Kitchen Remodel Update: The Trim Piece Saga

Hi friends. I was out of town the past few days with my girls working on a project that I’m excited to update you on soon. But because we all seem to have the kitchen remodel on our minds (judging by how many messages I’ve received this week, hahah!), let’s talk about the kitchen! I truly hoped to return from my trip last night to find it finally completed. I even planned to be taking our reveal photos TODAY. But, alas.

There has been yet another mishap while I was gone that caused ANOTHER delay. Those of you who have experienced a delay in a remodel project especially due to someone else’s mistake will relate. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is. For the rest of you who might wonder what in the world could go wrong, let me give a little behind-the-scenes look into what it really looks like to remodel a house. It’s not always like a TV show, let’s just put it that way.

Let me try to explain the latest fiasco. Right now, our drama centers around the final important piece in the project: the round window above our sink. It’s supposed to be one of the focal points of our kitchen, so we’ve waited quite some time to see it completed!

The couple photos you see in this post were taken throughout the last couple weeks. Hopefully this will give you a little preview of where we’re at and give us all hope that the end is near. I can’t wait to show you the entire kitchen once this one piece is complete.

One of the things that is difficult as a blogger is trying to juggle the real life timelines and to graciously relay mishaps that happen in a project due to someone else’s negligence. I do try my very best to keep you all up to date with the progress and to stay on track with a reveal, but that is easier said than done. In real life some projects and mistakes just aren’t able to be corrected, completed or explained away as fast as celebrities can in a 60 minute TV segment.

Potential delays are something to keep in mind and even plan for if you are embarking on a remodel. If you’re lucky, your project might stay on schedule or even get ahead of schedule, but IF something, anything, goes amiss at any point (i.e. a schedule gets delayed, something is broken, someone gets sick, has a stroke, or breaks an arm, a piece doesn’t fit, something unexpected happens or was incorrectly ordered, etc), the whole project can get WAY off schedule (and budget) quickly. In case you are wondering, every single one of those things I listed and more has happened throughout my kitchen remodel. :) And thank goodness, the contractors are FINE now! Projects are never as important as people.

In our last project, it turns out that creating and installing round trim work is not the norm for the subcontractor who was hired for this project and it required a bit more skill to execute that he had. Round shapes have to be, well, perfectly round. The difficulty began to be apparent as failed attempts delayed our project week after week until we are now at least a month behind schedule. Finally, we are going to another contractor to complete the work.

Since the top progress shot was taken several weeks ago, they’ve completed more caulking, installed outlet covers, and finished trim work and paint touch ups around the kitchen so we are actually even better shape than the photo shows. Those final details are so important!

The good news (?) is that missing round trim piece is the last element we needed to install so it didn’t delay other projects as can happen in some cases. But still. It is frustrating. That one round piece of trim is the reason why I can’t do the reveal quite yet! I really cannot wait to answer all of your questions and show you every single detail in the room.

So just know that I’m not holding out on you and we aren’t up to something sneaky here. It’s just reality. Not reality TV even, it’s just the real life drama of a project.

Thanks again for hanging in there with your excitement to see the finished project. I guess we’ll just have an even bigger celebration when we can finally call it done!

See our design board post here for a list of some of the sources you see in these photos (or scroll through above to shop!). We will have a comprehensive list of sources ASAP :)

Keep The Romance Fresh

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My husband and I have been married a long time. Decades :). He has always loved bringing me flowers. Gift giving is one of his love languages. But I remember one particular season early in our married life where we simply didn’t have money for what I thought were more frivolous extras, so I told him that he didn’t need to bring me flowers. I know. New brides aren’t supposed to say that kind of thing, right?

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal at the time, I just thought we could just give more practical gifts that would last longer. Or I suggested maybe give a plant for the yard instead. He’s always appreciated that I have never been a needy or demanding wife, but honestly, I think he felt a little deflated that I said I didn’t need flowers. But my thinking was that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the budget, and I was willing to sacrifice receiving bouquets.

Well, in hindsight, I now realize there is something about a bouquet that actually lasts much longer than any other material or practical gift. Romance. Yes, just as I thought you can have romance without flowers or gifts. We are still happily married even though he didn’t buy me flowers very often during that season. But sending flowers can show someone that they are loved enough to be given something they didn’t need but deserve because they are so treasured. That’s a feeling that lasts forever. And I think a bouquet can show the heart and deep love of the person who gave them to you, and the memory of those flowers is truly a gift to treasure.

Eventually the flower buying ban was lifted and my husband returned to giving me bouquets again. I absolutely love receiving flowers because I treasure what they mean to both of us. Honestly, I actually even give flowers TO MYSELF quite often, too. I find them to be inexpensive therapy, so now we always keep them in the budget.

Having a bouquet on the entry table helps keeps the romance fresh and alive. They inspire me with the reminder of how much I love being home with my people. Flowers on the table in the dining room even motivate me to keep the table free of clutter! Woo hoo! Clutter is never romantic, so flowers on the table is almost like having a housekeeper.

The Bouqs Company is an artisan florist that makes sending a fresh, beautiful and handmade bouquet easy. The Bouqs Company was founded with the intention of bringing romance and delight back to what was once a noble exchange: the giving and receiving of flowers.

The Bouqs Company flowers are cut from the farm day you order them and shipped the next day. They have super fast, on demand, same day delivery in some locations. They offer flat, affordable pricing, with no upsells or hidden costs. I love that they are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices. Flowers are long lasting, typically lasting 2 weeks or more, so the recipient will get to enjoy the gift of a bouquet for a long time!

So, who could you send a bouquet to, even this week? Yes, flowers should be given all year round. But if you start or revive a tradition of giving flowers right now, you’ll get 20% OFF your Valentine’s bouquet from the following link with the code INSPIRED from The Bouqs Co. Happiness guaranteed.

Imagine how much joy or romance a beautiful bouquet of flowers could bring to someone you love?

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