Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!via my previous remodeled kitchen / striped runner

Hey friends! I have some exciting news. I’ve been selected for an opportunity to be a part of a rug design challenge for Annie Selke of Dash & Albert! I have loved Dash & Albert rugs as long as I can remember, so of course my heart did a flip flop at the chance to design a rug for one of my all time favorite companies.

Me? Design a rug? Is this real life? I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!Gray and White Rug

I’ve actually never designed a product like this before (let alone a rug!). So of course, as soon as I said yes, I got a little nervous! That’s where you come in. Would you come along with me as I enter this challenge? I will need your help to make this happen!

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!via my new remodeled kitchen / Plaid Rug

Here’s what the rug challenge is about:

15 digital influencers within the design and home décor space will be submitting rug designs that are reflective of their personal design aesthetic for a chance to have their rug come to life by Annie and her team.

The designs will be posted on the Annie Selke Instagram page (@AnnieSelke), where the public will cast their vote as to which designs they would like to see made available for purchase.

The 10 designs that receive the most votes between July 6 and July 20 will be entered into production, and then sold online by Dash & Albert, an Annie Selke Company!

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!Gray and White Rug

EEK! YOU GUYS! I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to see a crazy dream like this come true. My rug design, sold by Dash & Albert? Jack would jump at the chance to be a dog model on a new rug.

So, will you help me do this?!? The other participating design bloggers are AMAZING so I’ll definitely need all the help I can get.

Once the competition gets underway, I’d love your support and votes! 

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!Striped Runner

I don’t love design competitions (I’m not very competitive naturally), but I’m going to just think of it as a fun opportunity to try something new. After all, in just a few weeks I’m celebrating my official 10th year blogging anniversary! What better time to bust out of my comfort zone and try something I’ve never done before? I’m so excited to design a rug. I’m just glad I don’t have to do this alone, it will be great to have you along for the adventure! :-D

What would your dream rug look like? Let’s dream together!

Be sure to follow @AnnieSelke and The Inspired Room on Instagram so you won’t miss the design process and the chance to vote :)

Below you can see all the wonderful participants. Their rugs will all be gorgeous, so no matter who wins, get ready to be inspired!

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!

Help Me Design a Dash & Albert Rug!

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

This guy right here? He’s a fighter. I’ve actually never had a fiddle leaf fig survive in my care. Isn’t that dreadful? I shared one of my sad fiddle leaf sagas (a different fiddle leaf) a few years ago and unfortunately, that one didn’t make it. Of the four fiddle leaf figs I’ve had over the years, none are still with me.

Except…THIS GUY.

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He had a bit of a rough transition to our new house (I left him unattended for several weeks outside while we were moving in the heat of the summer and many of his leaves turned brown and crunchy). But after a few months of getting him settled into a new home, he was looking pretty good.

But my, how he’s grown. In fact, that’s why I’m sharing about him today. I need more fiddle leaf advice! This time not because my fiddle leaf is withering, but because I have a GROWING FIDDLE LEAF and I have no idea what to do next!

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He’s growing so much that his arms (?) trunks? are bending over from the weight of his ginormous leaves. Some of the new leaves are over 16 inches across, they are BEAUTIFUL! But the size of his leaves and the span of his arms (he has four) have me wondering if there’s something I should be doing for him that I’m not (besides moving my lamp and furniture to give him more room, ha).

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Because I’ve always been afraid of upsetting him, I’ve never pruned him or repotted. I water him once a week and he likes that. Well, he hasn’t said anything to me out loud (bless) but he is alive, green and lovely so I’m assuming that he must be content with whatever situation he’s got going on here, at least for the moment.

Maybe it’s expected that his arms will continue to get super long like that? He’s not really very tall, just growing wider in all directions :).

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

He isn’t in a very big pot and I can see roots (they’ve always looked like that, I think). I could repot or put him in a slightly bigger pot with more soil? Or, do you think I shouldn’t risk it and as long as he’s happy just leave him be?

A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Should I take this opportunity with his robust health and growth to repot and prune? What would happen if I prune? Wouldn’t his arms grow just as long again?

The new leaves are so pretty I hate to cut it all back to the older not as pretty leaves only to (hopefully) start over again. What if he goes into shock? What if he gets mad or…dare I say it, what if I kill him?


If anyone knows what to do with a growing fiddle leaf, I’d be grateful for the advice. :)

Room Sources:

Round wood pedestal table (drop-leaf)

Cable-knit wool rug (on sale)

Metal barrel plant pot

Chalk Paint fireplace makeover details

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A Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig?