How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

Since the very first time I mentioned my daily housekeeping routines many years ago on the blog, I’ve realized that many people have similar curiosities, questions and issues.

It makes sense that one of the most common subjects I’m asked about on a regular basis is in regards to housekeeping. I mean, it’s always fun to talk about decorating and everyone’s unique styles and all that.

But day to day, housekeeping is something we all deal with.

I get questions on specifics like how to keep elements in a house clean (like a sink, appliances, rugs, hardwood floors, tile, upholstery, furniture, counters, etc), my cleaning routines (how often I clean, what I clean, how to keep things clean, how to keep certain rooms clean), how to live with other people who make a house messy or dirty (husbands and kids!),  how I keep my house clean with dogs (or do I?), what products I clean my house with, questions on non-toxic and healthier household products, do I have a housekeeper, how to deal with all that clutter or how to get all the things organized.

It’s stuff most of us deal with, yes?

How to Clean Your House

I’ve written books that include some of those answers. In fact, I actually have a brand new book on organizing coming out April 3 that I can’t wait to share with you! I’ll tell you more about the book later, but if you’re excited, you can check it out and even pre-order it now here! I’ve written blog posts on a few of those topics, too. I’ve answered lots of readers questions in emails and on social media.

You probably know this, but I’m not a perfect housekeeper by any means. Besides the help of my husband on certain tasks, I still don’t have an official housekeeper (actually, I think that would be a dream come true).

But here’s the thing.

We have dogs, teen boys, people in and out, I run two busy businesses, we cook most meals at home, we have clutter, dust, dirt, and grime like everyone else…but in general, we strive to keep our house reasonably clean most of the time.

How to Clean Your House

You know my motto, I’ve shared it lots of times.

I want a “clean enough” house. 

What does that mean?

I have some higher standards for cleaning than maybe some people do, but my standard is not perfection (at least not on very many things hahah). I have certain things I can totally live with and other things that I just can’t or won’t. I’m laid back in many ways, too.

I’ve described a lot of my housekeeping mindsets in my books, but I know there are so many more questions I could answer for readers.

So all that to say, I’m thinking about sharing more details on my housekeeping methods and offering some of my tried-and-true tips.

In fact, because of the volume of questions that have been asked and how often this comes up in conversation, I may actually do a more comprehensive ongoing/periodic housekeeping series here on the blog. Would you guys be into that? I also want to share more of those types of daily things on my Instagram stories if you follow me there (if you don’t, you should! I’d love to see you there!).

How to Clean Your House

Tell me about your housekeeping style! Are you somewhat tidy? Super clean? Crazy house? Dogs everywhere? Out of control? Or ask me questions! Let’s chat!

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Happy day after Christmas! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on our Christmas house tour. My Christmas dreams came true and we ended up with a white Christmas Eve and Christmas day! Can you believe it? That’s such a rare gift in Seattle. It’s amazing what a fresh blanket of white snow can do to set a magical Christmas mood. It made staying home all the more special.

The snow started falling late afternoon, so our little family and pack of pups all nestled in safe and sound for a cozy Christmas Eve together. The dogs were mesmerized by the snow! They had a blast running around, tasting it and just enjoying the sensation of it all.

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

We all put on our jammies and comfy slippers (these are our family favorite slippers), played games, listened to Christmas songs, watched movies, and read the Christmas story.

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Christmas morning we gathered in the kitchen to make our traditional family breakfast of “puffs” (puff pancakes, aka Dutch Babies) as well as bagels (for the vegan members of our family), French press coffee, mimosas and coconut milk holiday nog. We also had yummy apple sage “sausages” from Field Roast. Mmmm, it was all so good.

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

We’ve been making Dutch Babies since my girls were little. We add lemon and powdered sugar, but you can add fruit or syrup or whatever you like. Our Dutch Baby “Puffs” recipe is below:

Dutch Baby Recipe

Butter: 1/3 cup
Eggs: 4
Milk & Flour: 1 cup each
Vanilla: 1 tsp

Put butter in 3-4 qt. pan and set in 425 degree oven.
Mix batter as quickly as butter melts.
Put eggs in a blender and blend at high speed for 1 minute.
While motor is running, gradually pour in milk, the slowly add the flour; continue blending for about 30 seconds. Add a teaspoon or more (I love more!) of vanilla.

Remove pan from oven and pour batter into hot melted butter.

Bake until puffed, about 20 minutes.

Garnish with fresh squeezed lemon and powdered sugar.

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

Never a dull moment with all these pups in the house.

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

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The girls and I spent some time learning the art of making adorable custom vinyl labels (my girls got a Silhouette Cameo machine for Christmas). Do any of you have one of those? We are still learning but of course, now we feel like we want to label all the things. :)

We had so much fun that we ended up making THE CUTEST essential oil rollers and spray bottles for Pure & Lovely.

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Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies

For the next couple days we’ll be continuing on the Christmas festivities with family in town! We’ll be watching Father of the Bride (my fave) and hanging out in our cozy pants. :)

What are some of your family’s favorite after-Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear!

Merry Merry Snow Day & Dutch Babies