FAQ: Where Did You Get That?

Today I wanted to fit in a quick update to answer some of the most FAQ on items I have in my house. I can’t get to all of them in one post, but I’ll at least answer some of them :).

One of my most frequently asked about pieces of furniture is our leather sofa. We bought this sofa about two and a half years ago, when we lived in our old house. We chose leather (ours is the Brooklyn Leather) because I not only love the sofa’s toffee/caramel color, but my white slipcovered sofa was starting to drive me crazy.

Once we had two pups running straight to the sofa from outside all day long, the upkeep and care of a white slipcover was just more than I wanted to deal with. I’m still a fan of slipcovers because they really are relatively easy to keep clean (you can read my post about the slipcovered sofa saga here), but at that time I was just over it. We needed a new sofa anyway so it was a good excuse to try leather!

I have no regrets in purchasing the leather sofa. I absolutely love it. It’s 100% carefree. Yes, Jack sometimes loses his mind and tries to dig his way through the sofa. Why? I don’t know. But guess what? As hard as he’s tried, he’s never punctured the leather. Even though he is able to scratch the surface, I am in love with how the sofa has aged. It’s beautiful. It is softer, more comfortable and has more character as time goes on.

I give it a thumbs up!

This little stand generates a lot of questions whenever I post it on social media or the blog. I’ve had it for quite awhile, but it’s still one of my favorite things! It’s super sturdy and versatile, so it comes in handy all the time around our kitchen and dining room. It would be cute in any room of the house, don’t you think? (PS. for those who have asked, the little house on the stand can be found here!).

The mug rack I got years ago turned out to be one of the most asked about items I’ve ever posted. Also, this is my beloved brand of espresso machine. It was pretty spendy (it was actually my parents, I didn’t buy it myself) but it made such good coffee and lasted forever (like ten years?).

Coppery French Press

I no longer have an espresso machine (sadness, at least for now) but I’m super happy with my copper French press. It’s another of my frequently asked about items!

And if you’re wondering about one of my mugs, most are collected locally or from Anthropologie. We also love our Rae Dunn Mugs (like the “Sip” mug in the above picture). You can get the big 24-hook mug rack here.

I love to decorate with art that is meaningful to our family. I got this It Is Well sign before Christmas last year. It’s quickly become one of my most frequently asked about items. You can find other meaningful art here.

This cabinet is still one of my most favorite purchases ever. I got it on sale at Restoration Hardware (in the antiqued taupe color), it was actually one of their more affordable cabinets at the time. It’s really great quality and has held up perfectly for years.

I got the blue & white lamps years ago, too. I have two sets (two different colors, navy and light blue). They survived our move and boys and dogs, so I still give them a thumbs up!

This essential oil glass diffuser (the Aria) always generates ooh’s and ahh’s and rightfully so. It’s not only a gorgeous piece, but it plays music, too. I keep it my living room and use it all the time. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and it’s still going strong! I definitely recommend it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve showed our wood iPad stand on the blog (always a FAQ, you can find one similar here) but it will be reappearing again in our new kitchen! :)

Who knew giant tassel blankets would become such a thing? I’m glad I bought one a few years ago. It is the perfect statement throw for a bed and I’ve used it a lot. Mine is actually sold out, but you can find similar ones here and more in this round-up post. More details on the above room can be found here.

I got two of these now popular dip-dyed stools a few years back and I am still so happy with them! We use them mostly next to a chair or sofa for an end table or even just as an accent piece. They do come in handy.

Before Christmas, I decided I wanted a bigger rug for our living room. I found this cable knit wool rug on sale and it’s exceeded my expectations. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be as practical for our pups, but it’s been totally great. It shed a bit at first, but it seems to have finally stopped. It’s a super soft, plush neutral gray almost braided style rug. I’ve seen similar ones at Restoration Hardware for tons more, so I feel like this one was a good deal for the quality! It definitely made our room feel more cozy and inviting.

I still love my blue and white rug and continue to get lots of questions about it. It is really a great statement rug, very durable (an indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for families and dogs) and such a deal, too. See our post with a round-up of more patterned statement rugs here.

Here are a few other FAQ posts:

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Hope you have a great day!

