I reveal to you today …

I got myself some monkey fabric! I almost wasn’t going to share this little happy moment in my day yesterday, because I generally have a policy of not asking friends what they think of my new things. I show, but more in a matter of fact way, like:

Hey, friend, oh, yes, I bought some new fabric, [head turns away from fabric to indicate change of subject] would you like some coffee?” sort of way.

That way if they like it, great! If not, they aren’t left standing there with their eyes bulging and jaw slowly falling to the floor. The topic is over — I like my monkey fabric and of course, I really do hope you like it too. But if you don’t, that is because you don’t understand my style or how it will work with my stuff. Or you might say you like it, but inside you are making a mental note-to-self: do not hire this woman to decorate for me. And that is O.K. That is how I handle these things. And, I am sticking to it. I think we should all feel safe in our own decorating styles and not let others steal our joy.

However, with that said, I also believe in being authentic. Authenticity requires a certain amount of self-disclosure. And because I have had so many visitors lately, I want to welcome you into my home as friends. Hello! Welcome! I am so glad you are here! And as my new friends, I reveal to you today, my monkey fabric. Now, would you like some cream with your coffee?

Monkey Fabric

OK, now stop laughing! I happen to think it is very cute. And I don’t mean cute in just a kid’s bedroom sort of way, although it would look absolutely adorable in a child’s room. I like it in that sort of whimsical way. I have a fairly formal old world English Tudor style house in its inside architecture, but I love to mix things up in a British Colonial way with things from all over the world. We have English cottage stuff and more formal antiques, French things, treasures from islands, things from Thailand and neat stuff from all sorts of interesting places. And with all of that I like a little whimsy and unexpected fun to keep it youthful and light-hearted.

I am thinking of using this fabric in a bathroom. Just for fun, like I said. It isn’t chic, but it is fun.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I am getting ready to head out for a fun day with my girls. We are going to the Street of Dreams. If you are not from Portland and do not know what this is, you can guess by its name. It is a place you go to feel a bit depressed when you come home. We are really looking forward to it! I usually only like one or two of the houses, but it is fun to just hang out with the girls and ooo and ahhh over all the outdoor kitchens and spas.

Have a great day!

Lazy Sunday afternoons in a cozy spot

Sunday afternoons, when the rain is drizzling outside like it is today, I love a cozy place to sit and do NOTHING. It is a rare treat when I can do that, but I love having little cozy spots in my big house. Places to just BE.

Cozy Spot in Kitchen

I am really a small house lover, in my heart, so I feel safest and happiest with places that nestle me in rather than swallowing me up in a huge room. I think that is why I find myself here. This is a little spot in our kitchen, right by the cookbooks. And if I was inspired to whip up a little something tasty, it is only a short reach to the recipes.

Happy Sunday afternoon!

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