A Space of My Own

home office: a space of my own

About a year ago I realized something was missing in my life. I needed a creative space of my own. More than just an office to work in, I needed a place that creatively re-energized me!

I needed a place where I could get away from the noise and activity of the home to be surrounded by things that inspired me. A room in which I could think, create and just BE. And a room where my girls and I could shut the door, hang out together, laugh really loud, listen to girlie music, light good smelling candles, and dream a little bit bigger. A room where we could eat ice cream behind closed doors, and not have to share it with the boys of the house.

I dreamed of a real getaway for girls in our home. We love our kitchen, of course, but we needed an escape.

home office with yellow tolix chair

So last year I transformed my tiny boring office from what was actually more like a storage room to a happy colorful space for creative dreaming. It’s my office, but it’s so much more than that to me.

I love it.

It’s nothing fancy. It’s not huge (in fact, it’s tiny!). It’s not perfect.

But it’s all mine (and my girls’, too!).

And, I have a bit of happy news! Did you notice I finally got my yellow chair?

I knew it was out there somewhere, calling my name.

Yes, yes I did. I found it at World Market and it insisted on coming home with me.

office chairs

I am still smitten with my ‘cute as a button chairs’ nestled in the corners of the room, ready for late night conversations and curling up with a stack of magazines.

home office

I adore my beloved Anthro curtains, framing the large window where I look outside to dream every day.

I love the lively mix of colors that bring this space to life!

In this room, I am surrounded by things I love. Things that inspire me to do what I do and even challenge me to embrace new adventures! As you can tell, color and pattern and happy memories rejuvenate me.

a place of your own

I smile at the special reminders of things I love scattered throughout the room, each holding a memory or a laugh.


I especially love seeing the chandelier in my office and now my yellow chair just down the hall from my kitchen every day. That view is a reminder of my little escape from the world.

I’m a big believer in having your own special place.  A place to dream and get away from it all. We all deserve that, whether it is a corner of a room or a an entire office or creative space!

Do you have a special space of your own?

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