DIY Glittery Snow Candle

DIY glittery snow candle

Once upon a time, a million years ago, I shared an idea about how to make your own “snow” for mason jars and how to use the snow for glittery candles. I had made those mason jars with “snow” for years and years before blogging. When I featured the mason jars, they were a big hit, even without Pinterest! The jars have been duplicated so many times since then on the internet and I still think they are adorable. And I still use them to decorate with!

You can see the mason jar and candle post here. They are cute all year round!

In that post, I had shared about an idea I had seen to make glittery candles out of the “snow.” It took me a few years to get around to actually making the candles myself, but today in a moment of craftiness, I made one today!

I updated the old post with the new craft, but I thought I might as well share it here, too.

All you do for the frosty effect is roll the candle in Mod Podge and then Epsom Salts.

How easy is that? And FUN to make, too!

DIY Glittery Snow Projects

You can find more details about the snow, the cute mason jars and the candles in the original post.


Gather: For the Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy ideas


1. Fox Tooth Fairy Pillow 2. Official Tooth Fairy Certificates 3. Wooden Tooth Fairy Boxes: from here, similar here 4. Knit Tooth Fairy Pillow 5. Collector’s Tooth Fairy Book

Gather is a round up of gift and decor inspiration gathered by Courtney Michaels,
a design intern at Maison Luxe and The Inspired Room.

{Use What You Have} Winter Centerpiece & Family Game Nights!

We have a winter tradition at our house. A tradition we have had in our family for years! We love playing this wood board game we call “the marble game.” I think it is actually called Agitation or Aggravation or something like that.  It is a simple and easy to learn game with marbles and dice, but there is a little strategy involved. It is a great way to rally the family together, away from electronics, for some good old fashioned fun on a cold winter’s night.

We got started playing this game after dinner with all three of our kids when they were pretty young. Even young kids can enjoy playing it with mom and dad or older siblings, even if they don’t really understand strategy.

I always like to leave the game board out on the table in the winter because it reminds us to play it after dinner! Plus I love wood board games. I’ve decided to call it our “use what we have” centerpiece, because we actually can and WILL use it!

That is MY FAVORITE kind of decorating right there! 

Do you have an old or new favorite game you like to play with your family?
Let’s share some ideas in the comments!
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