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Kitchen with subway tile - bhg

BHG - Kitchen In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, I was thinking back to where I got my love of beautiful houses. Definitely it must have come from my mom! She created lovely places for our family to grow up, through decorating, special tables … ** Read more **

Sesame and Lilies in Cannon Beach {Out to See}

Sesame and Lilies Home Store in Cannon Beach Oregon

My family has a beach house near Cannon Beach. It is our favorite little beach town near us, so we have spend a lot of time there over the years. Not only is Cannon Beach a lovely place to get away from it all (I will do a Cannon Beach post soon, … ** Read more **

{Little Rewards That Don’t Involve Chocolate} A Hanging Faceted Terrarium

Faceted Hanging Succulent Terrarium

Do you ever have one of those not so pretty days? When not only is it raining like crazy outside but most of the day is spent washing dirty socks, cleaning someone else's spit off of faucets, picking up dog doo doo from the kitchen floor? I do. I … ** Read more **

Creating Visual Flow in Decorating Your Home {Part 2}

DIY Map Wallpaper

Does your house have a sense of 'visual flow'? We've talked before about creating visual flow with paint colors, but there is more to consider when you want to create a room that not only looks beautiful but feels cohesive as a whole. If you want … ** Read more **

The Not So Big House {Organization in the Family Room}

Restoration Hardware Cabinet and Gallery Wall

My goals this year are to make every room in our house work better for us. I have always loved the idea of "the not so big house" (based on the books by Sarah Susanka) which is about not building a bigger McMansion style home for more space, … ** Read more **

Cards for Mother’s Day {Gather}

Cute Cards for Mother's Day

1. I Love You Mom 2. Whale Mother's Day Card 3. Home is Where Your Mom Is 4. Mother's Favorite 5. In the Garden 6. Mom Jeans 7. Grandma I Love You 8. Thanks For Listening 9. Embroidery Card 10. Mother I Love You 11. Blooming Mother's Day 12. Potting … ** Read more **