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Kitchen with subway tile - bhg

BHG – Kitchen

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I was thinking back to where I got my love of beautiful houses. Definitely it must have come from my mom! She created lovely places for our family to grow up, through decorating, special tables for the holidays and remodeling many of our homes. She inspired me! I remember her teaching my sister and me to shine our bathroom sinks after every use, set a pretty table for sit down dinners, always hang lovely full curtains so windows fill large and luxurious, remodel with lots of windows to let in the most amount of light, and so many of the things I’ve thought about in my own homes. I’m blessed to have her still in my life and sharing that common love of homes! And, I’m now passing on that same love of the home on to my daughters!

Kylee and Lance - The Inspired Room

In fact, we are super excited about this news…my oldest daughter Kylee and her husband Lance just bought their very first home!

After years in a dark basement apartment they are thrilled to start a new chapter of their lives. We cannot wait to share that journey here (I’ll have some pictures and details next week, they just got the key!). We will be featuring many new creative small house ideas for you, too (it’s a small three level townhouse in Seattle!).

What are some things your mom taught you about homemaking? 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and daughters out there.

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