Exciting news! :)

Exciting news! :)

Hey y’all. So, I have no words. And that’s pretty rare around here. But, I can’t even with you guys! How did I get so lucky to have friends like you? SO GRATEFUL! The amount of support that you guys gave us for our rug designs in the Dash & Albert competition was UNBELIEVABLE!

You literally gave me and my girls (and our dog Jack, the aspiring rug model, heheheh) a GIFT we will never forget.

Because of YOUR encouragement, your comments, your stories, your shares, YOUR VOTES, you got our two top rug designs into the TOP TEN. Holy moly it was a tough competition! But because of YOU cheering us on, the incredible Annie Selke is going to make REAL LIVE GORGEOUS DASH & ALBERT RUGS with our original designs and they will be revealed at High Point Market NEXT SPRING!

Exciting news! :)

I just CAN. NOT. EVEN. believe this is for real. PINCHING myself over and over. I just never imagined little ol’ me having a design opportunity like this. My girls and I are so grateful for every single one of you who went out of your way to vote and to cheer us on to a new adventure. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Every rug submitted to this contest was so lovely and inspiring. Click HERE to see the rest of the finalists!

PS. These rugs will be available in Spring 2018–but if you’re on the hunt for a rug before then, I spotted tons of gorgeous Dash & Albert rugs at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Much love to you all!


My Housekeeper

My Housekeeper

I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys about my housekeeper! Have I? I’ve told some of my followers about her on social media, so if you follow me there you might have met her already. If not, let me introduce her.

My housekeeper’s name is Roomba. She’s a darling round little lady :). I’ve had her for a couple of years and I just love her to pieces. I can’t imagine living without her now! She’s like family.

My Housekeeper

She travels around the house picking up all those pesky dust bunnies, the flyaway dog hair (even though our dogs don’t shed, they still have hair that creates dust bunnies!) and keeps our floors free of any sand or dirt that finds its way inside.

Roomba can travel across our hard floors, rugs (and easily goes up and over the edges of them!), and under beds and furniture. I used to think a housekeeper like this would be unnecessary, but I was so wrong! It is amazing it is to have a little helper keeping up with my floors every day.

You can see a little video snippet above of how it goes up and over our thick rug!

Right now she’s on sale HERE if you are an Amazon Prime member! When they run out, the deal’s over so you might want to rush over and get yourself one.

Happy Housecleaning!

My Housekeeper