in a way that inspires you. Your room isn’t just a pretty photo to look at when you head there at the end of a long day, it’s a space that should nurture you and give you a sense of peace and rest.

Sometimes I find it is better to shut the computer down after I’ve gathered ideas from zillions of inspiration photos and just go with what my heart wants to see in the room that I’m in. My last bedroom was a gray/blue and it worked so well with our Hickory floors. Our new bedroom is painted a moodier charcoal plum! It’s not a color I had have ever thought about using before. It (unexpectedly) just felt cozy as the room is so small and the rest of the house is so light and bright. I may get inspired to change it down the road and that’s OK too, but I’ve never had a room I’ve actually loved so much, so no regrets.

Today I’ve gathered up a variety of pretty bedroom colors and color schemes that are all so pretty and fresh. Enjoy the rooms and think about what schemes you are drawn to and why.

What is it about each photo that inspires you and what parts of it would work (or would not work) in your own home? Then go stand in your own room and dream a little about what the perfect colors would be for your space!

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom ColorsBlack and white with coral and blue / Coco Kelley via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Katie Parra

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors
Purple, blue and mint / Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles / Pretty In Prints June 2016

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom ColorsSage green and white / BHG

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors
Charcoal-plum and neutrals / The Inspired Room

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors
Dark teal green / Ave Styles / Photos by Rennai Hoefer / Rattan Bed Source

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors
Orange, blue, white / BHG

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom ColorsTeal blue / Domino

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors

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Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors

Inspiration: Pretty Bedroom Colors