Preparing for Guests: 10 Tips

10 Tips To Prepare For House Guests

Tips for Hosting Guests I love to create an environment that makes guests feel welcome, comfortable and helps them to enjoy the experience of being in our home. And by cleaning up, fluffing and nesting in preparation for guests, I love living in my … ** Read more **

Yummy Hostess Gifts & Interview at TidyMom


Perfect Hostess and Teacher Gift Ideas! I saw this sweet little hostess or teacher's gift over at TidyMom's and thought it was as adorable as it would be DELICIOUS. I can tell by the name, cinnamon honey butter HAS to be fabulous! I am thinking it … ** Read more **

My Secret House Cleaning Ritual REVEALED.


You already know about the four daily routines I use to keep my house Clean Enough, but I have a secret little ritual that takes house cleaning from something I would rather avoid to something almost pleasurable. Want to know what it is? My secret … ** Read more **

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 22}:
The Heart of the Home

Autumn is that wonderful season where we can fill our pantries for the winter, bake yummy things for our family without guilt, and spend cozy evenings together around the table. Family traditions involving the kitchen are probably some of the most … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization::
Step One, Assess the Needs

Dining room - Office from Martha Stewart Every August here on The Inspired Room, I've shared my very basic and simple housekeeping routines. Housekeeping and routines are always some of my most popular topics this time of year! Guess we all struggle … ** Read more **

Reluctant Entertainer & Hip Hostess Winners!

If only I could look that cute in an apron! That model is adorable! But cute figure or not, that apron is AMAZING! I'd hang it in my kitchen just to look cute all on its own! Thanks so much for entering the Reluctant Entertainer and Hip … ** Read more **