Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe - The Inspired Room

Hello, Kylee here today. I’m back! See, I told you I was going to try to appear here more often! Besides the fact that my mom needed a couple of days off this week to finish up a project, she has been bugging me for FOREVER to post not only my townhouse decorating progress, but also recipes. I assume this is partly for her benefit because she is one busy lady and, as I know she would admit, doesn’t have a lot of time to think about things like meal-planning. I, on the other hand, have a food obsession and my mind is constantly occupied with my next meal. For my mom’s birthday this year, all she asked for was a typed list of easy, healthy recipes that she could make and so I obliged.

Kylee - The Inspired Room

Contrary to what people tend to think, given how much I love food, I don’t like cooking. What I DO like is eating. But alas, eating well and cooking tend to go hand in hand. One of my dreams would be to have a personal chef who I can tell exactly what I am craving and they would just make it for me and take care of the cleanup. I wish! I am slowly learning to be sort of into cooking. But really, it’s not the process I like, but the end result.

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe - The Inspired Room
Like I explained in my last post, I had been slacking on posting here because blog posts require more time than you would think. Especially because it means that you not only have to write something somewhat interesting about what you are posting, but you also have to take photos.

Taking photos requires one to be home in the light and then the expectations with a blog post is that you take GOOD photos, which let’s be honest, I am not a photographer and never have any idea what I am doing when I whip out the DSLR. So, I explained all of this to my mom, who in turn told me not to worry and just share my photos like I do on Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I take a lot of photos of my food. Yes, I’m one of those people at restaurants. Before you go judging me, you should know, science totally validates this behavior.

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe - on The Inspired Room

All that to say, I am here to share a granola recipe with you today! Granola is a morning staple at our house. We most often use it to top yogurt or smoothie bowls in the mornings. Occasionally, we will have it like cereal with some almond milk. I’ve even used it as an oatmeal topper! For a snack, we will toss it with nuts, dried fruit, or chocolate chips.

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe

Nothing compares to fresh, homemade granola. Boxed granola is usually so processed and full of refined sugars and preservatives. It’s so easy to make and tastes so much better than store bought that there’s really no reason not make a big homemade batch yourself! Plus, it lasts for several weeks in an airtight container (not that it ever lasts that long in my house!).

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe

This has been our go-to recipe lately. It’s super simple, which makes it very versatile. If you try it I’d love to hear what you think!

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola Recipe on The Inspired Room

Coconut Oil and Maple Granola


  • 2 Cups Rolled Oats
  • 1/3 Cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 Tablespoon Chia seeds
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Sea salt
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1/3 Cup Maple Syrup
  • 1/4 Cup Melted Coconut Oil


  • Preheat Oven to 300 degrees F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a large bowl, stir together oats, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds.
  • In a separate, medium bowl combine melted coconut oil, maple syrup, sea salt, and cinnamon.
  • Combine both bowls and spread evenly onto your baking sheet.
  • Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven, stir, and bake for another 15 minutes or until granola is golden brown.
  • Remove from oven and let cool completely before storing in an airtight container.

Happy Easter weekend from our family to yours!

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Organizing a Small Entry & A Hall Makeover {A Townhouse Update}

Narrow entry hallway with Dash and Albert rug

Hello friends, Kylee here! I am so happy to be posting today. If you don’t remember me (and I don’t blame you—it’s been so long!), I’m Melissa’s oldest daughter. My husband and I bought our first home, a 3-story townhouse in Seattle, a couple of years ago and documented some of our decorating progress here on the blog. You can catch up on those posts here.

Kylee - The Inspired Room

It’s been awhile since I’ve popped in here with any updates! I really had the best intentions of keeping up my posts (as I’m sure many a blogger has felt) but once fall and winter came, it was just too dark after work to take photos. Luckily yesterday we moved the clocks forward so hopefully that will help with the daylight after work and I can resume my blogging goals. I’m still involved with the blog behind the scenes, though!

We have been doing a few little updates here and there around our house that I want to share and I still hope to post more recipes, too. I won’t make big promises, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated more regularly!

So, as pictured at the top of this post, I thought I would make my comeback to blogging by showing you one of the only spaces that actually feels complete so far in the townhouse, our entry hallway! It sure takes awhile to get settled in a house when you are busy living life, too, doesn’t it? While I’m sure I will find things to change about our space over time, I would be totally fine if this space stayed this way for as long as we live here. It’s pretty and functional and exactly as I dreamed it to be.


