The One in Which a Dream Comes True {Maison Luxe Seattle}

maison luxe

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you probably have noticed my daughter Courtney is an interior design major. She has done a couple of posts on The Inspired Room for me and will be doing some really cool regular columns here in the … ** Read more **

The Redecorating Season


I'm in a bit of a redecorating season here at my house, transforming it into a home I will love and that reflects the way I want to live in this house. Yes, I'm always on that journey to create a home, so there is nothing really new about my … ** Read more **

Lessons from A Failed DIY Project {creativity, life, passion & purpose}

diy fail

It is time for some reflection on creativity, life, passion, purpose. Shall we? So, let's get right to the tough questions we all ask ourselves. Are you living the life you want? Have you found your purpose and are you pursuing your goals with focus … ** Read more **

{Happy Memorial Day Weekend}


My weekend is already off to a great start with sunshine and gardening! Woo hoo! I'll share some outdoor updates soon, if the weather cooperates! Fingers and toes crossed. What are you up to this holiday weekend? … ** Read more **

Come Away With Me {Out to See}

two coffees

Hellooooooo again! I'm finally back from NYC! I've really missed you and this little corner of the world, but you know, I think absence is a good thing sometimes. Not only was I able to soak in every delicious moment of being fully away from the … ** Read more **


nyc 5

H ello from New York! I'm off on an anniversary adventure with my hubby this week sightseeing and enjoying the city! Yahoo! Then I'm meeting up with a blogging friend you all know for a girls' day of shopping and maybe some coffee at a charming … ** Read more **