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So, do you have any Home Goals yet? I know of several of you who used the Home Goal sheet, filled it out and have a plan! YES! That’s the first step so if you haven’t yet filled it out, print it and ponder it today! I promise, it will help you start to focus and best of all, you’ll feel good when you start to see progress. Home Goals can be project oriented, decluttering or organization, or even family goals for improved life at home.

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I’ve been thinking about my Home Goals for this year for quite some time now. To be honest, I have been having trouble nailing them down in part because this year will be so busy for me I want to make sure I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I guess that should be a goal right there, now that I typed that line I realize I do have a goal…to stay sane. So, my first goal is to stay sane! CHECK! That’s going on the list immediately. See? This is why I blog, I need to inspire myself. Ha! So, anyway….

I want to make sure that I’m working towards goals that inspire me to move forward in progress with something I feel is worthwhile, and not just a list of things I think I *should* do but really don’t want or need to do.

Here’s a good question to think about if you are setting some bigger Home Goals:

Are we prepared _________(financially, health-wise, time-wise, emotionally, family-wise, stress-wise, physically, etc) to invest time or money in this particular goal? If it isn’t the best time for some reason, is there a simpler way to accomplish it or make progress without sacrificing other important goals?

Success depends on your motivation and determination to stick with something, so it’s helpful to consider these barriers and potential joy-stealers up front!

The Other Side-of Fear Artwork by Jessica Keaela -Coco and MingoLettering by Jessica of Coco & Mingo for In Honor of Design

Even though it’s important to me to make sure a goal is worth pursuing (especially if it’s a bigger goal like a remodel or big time consuming project), it’s also important to make sure I’m not just looking for excuses to NOT set goals! If I decide to not set any goals or keep them too small out of fear (of not succeeding, or any other worries that are really just unfounded or unnecessary excuses) then I’m limiting myself and the change I really want is unlikely to happen.

I think the setting of the goal can inspire you to think more creatively about how to accomplish something daunting (rather than not trying at all due to an excuse you set up for yourself for why you couldn’t do it) .

I love this little encouragement from Yoda to DO, not just say “I’ll try.” (for the record, this is the first and probably the last time you’ll watch a video of Yoda on my blog, ha!)

How often do you hear or say “I’ll try” and inside your head you know that this actually means “I will try if all the stars align and everything is perfectly set up for my success. Otherwise, it isn’t going to happen.” The truth is, there is no perfect alignment of stars where goals will be realized. Most achievements in life happen because we put one foot in front of the other to MAKE them HAPPEN. If we didn’t put forth any effort, I guess the result would be miracles rather than achievements as a result of goals. Right? Ha. So perhaps some of us are holding out for a miracle that our house is going to get more organized,  decluttered, cleaner, repainted so it will be more beautiful to us, or that our family will eat dinner at the table more often, or any other goal we might dream of (weight loss? fitness goals? marriage health? whatever!).

We need to take some sort of action to see results, and it’s sometimes hard work. And if a miracle happens along the way, too, then that’s great! No one’s gonna be mad about that.

If bigger goals just seem too overwhelming during this season of life, break them down or find a few small ones and work on those! Small goals are my favorite! Cleaning a closet, painting one wall, or updating a light fixture can be motivating and encouraging.

Now, for a first look at my Home Goals!

I’ll have to go over the goals more in detail and let them unfold over time here on the blog, but here’s what they all boil down to:

My main goal for my home this year might sound like an kind of an abstract touchy-feely one, but I think it is one that will spur me on to many things that really matter to me.

I want to invest in the well-being of our family.

That “sense of well-being” encompasses so many things for me.

While I seek contentment with what I already have, I’m inspired to grow and do better at managing my home, our schedule and organization for my own personal well-being and that of my family. While we’ve made good progress on our home, and I’ve learned so much about managing it better over the years (and can I just pause here to say I’m getting more and more excited to share those lessons and stories through my first book when it comes out in March?), there is still so much I want to improve for the well-being of our family. If I can filter my goals through that lens of how a particular goal will impact our well-being, then I can be more confident in investing my time or even money into it.

Focus on What Matters - Molly Jacques LetteringLettering by Molly Jacques

If the process of achieving a particular goal will stress us out too much in this season of life, set us back in some undesirable way (maybe overextend ourselves financially or otherwise), or not positively impact our well-being in a significant way, I either want to adjust the goal or scale it back to something more manageable that WILL be a blessing to our family, or I don’t want to deal with it yet. There are a lot of things I would love to do around my home that might just need to wait for another season of life.

So with that “well-being of our family” umbrella over our activities this year, here are a few things I’m including on my list of home improvement goals for this year:

1. Continue to declutter and get organized: Focus on the positive impact those changes will make in many areas of my life, rather than dreading the chore of actually doing them. I have several projects on my list that are begging for my attention. (More details to come on some of those projects!).

2. Master bathroom project: We might simply paint and decorate it this year, or it might be a more extensive update. I really want the more extensive update, but I’m still wrestling through the pros and cons of each option. I won’t move ahead on anything bigger than I think we can handle, but I don’t want to leave it as (my husband and I are DETERMINED to make progress in some way as a gift to ourselves!) (I’ll update you on the BEFORE pics and the options I’m considering in an upcoming post).

3. Master closet revamp: This was a hopeful goal at the start of last year that I decided to delay once the year got underway and I assessed my schedule. This year I have to do it (even though I’ll be even busier!) (I’ll explain why we waited, and the new situation in an upcoming post, as well!).

4. Healthy family goals: These involve some changes to our home, new habits and activities we are wanting to incorporate so we can stay strong, healthy and happy and SANE. I’ll share an easy one this week and more in upcoming weeks!

There’s a start! Now it’s your turn. What are some of your own home goals? Share with us? Do a post with your goals and link up your post in the comments? I want to hear what you are working on! Delurk!

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