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls - The Inspired Room

Have you ever wondered about what to hang and where when decorating your walls? Since I’ve had a couple of reader questions about decorating walls recently, I thought this topic would make a good discussion for a post.

Reader question:

Hi! I love your blog and your design style! I have a question about how you decide to decorate the walls in your home. How do you decide which walls need something and which ones to leave blank? Your rooms seem to have the perfect balance. Is there a trick?

Thanks! – Tricia


How much art will feel overwhelming, or what to hang where, or how much white space to leave on the walls is all a matter personal preference, of course. Some people feel more at peace with next to nothing on a wall or in a room, and some feel unsettled with too little in a room. Every home has unique needs, too! It isn’t possible to define what will feel right for everyone, but it’s fun to assess what you like so you can begin to feel confident in your own style.

With that said, here are some of my own general guidelines for decorating walls and balancing art around a room. Adjust what works best for your home and style!

1. Vary the numbers of number of items on each wall (so you don’t have the same number of art pieces on each wall). For example, if I did one wall with a grid of six medium-sized frames or even a gallery wall with many pieces of random art, on a nearby wall I would limit the art to only one or two pieces.

2. Use a variety of types and shapes of objects on the walls around the room for more interest. In my living/dining room you’ll see some framed art, mirrors, some round baskets, a soft canvas, an oval clock, a framed oil painting and collected oars.

3. Pay attention to scale. Bigger art pieces or groups of art will make a greater impact than a single small framed piece you can hardly see across the room.

4. Avoid using multiple art pieces within one room that feature large letters or quotes. Personally, I try to limit the number of “quotes” or words on a wall in a room to just one art piece. That way the piece can stand out as special and the room doesn’t feel like it is shouting words at me from every angle! Similarly, too many words or quotes on art in one gallery wall can also feel chaotic.

5. Strive for a cohesive feel to the colors, moods, textures, scale and wood tones of all objects on the walls around the room. If anything feels like it’s clashing or overwhelming something else, consider what you could tweak to create a more unified look.

6. You can use more than one mirror within a room, but vary the sizes. One large mirror in a room is enough to be a statement piece (unless you are intentionally using a pair of matching mirrors over twin beds or a sofa or something). Additional mirrors on other walls in a room should be smaller in size, grouped together as a collection or gallery wall, or different shapes.

7. Hang everything so the mid-point of each wall vignette within view is at a similar height (usually for me that mid-point is a bit lower than my own eye level, and I’m only 5’2). Keeping the mid-points consistent helps the art feel balanced around the room. A little poster putty can help keep frames straight!

8. Allow enough blank wall space for your eye to rest in between vignettes. Elements in the room such as the wall color, the style of the home, the amount of furniture, the colors and patterns in a room and within view, the doorways, the windows, and the ceiling height can all impact how much art and how much white space will feel right.

9. Ideally hang art so it feels pleasing to the eye from every angle you can see it. But don’t over analyze and stress out about perfection. Sometimes art on one wall will just look best from a certain angle and is less perfect from another. A little imperfection can make a room feel more relaxed and homey.

10. When your art is hung around the room, step back to scan the space as a whole to see if all the things you have on walls within view contribute to the feeling you want in the space. If it feels too chaotic overall (for your taste), try simplifying a few things. As the seasons change or things get moved around, assess it all again to try to keep your room feeling balanced and comfortable.

Tip: Take a Photo!

Many people focus mostly on setting up their individual vignettes, meaning they decorate one wall and then go to another wall and do another vignette. The stuff on one wall might feel interesting on its own (or make an eye-catching Instagram shot!), but if you repeat that same amount of stuff on every wall around a room it can feel like too much when you pull back to look at the room as a whole.

Here’s a trick that can help: Step back as far as you can and take a photo of the entire room. A photo can help you “see” your room in a new way and better assess how it is coming together as a whole. A photo can even give you some new insight into what you need to do to improve it.

If you like the balance of your space in the photo, you are probably on the right track!

10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Your Walls - The Inspired Room Book

You’ll find many more decorating principles, helpful tips, and simple how to’s in my full-color photo decorating book, The Inspired Room (only $15.50 on Amazon)!

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10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Your Walls - The Inspired Room


See more reader questions I’ve answered on The Inspired Room HERE.

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