This was one of the very first spaces we started working on when we moved in. As you can see, it started out as a pretty blank space (forgive the poor quality cell phone photos). It was very…yellow. Not that there’s anything wrong with yellow; I love it in certain doses and in the right space.


In this space, however, it just made the hallway feel dark, glowing, and small. It really wasn’t “me.” I wanted the entry to reflect my style and be a brighter, happier place to come home to each day. Plus, my sister Courtney lives with us on the lower level and walks through this space to get to her room each day so we thought this was a good area to start as it is a place we all use and enjoy.

Boho Entry Decor

We decided to paint the whole hallway Swan White by Glidden because we really wanted it to be clean, light, and bright right when you walked in, as well as provide a neutral backdrop to everything that would be going on the walls. There are windows in the door and on two walls, as well as in the bedroom at the end of the hall, so while it isn’t the brightest space there is natural light to bounce off the white walls. We are happy with the color choice!

Entry hooks

Besides painting the hall, there was also the issue of function. There is no coat closet in the whole house, and being from the Pacific Northwest, we have quite an assortment of coats and other weather accessories. While we can store some of our off season items in the garage, it’s not unusual to have different coat and scarf needs each day of the week (or, sometimes, each hour of the day!), so we needed a place to be able to grab what we need easily.

We also needed space for our guests to hang up their things when they visit, so hooks saved the day and make this hallway really practical. The baskets are handy for organizing, too!

Entryway hooks
We added three hook rails, which I believe were from HomeGoods. We have two by the door for me and my husband (and guests!) and one down by Courtney’s room for her.

Narrow entry hallway hooks

I love how functional the wire cubbies are in the hook rail above. It’s perfect for storing scarves and hats.

The lighting in our hall was just ordinary can lighting, but I wanted something with a little more personality. Once I found these capiz shell chandeliers (without the electrical kit), I decided to attach command hooks like these to my ceiling and used clear bendable wire to twist together the chandeliers to the clear hooks. It was so easy to do and made a big difference in how this space feels!

Small entry

Besides the hooks for things we need to grab on the way out the door, we also added a mirror to check lipstick! A daily essential.

Hemnes shoe cabinet

This is the Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA and I honestly think it might be one of the greatest pieces of furniture ever invented for small spaces. It’s made for shoes, but can be used for anything, really. Right now we keep dog leashes for Bella, picnic blankets, and gloves in ours!

Staircase gallery wall

This is the view from our second floor down to the entry. I added that gallery wall recently and I love it! I will try to take a better photo of it sometime so you can actually see what’s in the frames, but it’s mostly a collection of photos, meaningful art, and things that I painted myself!

My favorite way to fill frames when I don’t have the perfect piece of art is to buy pretty paper, maps, or wrapping sheets from places like Paper Source to use as placeholders until I can fill it with something that I love or that means something to me. The frames are all from IKEA.

Celestial Chart DIY

This Celestial Chart was the final piece that I added to the blank space above the little bench in the entry. I had been looking for something to put in that space for the past year and had brought a few things home, but would ultimately return them. Nothing seemed right. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I had settled on this from Urban Outfitters, but right before I purchased it I wondered if I could DIY something similar.

Celestial chart art

After a couple of Google searches I figured out that I could DIY the exact same thing and save $22! You can buy the Cavallini poster (similar to the maps my mom had in her Map Wall) and get a compatible poster hanging kit at Paper Source or Amazon. Voila! Easy and affordable art.

So, there you have it! Thanks for letting me share my completed entry with you!

Source List:


Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Capiz chandelier

Sunburst Mirror


Wire Cubby Hooks (similar)

Wood bench (similar or similar)

Celestial Chart (you can order these on Amazon or Paper Source!)

Poster Hanging Kit

Baskets (similar)

Wall Paint Color – Swan White by Glidden

New Mattress for the Guest Room {Townhouse Update}

Brass bedThis post created in sponsorship with Leesa.

