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The Inspired Room Kitchen - Click to find out how to receive free Caldrea productsUpdate! Everyone who has or will take advantage of this deal through my link (EXTENDED THROUGH TUESDAY!) will also receive a FREE COPY of my book THE INSPIRED ROOM! Seriously.

Have you ever made excuses for why your house is a mess? I have. Trust me. Of course, there are some days or circumstances where you really can’t or shouldn’t clean. Don’t beat yourself up over legitimate reasons and seasons.

But most of the time, ignoring or postponing housework that really needs to be done now or making excuses for why we aren’t giving our home the TLC it deserves (and we deserve!) is just stinkinthinkin‘.


  • When your house is dusty, it stinks.
  • When your sheets aren’t fresh and clean, they stink.
  • When your sink is dirty, it stinks.
  • When last night’s dishes are piled high on the counter, your kitchen stinks.
  • When you haven’t cleaned out the fridge and a bowl of black beans has been sitting in there for four weeks, EVERYTHING stinks.

When our house stinks, we are unhappy. We feel stressed out. Am I right?

Find out how to get free Caldrea products - limited time only

The stinkin‘ cycle of a messy house will never end if we keep making excuses and don’t stop the madness! That’s why I have had to be committed to kicking housekeeping excuses to the curb.

Making my house smell GOOD is one of the best motivators and rewards for cleaning.

I have some more great tips for getting inspired to do housework and even enjoying it (I know I need all the inspiration I can get, so click on the link to find that post).

I wanted to let you know about AN AMAZING DEAL on some luxury products you won’t want to miss out on: for a limited time you can get FREE (and GREAT smelling!) Caldrea products I absolutely LOVE from Grove Collaborative:

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Value of over $30!

I’ll share all the details and answers to questions you might have about the deal below, but here are the links you’ll need when you’re ready:

Grove Collaborative - Find out how to get free Caldrea products - limited time only

Since this freebie is only offered for a LIMITED TIME and quantity, I wanted to make sure YOU, my favorite reader :), got in on this deal right now because it is TOO GOOD TO MISS!

If you haven’t yet heard of Grove Collaborative, I absolutely know you will love it as much as I do. Grove curates the best natural household products and delivers whatever you select and need right to your door, on your schedule. It has been a lifesaver for me. I have several subscription type services now that save me time and money and I’m 100% committed on saving both as often as possible.

With Grove I stay stocked on the basic products I love and use everyday even occasionally order fun new things like fresh and pretty dish towels so I always feel prepared for entertaining.

There’s no longterm obligation whatsoever, but if you sign up for this deal as a new customer you’ll receive three items I love for FREE. Check them out, all the details are below. Trust me, it’s an amazing deal.

Free Grove Collaborative Products

Here’s how to get your FREE products:

  1. For first time Grove Collaborative members, click this link here to sign up. You’ll receive the Caldrea Luxury Set for free when you sign up and spend $20 or more on your first order (order whatever you want or need anyway).
  2. Answer 4 quick questions about your home that Grove Collaborative will then use to customize your products — this takes under 30 seconds!
  3. Adjust and finalize your basket of products to suit your household needs by adding or removing items (but be sure to keep your freebies!)
  4. Confirm that your order reaches at least $20 to receive this offer. That’s easy to do because Grove offers so many products you love and use everyday.
  5. Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

I mean, honestly, what’s not to love about this deal?

I LOVE all of these free products and use every single one of them at my house. Caldrea’s dish soaps and countertop cleaners are totally adorable (a must in my book!), but what’s inside is even better. They’re made with safe, non-toxic ingredients, and the cleaning power is hands down the best. They also make a great hostess gift, so I love keeping some extras on hand.

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli

You can choose from four light, summery scents for your freebies: ginger pomelo, sea salt neroli, pear blossom agave, and tangelo palm frond. All are SO GOOD. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m loving the sea salt neroli right now. I’m obsessed with good scents so I know what I’m talking about. This is the good stuff.

The Grove Collaborative Be Good dish brush is thoughtfully made with BPA-free recycled plastic and bamboo. 

Grove Collaborative Orange Thyme and Cardamom Lip Balm

This orange thyme and cardamom lip balm is new to me this month, but now I will never be without it. It smells SO GOOD and feels great on your lips, too!

Get Your Free Caldrea Products from Grove Collaborative - Click for The DetailsSummer Entertaining Kit from Grove Collaborative - Free Caldrea Products
Above you’ll find a sample of what you could order, the savings are incredible!

Current customer bonus: If you already use and love Grove, there’s something free for you, too! You’ll get the Grove Collaborative Be Good Dish Brush when you place your order using this link here for existing customers only.

