Decorating on a Whim

The Inspired Room - Framed Botanical Artwork and Gray Dresser

I've always found I enjoy decorating my home the most when it happens on a whim. I know it's possible to plan things out and buy just the most perfect items for each space, but I just don't tend to work that way as often. I'm a believer in using what … ** Read more **

National Coloring Book Day!

The Inspired Room Coloring Book - Interior Design Coloring Book - Photo by Carter Elizabeth

Carter Elizabeth If you noticed something was amiss with the blog this week, we had a hard drive failure that caused some serious issues. Things you don't want to see after blogging for nine years ... a blank screen where your blog used to be … ** Read more **

What To Put At The Foot Of The Bed {UPDATE!}

Navy blue bedroom - two poufs at the end of the bed

Hey friends! It's me with an UPDATE to this post! Y'all, the blog CRASHED yesterday. Disappeared off the interwebs! If you tried to visit the blog, you may have noticed it was missing so now you know why. Also, this post "What To Put at The Foot of t … ** Read more **

Gather: 12 Affordable Nightstands

Bedroom Design - New England Home Mag

New England Home I find shopping for the right nightstands to be a little challenging. You have to consider the height and scale of your bed, the amount of space you have on either side, your style preferences, your storage requirements and even your … ** Read more **

Creating Our Home Office {Basement Remodel Update}

Office Walls The Inspired Room

Pretty office inspiration from BHG Hello! Awhile back I mentioned that we were doing some construction downstairs so I thought today it would be good to update you with the latest. This post will be full of the before and progress shots, because th … ** Read more **

Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Beautiful bedroom with wallpaper and teal headboard

Bedroom Wallpaper Source: Serena and Lily / Bed Source: Serena and Lily As we continue our Best of the Best series, we are looking at ways to decorate bedrooms. I thought it would be fun to look at something a little bit daring today. Bedroom w … ** Read more **