Mattresses are a sensitive subject around our house. My husband and I have slept on the same mattress for I don’t know how long. (I mean, not only have we slept on THE SAME mattress as each other cause we are married and all, hahah, but on the SAME MATTRESS we’ve had forever.) Seriously, we’ve had this same mattress in three houses so there’s a clue to the embarrassing truth of how old it is. I really want a new mattress so it has been a topic of discussion for years, but my husband is unwilling to take the plunge to try to find a new one we like. Because, you know, RISKS. MONEY. TIME. Too many decisions and too many worries to think about when buying such a significant item for our home, so we just avoid talking about it.

Bedroom Decorating - Navy White and Gold - The Inspired Room

I want a mattress that feels luxurious, is super comfortable, and affordable. Does that mattress even exist? Too much to ask? We are dreading moving the one we have to our future new home because the mattress is such a beast that we risk injury to ourselves when we make the bed. Imagine the two of us trying to haul that mattress down the stairs? DEATH BY MATTRESS. Or, by the cost to move it. And, really, who wants to risk buying a new mattress and regretting it for the next decade?

Recently I was contacted by a mattress company. While it isn’t unusual for me to hear about new products I might be interested in, this mattress caught my attention because not only was it a quality product, but it was affordable, returnable within 100 days, and it came with great reviews. And, interestingly, it came in an easy to handle box. That just sounded like a dream! Right about the time I was ready convince my husband to give it a try, my daughter Kylee texted me to say she needed a new mattress for her guest room. In all likelihood, we’ll be staying in her guest room for awhile until we have a new home. That’s my daughter, always thinking ahead to make sure everything is ready. :)

Since we don’t really need a new mattress until we have a new house anyway :) (ah, the logistics of moving!) I suggested Kylee order one for her guest room! WOO HOO! You have seen snippets of her townhouse, it’s a cute little three story attached townhouse tucked into the beautiful Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. But, getting furniture up to the second and third floor is comical. Remember her sofa tale? So imagine her joy to see this mattress would arrive in a little box that she could carry upstairs with ease! :) I’ll let her tell you the story.

Kylee Palazzo - Creative Assistant and Contributor for The Inspired Room blog

Hi friends! Kylee here. I’ve been dreaming about how to make our guest room a cozy spot for when guests (and my parents) stay the night. My husband Lance and I are just starting to think about things like bedding and the necessities guests might need, but the mattress we had was so saggy we knew needed to get a new one before we did anything decorative to the room. When my mom told me about the one she heard about from Leesa, it sounded perfect for our needs. Now, I had never bought a mattress before (we’ve always had hand-me-downs) but I can say that order this was the EASIEST experience ever.

Leesa foam mattress

Clearly the way of the future, it came BY MAIL in a box the size of a mini fridge! I could hardly believe an actual mattress was in the box, but low and behold it was! My sister Courtney and I were able to get it in the house all by ourselves. I buy most things online these days, so I was thrilled to order this one online and not talk to a sales person. Plus, it seemed like a no brainer to try it, Leesa gives you 100 nights to try your new mattress, risk free! If we didn’t like it, we could send it back.

Leesa Mattress - The Inspired Room

When it arrived, Courtney and I brought it up to the little guest room on our third floor, still perplexed as to how it was going to turn into a real, functioning mattress.

Leesa matress 3

We unpacked it and watched in awe as it expanded to its full size on my inherited brass bed. This is such a small room we can barely maneuver around to take photos, so we were pleased that setting up this mattress wasn’t difficult for us to manage in such a small space.

The 10” mattress comes in all sizes, and is crafted with 3 unique foam layers, including 2” of memory foam and 2” of a really cool latex-like foam called Avena™ that’s perforated to keep you cool as the other side of the pillow. One of my favorite things is that for every 10 mattresses sold, one is donated to a shelter!

Leesa mattress - The Inspired Room

We’ve already spent time trying out the mattress in the guest room while watching TV and movies in the evenings, and so far we find it to be really comfortable! No more saggy mattress and I’m really happy that our guests can enjoy their stay. We feel like real grownups now to have an actual guest room with a brand new mattress! And I know my mom is excited to let my dad try it out to ease his fears about buying a new one. I think he will be pleased!

And, here is good news! If you want to try a Leesa mattress, the first 15 readers who click here to redeem promo code INSPIREDROOM at checkout will get $75 off their order!

Brass headboard

Sweet dreams!

This post is sponsored by Leesa.

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