{Inspired By} Outdoor Daybeds

Hanging Outdoor Daybed - BHG

BHG I've been in an outdoor daybed sort of mood lately. Not sure what that means, exactly, but I guess it at least means I must be in the mood to get comfy and take a nap outside? Actually, that really sounds good to me. Today I am sharing just a … ** Read more **

Finding More Hours In The Day {Meal Planning}

The Inspired Room - Blue Apron Recipes

This post was prepared in partnership with Blue Apron The past few weeks have been a little crazy around our house! Between being book writing and book launching seasons, all the house projects I have going on and church stuff we are involved with, … ** Read more **

Painted Stone Fireplace Makeover

The Inspired Room - Chalk Painted Stone Fireplace

Painted stone fireplace makeover  You all know I love a "better than it was" project! And I think my painted stone fireplace makeover certainly qualifies! As you also know, I've been staring at my fireplace for eight months, wondering how to fix it. … ** Read more **

Home Decor Coloring Book – The Inspired Room

New Coloring Book for the Home - Interior Design - The Inspired Room Coloring Book

I love being creative. I always have. When I was a kid, I loved going to paper stores to look at all the notepads, pretty pens, coloring books and stickers. While other kids played with toys, I wallpapered cardboard boxes for my dolls to live in. I … ** Read more **

Considering the Shape of Your Decor {New Mirror for the Living Room}

Mudroom Bench - New England Home

New England Home Well, it was quite a week! I really wanted to post the last two days and life just got away from me. But rest assured, things are moving along with the house and I'm excited to share and keep you in the loop as best I can! So, all … ** Read more **

That Time We Almost Bought An Alpaca Farm


Modern Farmhouse - John Marshall Custom Homes via Hooked on Houses So, there's something I haven't told you. We almost bought an alpaca farm. You might think this is something that happened, like, way, way in the past, but it actually was only about … ** Read more **