Cute 5 Minute DIY Memo Board {ditto DIY}

front porch

It's time to show off the July {ditto} DIY challenge! Happy Monday! It's time for ditto DIY! Once a month, ten very different bloggers are hosting this challenge to recreate in our own homes a project or design element inspired by a haute couture … ** Read more **

How to Make a Lamp {DIY Bottle Lamp}

how to make a lamp

How to Make a Lamp All the instructions for how to make a lamp are simplified at the end of this post if you want to skip to it, but I'll go through step by step first with more details. So, like I mentioned yesterday, I made a lamp. Never thought … ** Read more **

My DIY Map Wallpaper {Small Hallway}

easy map wallpaper

Map Wallpaper For Walls: The DIY way! So remember that one map wall? The wall you sometimes see in pictures of my house or kitchen, but I never really posted about? The post a few of you keep searching for on my blog and can't find? Yeah. THAT one. … ** Read more **

Decorating DIY {Ditto DIY Tray Project!}

how to decorate diy

DIY Decorating Projects on a Budget! Welcome to our first {ditto} DIY challenge! Are you ready for a a series of fun and doable DIY decorating projects? Once a month, beginning today, nine very different bloggers are attempting to recreate in our … ** Read more **

Introducing Ditto DIY {Inspired Design for the Rest of Us}


Happy Monday to you! I have a very new fun monthly DIY series to introduce to you today I think you are really going to enjoy! I know I am super excited about this!! I just got back from the SNAP conference where I spoke on a panel with my BFF's … ** Read more **

DIY Kitchen Island {from new unfinished furniture to antique!}

island collage

Many of you might remember back when I talked about my unfinished kitchen island and my uncertainty about how I was going to finish it (or if I was actually even going to keep it). Well, as you probably saw in the recent kitchen reveal, I finally … ** Read more **