Considering the Shape of Your Decor {New Mirror for the Living Room}

Mudroom Bench - New England Home

New England Home Well, it was quite a week! I really wanted to post the last two days and life just got away from me. But rest assured, things are moving along with the house and I'm excited to share and keep you in the loop as best I can! So, all … ** Read more **

That Time We Almost Bought An Alpaca Farm


Modern Farmhouse - John Marshall Custom Homes via Hooked on Houses So, there's something I haven't told you. We almost bought an alpaca farm. You might think this is something that happened, like, way, way in the past, but it actually was only about … ** Read more **

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

Turquoise Statement Beaded Light - Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design via House of Turquoise One of my main goals in creating a home we will love is to start by getting the lighting right. Not only because I want to create the right ambience, but because the right light fixtures can help set the … ** Read more **

Easy DIY Art & “Wallpaper” For Your Home

The Inspired Room Map Hallway

I've enjoyed making my own art out of quality paper for years. When you just want something pretty on your walls or when you don't have the "right" art, I've found that heavy duty wrapping paper is perfect for so many applications including … ** Read more **

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

The Inspired Room - Plum Master Bedroom copy

Remember way back months ago when I mentioned we were painting our bedroom? Well, we did. And finally I took a few pics so I could show you the color! Painting a dark color with white trim color is a painstakingly slow process, so it took a bit … ** Read more **

Daily Affirmations for House Project Chaos {Side Yard Update}

Cheery Outdoor Space with String Lights

BHG It's been awhile since I've updated you on the progress of our side yard! And that's because ... there have been setbacks and standstills that just aren't fun to talk about or pretty to look at. Goodness, WHY does everything seem to take so long … ** Read more **