Whimsical & Tasteful Children’s Rooms

Whimsical & Tasteful Children's Rooms

You know, I never visit HGTV.com. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it is because I have an aversion to “rate my space” (stay tuned, my little rant is coming up in the next post). But, HOLY COW, today, I have to say, I am hooked. It is better than watching the design shows.

I got sidetracked from my rant by their “kids room feature” this week. Wow, they have some cute rooms! And lots of great information on all sorts of topics. I could spend all day looking around there! Who needs a design blog when you have HGTV? I am asking myself the same question.

Whimsical & Tasteful Children's Rooms

Those of you who have been with me awhile here know my lack of affection, let’s say, for tacky theme rooms, including rooms designed for children. Read more on my feelings here and here. As I always say, though, it is your home and your child and I would never judge your decision to design a room as you must.

Having a strong-willed boy, I’ll admit I would be the first to cave in to a giant Spiderman blowup chair if he insisted. Really! I might! Fortunately my son must really understand me and my obsession with beautiful rooms because he has not begged me for anything of the sort. Smart boy.

Whimsical & Tasteful Children's Rooms

In a perfect world and with a compliant child, my preference is to go with themes that are more timeless or classic, with lots of fun and whimsy thrown in to make it a magical place for their imaginations. If you can capture the vivid imagination of a child in a room that has some enduring taste and style, you have a winning combination. IMHO.

So with this post, I am featuring photos I am adding to my LOVE THAT for kids rooms file. I am so glad HGTV is featuring these, as I had seen some of them on the show and WISHED I had pictures to share with clients and friends! Enjoy! And if you want to see more, LOTS MORE, check out HGTV.com, my new hangout!

Whimsical & Tasteful Children's Rooms

Credits: All rooms are featured on HGTV.com, several of these rooms are Candace Olsen’s design. The rest I am not sure. The bottom one is designed by someone with the last name of Saul, but I couldn’t find the picture when I went back to look. There is SO much to see I kept losing my way. I apologize, if I find the rooms again I will credit all designers for these fab rooms!

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Beyond Black Leather Recliners

Beyond Black Leather Recliners

“Men and women must contribute synergistically to the process of creating a beautiful life at home. This is something that should be thought through carefully if we are going to feel true satisfaction and pleasure of creating and living in a home together.” Alexandra Stoddard

I often hear from clients and friends that their husbands have poor taste, no interest in decorating, or leave the entire process of decorating up to the wife. If you live in a home with a man, I hope that you consider his tastes, even if you think he has questionable taste! I know that can be scary if you live with a man who is all about black leather furniture, but hang with me here! Homes will simply not be authentically beautiful, in my opinion, if a husband and wife live there and the husband’s tastes are not taken in to consideration.

Find subtle ways to include him in the process if he appears disinterested! Consider his hobbies, what colors he seems drawn to, where he likes to nap, his size, his interests in and out of the home.

You’ll find out more about his taste as you include him in small ways. If you see a beautiful painting, you can comment on it and ask him how he feels about it. Does he like the frame? What about the texture or intensity of color? Show him pictures of rooms in a magazine and ask him what he likes about them, or dislikes. Over time, you will begin to discover styles and colors you can both agree on, or ways you can incorporate things he is drawn to with things you like.

I know many men appear disinterested, or you are afraid of the results of including him. I completely understand! You’d prefer to just do it yourself because you trust yourself to come up with something you will love! But trust me, if you want a home that has depth, meaning, authenticity and is truly a home, it is the combination of your taste and his that make it a beautiful place to be for both of you.

It may not be 100% YOU, but living as a couple is not about being 100% YOU. It is blending your taste with his taste and coming up with something more beautifully layered and complex than you alone. And it doesn’t have to include black leather recliners any more than it has to include all frilly pink things in every nook and cranny. Find ways to compromise and include the best of both of your taste!

This is important: you want to compromise on matters of opinion and personal taste, not on matters of good taste or good design. If something is tasteful, just not exactly YOUR favorite, you can compromise and it will work in the grand scheme of things. And honestly, I think the house will actually look better for it. More real, more layers, more interest, less perfectly staged. That is just my opinion.

I know some of you may throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I am just putting it out there. What you do with it is up to you!

Photo: Pieter Estersohn, designer John Bottitt, from Cottage Living online
Beyond Black Leather Recliners