Port Townsend {Out to See}


Hi friends! Last week our family went on a little “beginning of summer getaway” to one of our favorite spots in the area, Port Townsend. If you haven’t been to Port Townsend, it’s an adorable coastal town just a couple of hours by car and ferry outside of Seattle.

We’ve been to Port Townsend many times over the years and always enjoy our visits. This post will be a compilation of pics we took on a couple of occasions since I haven’t featured this destination before!

I always love sharing some of our favorite places to travel in my “out to see” series so I hope you enjoy this peek at Port Townsend!

Out to See Port Townsend - The Inspired Room blog

From Port Townsend you can hop a ferry to another of my favorite places, the San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor. You can see a “drive by” of some charming houses from that trip here. It’s a fun day trip or a wonderful getaway on its own.

Port Townsend offers everything we love about a fun escape to the coast. Adorable shops, cute beach houses, delicious restaurants, charming places to stay.

I adore this darling fairytale house found on a hill overlooking the water.

Port Townsend Home
And I am in love with this blue house and THE WHALE WEATHERVANE!

The next few photos are of one of my favorite shops, Conservatory Coastal Home, but there are many stores to check out including neat bookstores, antiques, gifts and clothing shops.

Conservatory Coastal Home - Port Townsend Cute Home Decor Shop

You’ll also find tasty restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops and community events like a farmer’s market! Something delicious around every corner.

Velocity Coffee in Port Townsend

We often went to Velocity Coffee for delicious lattes and pastries.

Port Townsend Sailboats

As you wander up and down the streets you’ll find picturesque opportunities to enjoy the water and boats sailing nearby, and it is easy to walk right out to the beach or marina areas.

There is plenty for everyone to enjoy, including related activities like kayaking and whale watching in season (our kids recently went on a whale watching tour and saw lots of whales!).

Whale Watching in Port Townsend - The Inspired Room

Orca Whale Sighting - Port Townsend Whale Watching - The Inspired Room

You definitely get a sense of getting away from it all here (besides the fresh sea air there are often deer out roaming around the neighborhood!).

Port Townsend Deer

They have a small movie theatre, a jazz club and other fun places to spend an evening.

My husband and I stayed at this affordable but quaint inn (The Palace Hotel) a year ago, we love the super convenient location.

We’ve never stayed at The Swan Inn but its adorable from the street and right across the street from a favorite coffee shop. It also has dog-friendly rooms so that’s a bonus if you travel with a pet!

We’ve also stayed at the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins. This sweet little farmhouse was perfect for our family and it is even fenced in for the dogs! It’s about a 15 minute drive to the main part of Port Townsend, but such a quiet and enjoyable place to stay.

Chevy Chase Beach Cabins - Port Townsend

The main house at the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins is a private home and this side is the main office. It’s really neat!

Port Townsend - Beach at Chevy Chase Cabins

 Beach Dogs - Port Townsend

They have a really nice big private beach you can walk to behind the property that the dogs LOVED! It was so fun to see them run free. They aren’t trustworthy in the city off leash but this was a perfect opportunity for them to run at full speed and be wild!

The trail to the beach smelled absolutely divine, it is so fresh in the forest!

The scenery was breathtaking and serene.

The property also had a playground that even our big kids enjoyed.

We made great memories!

Have you ever been to Port Townsend?

Happy weekend, friends! Excuse my random afternoon posting times this last week–just keeping you on your toes ;-). I’ll be back soon with more of the best of the best kitchen series and updates on the progress in our house.


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The Inspired Room - Fiddle Leaf Fig copy

Hello! I hope you had a great week. We had a really crazy one, but it’s Friday so YAY! Here’s just a little random update on life around here lately.

My plants seem to be quite happy in our new living room and the Fiddle Leaf is actually sprouting three new little leaves. That’s a first and needed to be documented. And, you know, it’s still ALIVE! I’m amazed.

The Inspired Room - Plant Stands

“Stress-Away” essential oil in the diffuser is my daily therapy while several rooms and our side-yard are (still) mid-project and I’ve been extra busy keeping up with life and business projects, too. It’s been a lot to keep up with at once. Deep breaths. It will all get done. It will be all be worth it.

Lily the Labradoodle - The Inspired Room blog

Lily clearly doesn’t mind when everything is in disarray, she will make a bed out of anything, even painter’s tarps or this box of window blinds. She’s weird, but adorable. She was giving me the stink-eye, probably worried I was going to tell her to get off the box.

The Inspired Room - Lately copy

We painted lots of tester paint samples on the walls in every room which is always a bit unsettling on the eyes (fortunately, paint color decisions are finally made for every room!). We have new artwork we LOVE sitting around to inspire us as we wait for the painters. We hired a painter to paint several rooms of our interior just to GET IT DONE (we were too slow trying to paint it all ourselves, and while trying to get on a painter’s schedule wasn’t easy either we are on for later next week!).

Barnlight Electric Semi Flushmount

Our Barnlights arrived and I can’t wait to see them up in the front hall! They are so cute, I love the little black rim on them. I’m so excited to see some of the “farmhouse” and “coastal” elements start to influence this house.

I moved my office downstairs and I can tell already that it’s going to be PERFECT for me. We needed a contractor to make it an official “room” so you’ll get to see an update on it soon.

Today is the last day of school for my son Luke and we are thrilled to begin summer vacation! I can’t believe he finished his freshman year of high school already! Time flies. He was just a baby when I started this blog. Goodness! You better believe I’ll be savoring every second of our time together this summer.

Speaking of this blog, it’s my 9th blog anniversary in just a few weeks! I’m so grateful to all of you who have been with me through the years and to those of you who recently started following along. I’ll have a special anniversary post soon, but thank you for being here for year TEN! It should be a goodie with LOTS of house projects that will unfold and be introduced in the coming weeks and months.

Happy weekend, friends! See you back here next week for more kitchen inspiration and the latest house project updates!

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