Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

It’s been raining, gray and chilly here the past few days. I even TURNED ON OUR HEAT yesterday. You know what that must mean. Yes, fall is finally here. And it means I’m thinking about all the comforting meals I haven’t had in awhile! ;)

My girls and I are planning to start “family meal-prep days” soon where we’ll all meet up at my house each week to make a big batch of soup or other delicious things.

Have you ever done a big group cooking day like that?

We thought it would be a fun family activity, plus we would all get to go home with our pot of soup or even just our prepared healthy ingredients for that week. YAY! Fun, time-saving and healthy.

I’ve been flipping through our cookbooks for inspiration and found a few others that look so good (some might be “healthier” than others, but still, they all look amazing for fall comfort):

Bowls of Goodness

Natural: Wholesome Recipes for Pure Nourishment

Scandinavian Comfort Food

Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match

Purely Pumpkin

Kale and Caramel (just ordered this one!)

Love Your Lunches

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)


Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Speaking of fall, my girls and I are excited to offer a fun free wellness class on our Pure & Lovely website this Thursday night at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET (it will remain available all weekend to view at your leisure). We will be sharing some of our secrets for a happy life with essential oils.

Essential oils definitely improved our family’s life in many awesome ways.

And not in that “hype” sort of way. Cause I’m totally not the hype type. :)

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Our class is called A Happy Life with Essential Oils (how these little drops can change everything!).

We want you all to have your happiest, healthiest fall ever, so we hope you’ll come to the class and enjoy!

Put the class in your calendar–it begins this Thursday September 21 at 6:30PM PT / 9:30 PM ET.

If you’re on Facebook, please hit GOING on this event invite even if you aren’t sure if you can attend on Thursday. When you RSVP as GOING, you will have all weekend to view the class details and you’ll be able to enter some fun giveaways.

Not on Facebook?

Here’s where you’ll find the class info. A link to attend the class will be posted on that page as soon as the class is live Thursday night, so put the date and time in your calendar so you can check back!

Happy Fall Nesting!

What are some of your favorite fall comfort meals and cookbooks?

Share some of your favorites in the comments!

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy Entry

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryBHG

Fall is just days away! HOORAY! It’s the time of year when COZINESS is on the mind. At least it’s on my mind. Even if coziness is not yet on yours, you can just file today’s ideas away for the first rainy fall day (which we totally had yesterday here in Seattle!).

Here are some fun and unexpected ways to create a cozy entry just in time for fall!

1. Create a Cozier Space With Curtains.

Entries tend to feel a little chilly in the fall and winter. Treat the space like you would any other room in the house. The unexpected floor length curtains in this entry coupled with the wallpaper, rug and furnishings make this space as warm and welcoming as can be! I’ve seen curtains around a door, too. In the right kind of house, door curtains can be adorable, warm and cozy looking.

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryNew England Home

2. Elevate function with character.

A cozy home will feel lived in, but we don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Set a welcoming tone of warmth and comfort with a relaxed but pretty mudroom vibe. Closed storage and baskets hide unsightly elements. A bench, hooks and shelving infuse the space with the warmth of function and character.

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryNew England Home

3. Plush pieces make everything cozier.

It’s not often you see an ottoman in an entry, but why not? If you have the space, bring in your coziest furnishings. A plush upholstered piece tells friends and family this home is a comfortable place. Soft furnishings soften hard surfaces and sounds, too, making the whole space feel cozier.

(PS…my tufted teal ottoman is on a pretty awesome sale right now!)

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryNew England Home

4. Create a cozy seasonal focal point.

Every entry (big, small or one that is simply a part of another room!) should have a seasonal focal point. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a spot filled with traditional seasonal decor. Even a gentle nod with a subtle mood or textural changes or the combination of elements used can be so cozy and inviting.

Shop your house for items you could use. Perhaps you’ll find a shelf, a stool, or a piece of furniture in another space. Now shop the house some more. What other elements and textures could you add in to make the coziest statement?

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryAtlanta Homes

5. Bring in something eye-catching.

Add an eye-catching or unexpected furniture piece or accessory to cozy up the entry. (Your entry might be one in the same as your living room, but that’s fine, too! The way you arrange your furniture in the living room might be able to serve a dual purpose or create an entry space).

Character often translates to cozy and inviting, don’t you think? So keep your eye out for something unexpected and eye catching for your entry. Perhaps you’ll find a wall sconce, an antique mirror, a funky stool or a unique bench.

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy EntryNew England Home

6. Define a cozy space with colors, shapes and statements.

A round table in an entry feels extra inviting and unexpected. It can be a perfect spot to set those pretty coffee table style books, which can make such a a cozy statement in an entry. Look for other ways to add color, interesting shapes and cozy statements, such as a lantern, or a textural basket filled with umbrellas, walking sticks and a tartan throw.

Happy Fall Nesting, friends! What’s your favorite way to cozy up an entry for fall?

Catch up on the latest Fall Nesting posts or start from the beginning of the series here.

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy Entry

Shop furniture, lighting, and accessories for the entry with the arrows and photos below.

Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy Entry


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Six Unexpected Ways to Create a Cozy Entry