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Farmhouse Kitchen - New England Home MagazineNew England Home

Fall is the time of year when we start turning inside and spending more time in the hub of the home, our kitchen! Whether it is fancy and luxurious or simple and homey, the kitchen is an important space in our home.

Right now I’m in the “observation phase” with my new kitchen. I’m learning how we live in this house and how the current kitchen functions for us. When we feel well-acquainted with our space and how we live throughout the rest of our home, we will be confident to move forward with appropriate design updates. I’ll be sharing some of my observations and inspiration for my kitchen in an upcoming post!

Here is a much over-due round up of kitchens that are both beautiful and charming, a perfect combination if you ask me! Enjoy.

Pretty White Kitchen with Wood Island - Mark Roper
via DustJacket Attic – Mark Roper Photography

Beautiful Kitchen Design Galleria
Design Galleria

Beautiful White Kitchen with Lantern
House Beautiful

Pretty Kitchen Design - Brass Bin Pulls for Kitchen Hardware
Heidi Piron Design & Cabinetry

Family Kitchen - New England Home Mag
New England Home

2014Boston Magazine

Beautiful Natural Kitchen Styling
Made in Persbo

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets - Brass Accents - Teddy Edwards
Teddy Edwards

Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Lonny

Beautiful Kitchen Design - Black and White Checkered FloorsNew England Home

Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
New England Home

Elizabeth Cooper's Sag Harbor Home – Lonny MagazineLonny

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Vision for the Living Room {My New House}

Cozy White Living Room with Built Ins Around Window - Mark D Sikes
Mark D Sikes – House Beautiful – built-ins inspiration

When we first saw the living room in our new house, we were quite pleased that it had several things going for it!

Fireplace Before Photo - Living Room
This is the living room on the main floor. It is bigger than any of the rooms at our old house, so it will have plenty of breathing room and space for furniture! That was a big plus for me since I love furniture :). More space gives me a bit more freedom. Yet at the same time, the room isn’t so big that it won’t ever feel cozy. I plan to have one main conversation area and a few other small “zones” around the room for conversation, relaxing or function.

Window Before Picture

It has a bank of giant windows across the back side of the room and around a corner. The windows allow glorious light to flood the space! It’s so bright and inviting that I am always drawn to sit in this room. The windows also connect the room to the outdoors, with views of trees, the Puget Sound, mountains and Bainbridge Island in the distance, spectacular sunsets in the evening and beautiful expanses of sky during the day.

The room also has a stone fireplace with built-in bookshelves, and hardwood floors.

Family Room Before

This room is open to the dining room and kitchen beyond, so it feels open to other living areas while remaining a separate space.

From Dining Room to Family Room - Before

The room is currently painted a warm white, which will serve us well at least for the time being. There is also a hint of swine paint on the ceiling. Of course there is. :)

It has limited moldings and trim work, so that is an area we can improve!

It has no wired in lighting, but we only really need lamps for light at night and for charm and ambience.

The living room currently has no window coverings, which it really doesn’t need for privacy and is awesome for letting in light. But it gets extra bright for a short period of time on a super sunny day, so adding some window coverings would help control glare as needed. It would also be nice for adding a layer of warmth and softness to the room.

View Into Entry - Before

You can see in the image above how the living room relates to the entry hallway, be sure to see the post I shared about our entry vision last week!

While we have lots of ideas for this room, we are still dreaming up exactly what this room might look like style-wise.

Here’s what we know we want in the room:

  • We want a window seat to snuggle up on to watch the sunsets. We may create a small corner window bench, or one that goes the full length of the window flanked with built in bookcases. See below for window seat inspiration!
  • We want to add lighting, built-ins and millwork to increase character.
  • We want to do some updating around the fireplace, but haven’t nailed down exactly what we want to do yet.
  • For now, we are using several of the same furniture pieces from our old family room, with a few additions and changes. We still intend to use a mix of neutrals and colors and continue with our same style.
  • We want to add a rug to this space for another layer of warmth and coziness.

Pretty Window Seat - Corner Windows

Corner Window - Built In Window Seat
New England Home – corner window seat

Liess Home
Lauren Liess – window seat and built in

Cozy Corner Window Bench by Carpenter and MacNeille
Carpenter & MacNeille – window seat
Cozy Window Seat - New England Home

Small Space Window Seat
House Beautiful – window seat

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design - White Fireplace and Window SeatJessica Helgerson Interior Design – window seat

Built In Cabinetry by Carpenter and MacNeille
Carpenter & MacNeille

We don’t yet have the full vision for the fireplace wall, and we may just work with it. But if we do decide to change it at all or add any trim work or cabinetry, isn’t this the coziest (above)? It’s so charming!

I cannot wait to work on this room! For now, I just really love being in it. The view has been such an unexpected gift, it almost doesn’t matter what the inside looks like when you are so drawn to the view outside! But layer by layer, we’ll enjoy making the inside cozier and more charming!

If you missed the other posts about this house (including our house tour video), check them all out here!

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