Reinventing Christmas (and a giveaway!)

Reinventing Christmas (and a giveaway!)

Since my family is undergoing so many changes involved with moving this month, we are rethinking how we “do” Christmas. We’ve had to let relatives know things won’t be the same this year and we are thinking of ways to make Christmas special for our kids in new ways.

I’ve never been one who felt I had to hold to certain traditions that weren’t working for my family. So it isn’t too much of a leap for me to reinvent Christmas.

My son really enjoys shopping and buying new things. I am not sure why he has this trait…the minute he gets bored his first thought is ‘we should go to Target’ (ok, maybe he got that from me)! Usually I can get him interested in a toy he already has (with enough persuasion) but in his mind, the immediate cure for boredom seems to be shopping for something new. Oh, where have I gone wrong? Holy cow, he is only 8! Clearly, I have some work to do on refocusing his little mind. Especially at Christmas when the temptation to WANT is everywhere!

I am trying to teach him to enjoy the simple joys of the season, like spending time together creating things, listening to Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate.

Last week, I decided that my son and I should make a paper garland together. Of course he would much rather play a video game or shop, but the process of reinventing what makes us happy doesn’t always come easy! So while he protested and complained about the idea (remember, he is an Eeyore), we sat down and got to work.

We traced festive shapes on to scrapbook paper and old holiday cards using our cookie cutters. Once we got into the tracing and cutting, his disposition changed and we started having fun together. We punched a tiny hole and strung our shapes on string and hung it proudly from our cabinet! Now every time we see our garland we smile and remember how much fun we had making it. It represents finding joy and making memories in the simple things that money cannot buy.


I have another giveaway for you today! Hooray! ‘Tis the season! This one is from another of our own great Moms Unite members, Amy Locurto! Here is what she is offering, it would make a great gift too!

Reinventing Christmas (and a giveaway!)Reinventing Christmas (and a giveaway!)Reinventing Christmas (and a giveaway!)
Personalized Wall Art by Amy @ Living Locurto

This giveaway is for an 8″x10″ personalized frame with matching ribbon. Photo size is 4″x 6″. I will create original art with any design and colors you want! Send me a photo of you or your child’s room and I can design something from scratch to match the decor. Frame can be any color. (frame design my vary from samples) I will also touch up your photo to make it look extra gorgeous! Total custom order worth $85!! This doesn’t have to be for children. Would be great for anyone!

If you’d like to see more samples, visit Amy & Living Locurto! To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post at The Inspired Room!


(so sorry for the delay on announcing these winners–I had a series of mishaps trying to get these posted!)

Genevieve of The Jewel Box Home received so many wonderful small house stories she said she couldn’t limit the winners to five. She generously is giving away an apron to SEVEN lucky winners! WOW! I will share your name and part of your email address, so if this is YOU, could you email Genevieve with your mailing addresses?

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See you tomorrow for our Holiday Mr. Linky, where you can share your holiday posts for the week! And be sure to visit the Blissfully Domestic Home & Garden Channel to enter the giveaways, including a new one posted today!

Easy Plate Monogram Project
(and a giveaway)

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

This week I wanted to show you a couple of simple projects my kids and I have made together recently. I’ll show you one today and the other one next time. My daughter and I found some cute thick black and white cardboard letters covered in cloth at Michaels Craft. We wanted to make a wall decoration for her room using some small white dessert plates and the letters were the perfect solution. Oh yeah, this is EASY!!

These letters are self-adhesive, but you could also use removable tape or vinyl letters if you wanted a more temporary solution (if you wanted to eat off those plates later on or wanted to use some other word later). I don’t have the wall hangers yet, but I took a photo of them on our chair so you could see them! We used the word JOY for the holidays, but you could use this simple idea year round. It isn’t original or ingenious, I know, but it is simple and cute and that is all that matters to me!


Two giveaways on my blog and two on Blissfully Domestic this week! Watch for them!

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

Today’s giveaway is from a lovely blog friend and Etsy shop owner, Shelbi of Shop Marigold (and Keeper of the Chocolates blog). I just adore her to pieces and it would make me so happy if you would enter her giveaway and become her friend too! She makes the most beautiful jewelry and she is offering a GORGEOUS one of a kind pendant for a giveaway! You can head on over to her site Keeper of The Chocolates to enter and find the link to her beautiful jewelry shop! Tell her I sent you over!

Stay tuned for the winners of the Small House Story giveaway from The Jewel Box Home! The winners have been chosen and will be announced tomorrow (so sorry for the delay, it was my fault).

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

I am overdue for announcing a new BLOG OF THE WEEK! I have so many wonderful and supportive blogging friends…some from way back and some equally as wonderful but new to me. Vee, from A Haven for Vee, is one from way back! She is a delightful lady and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to support me in all my endeavors from the earlier days of my blog. So, this week, A Haven for Vee is my blog of the week! Do stop by to get to know her, you’ll be glad you did!

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)