Where Do You Store Your Dishes?

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Do you love to collect dishes? You might have seen in my “Life Lately on Instagram” post that I bought some new blue and white dishes. I’ve always collected mostly white, with the exception of some colorful mugs and salad or dessert sized plates. It is fun to have a new set to play with!

If you have a huge kitchen, you probably can fit everything in your cabinets. But if you have a little kitchen like me, you’ll probably need some overflow cabinets somewhere.  Yes, you could just pare down and have only enough for your everyday needs. But what fun is that? Of course, it’s not fun to have too much stuff you don’t use, either. It’s best to only keep what you really love and use.

But if you do enjoy setting a table, where do you put all your favorite surplus dishes, serving bowls, and pitchers? Even in a small house you can probably get creative and find a way to tuck them in somewhere!

Today’s post has inspiration for closed cabinets, freestanding buffets, built-ins and pantries, shelving, and charming china cabinets. Enjoy!

Kate Marker Interiors

original source unknown

Crisp Architects

Lorin Hill Architect


Yvonne McFadden

Apartment Therapy

The Inspired Room (my dining room / Hampton Casement from RH / Lamps)


Dwellings Design Group

The Inspired Room (my rattan shelf in the dining room)

Boston Magazine / Photo by Bob O’Connor

Susan Serra Associates

Hemnes 3 Drawer Cabinet from Ikea

 Alyssa Rosenheck + Jennifer Robin Interiors

Elle Decor

Where do you keep extra dishes?

Be sure to read Make Room for What You Love for motivational ideas for simplifying, organizing, and making room for what matters to you!

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Mountain Home Makeover

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Hello! I don’t have a mountain home. I really wish I did, but one of my best friends has one! Not too long ago, my friend Sandy and her family moved to this popular mountain resort area in Oregon. They did an awesome job with a fairly quick and affordable makeover on their home (including the fireplace and kitchen, too!).

The house had such charming architecture to begin with, but it’s amazing what some paint, DIY and elbow grease can accomplish. I love how they lightened up the mood of the house, but were able to retain the warmth through the wood ceiling, trim and flooring.

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Their home has so much character, perfectly fitting for their location in the snowy mountains and forest (well, it’s been snowy there because it’s winter, it’s not always snowy!).

I thought you’d all enjoy seeing their warm and welcoming home. Be sure to scroll down to be inspired by the before and afters at the end! It’s quite a dramatic improvement.

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer
Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer
Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant EntertainerMountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

You might already know my friend Sandy from her blog Reluctant Entertainer. My husband and I were able to visit her previous home and it was one of the warmest and most welcoming houses we’ve ever been in (check out her fabulous backyard here!).

Mountain Home Makeover - Reluctant Entertainer

She and her husband Paul are so gracious as hosts and their home exudes such a welcoming hospitality. Even when they were in the messy process of moving in and remodeling their own home, they still invited people to their table! That’s hard to do, but she is the real deal. I cannot wait to visit her in her new home.

You can find all the sources from their mountain home makeover, including more photos of their house, the fireplace makeover, kitchen remodel and DIY projects here.

Doesn’t this just feel like a place you’d want to go spend a week nestled in by the fire? 

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