The Inspired Room - Getting Settled Into Our New Seattle Home

In case you thought my house was perfectly set up already for a before and after photoshoot due to the magic powers of blogs, it isn’t. :) But I’ve been working on getting settled in so I’ll share a bit of the behind the scenes for you with my cell phone pics.

Someday I know these rooms will come together and I will make sense of what goes where. But for now we are living in the moment and getting to know what it’s like to just *be* here. A house doesn’t become a home when it’s perfect, but it becomes a sanctuary when you let yourself live in it. So that is exactly what we are doing!

I had to laugh because my little entertaining cabinet looked like this the other day.

Blue and white vases / The Inspired Room blog

Keeping It Real - The Inspired Room blog
And now it looks like this. My 15 year old son set up his own little vignette in the corner of our living room. Ha! Style + function? (Guess I need to work on installing outlets for his computer near his own desk! Although the unintended benefit of this arrangement just might be more family togetherness so maybe its a perfect corner for a functional space)

The Inspired Room blog - Moving In to Our New Seattle House

My daughter Courtney and I have hung just one thing up on a wall so far, the mirror above the console. I have no idea whether or not it (or anything else for that matter) will stay there long term, but at least setting a few things up makes us feel more like we are making progress in getting settled even if we decide to change it all down the road.

Pretty Sky in Seattle

We’ve been really enjoying the view and even took a little walk down on the beach by our house to get a close up look at the area. I think the view of the ever changing sky is going to spoil us forever.

Jack and Lily at the Beach

Jack and Lily love playing in their new yard and going on adventures in Seattle. We took them on a little trip to Alki Beach and they had so much fun.

Seattle Ferry

We take the ferry to church, you can’t beat the ferry for a beautiful commute.

The Inspired Room blog - Getting Settled Into Our New Seattle House

Back in the house, as we unpacked the kitchen stuff into our little 1950s kitchen, I set up my flea market rattan shelf in the adjoining dining room to serve as a temporary holding place to put the overflow. Sometimes my stuff just ends up where it wants to be and I end up loving it. Just seeing things you love again makes you feel more at home.

Jura Coffee Machine - The Inspired Room blog
And of course, it’s not a home until the coffee station is set up.

Jack the Goldendoodle / The Inspired Room

Jack has been making himself right at home, he was nervous at first but now he’s really comfortable hanging out in the new house. But if you have any doubt of that, this should clear that up…

Jack the Goldendoodle - Getting Cozy - The Inspired Room blog

I’ll be sharing many more updates on the house and our plans and inspiration for each room as they evolve! For now, we are just really enjoying “getting acquainted” with this old house.

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen a few of these photos. Click here to follow along if you haven’t yet! :)


Leather loveseat, blue tufted ottoman, trellis patterned arm chaircoffee maker (ours is an older model), mug drying rack, wood chevron cabinet, wood mirror, glass cabinet (taupe)

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