Grove Collaborative Natural Cleaning Products

*Offer expires July 17th. Please note that sadly Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

Click here to get your free Grove Collaborative Products

Let me know what products and scents you decide to try! You are going to love Grove Collaborative!

Disclosure: compensated links are used in this post.

Creating a Life We Love

Small Bedroom Design - The Inspired RoomThis post is in partnership with Kathy Davis, an artist, author and lifestyle brand.

Hello, friends! A year ago, before we actually moved here, we imagined creating a room just like this. We dreamed about having a place where friends and family could come stay with us to enjoy the city or just spend time catching up! But this is more than just a room to us, it’s symbolic of why we have a need for a guest room in the first place.

Guest Room The Inspired Room


It was over eight years ago that our life as a family began to take an unexpected turn.

Michaels Family 20092009

Eight and a half years ago, my husband’s job ended. In 2009 after a stressful year of unemployment and uncertainty, my husband and I moved with our son Luke (our girls’ little brother, yes, they all three have the same parents and we are still married, in case that was confusing, ha!) from our hometown of Portland, Oregon to Washington to start a new church.

Small bedroom by The Inspired Room blog

We moved to a peninsula in the Puget Sound area, about three hours away from Portland, extended family and from our girls. Courtney was finishing her senior year of high school and Kylee had just gotten married and was in college. Luke was partway through second grade, just a little guy.

The move brought a dream to life for my husband and it was worth the sacrifice in many other ways. And while the move was made with intention for the good of our family and we were excited about it, in other ways the transition was very difficult on all of us.

It was especially hard at first knowing that because of the move, our three kids would no longer live in the same city. The impact the move made on our family just about broke this mama’s heart. Being away from their eight year old brother broke our girls’ hearts too, so within just six months of our move they did something many siblings would never consider. They did something I would have never asked them to do. They (along with my oldest daughter’s husband Lance) willingly left their lives, friends and even changed colleges and plans to move to Seattle to be closer to us and most of all, to be closer to Luke.

Small Bedroom - The Inspired Room

Living in Seattle, they were then just over 1.5 hours away so every weekend for years and years they boarded a ferry to cross the water to our house to spend time with their brother and come to church with us. Our kids sacrificed so much to nurture their close relationships as siblings and for us as a family. I’m so proud of their selflessness, devotion to family and their maturity.

In more recent years as the kids graduated from college and got full time jobs, life was even busier for all of us. My youngest daughter Courtney started working with me full time at The Inspired Room two years ago. As our business grew in new directions, we struggled at times to find ways to work productively with the inconvenience of living in different cities.

Last spring as Luke was finishing up eighth grade, we sensed a change was brewing for our family. We had just four more years with him at home full time before he’d head to college. Part of creating a life you love is adapting and adjusting to the new seasons. You find ways to adjust and continue to nurture relationships in a new period of life. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to do something we hadn’t imagined when we first moved to Washington. But, we were so confident it was the right choice for all of us.

The Inspired Room Moving to Seattle - Courtney
Ten months ago, we moved across the water to Seattle to be closer to our kids. It wasn’t easy (is a move ever easy?) to leave behind our home and all the changes and challenges that accompanied relocating, but it was worth it to bring our family closer together. We are so grateful to be here.

Closer proximity has definitely changed many things for the better. Now instead of minimum 1.5 hours each trip for any of us to get together, it’s a quick ten minute drive. We can easily have spontaneous family dinners, be in the same room for daily work, have more time to play and even can help each other out at the spur of the moment. Our kids have more sibling time for watching movies, going to church, playing with the dogs and just enjoying time together.

The Inspired Room Guest Bedroom

We can’t predict life’s ups and downs. Life often brings unwelcome or at least unexpected changes, but change can offer us opportunities for refining how we want to live. We can’t expect to create a perfect life, but we can create a life we love. We are trying to live it as fully as possible in the season (and city) we are in.

We are looking forward to more family adventures this summer and have already enjoyed hosting family from Portland in this pretty guest room. That’s why this guest room means so much to us. It’s not just a room, it’s a connection point between where we came from and where we are. It’s a tangible reminder of pursuing relationships, finding joy in the journey and chasing dreams. We may have left our hometown, but we know this guest room door will always open for the people we love.

The Inspired Room - Guest Room Bedding

The Kathy Davis brand believes everyone has a right to “Create a Life They Love.” In pursuit of that philosophy, they have become valued for the connections they encourage with their expressive painting and heartfelt, hand-lettered messages. From greeting cards to gifts, and from home to fashion, Kathy Davis products are sold in over 60,000 stores nationwide.

How are you creating a life you love? I’d love to hear your story in the comments!


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