One of These Things is Not Like the Others {Winston’s Birthday & Weekend Fun}

winston birthday

The last seven days have been packed with fun and activity! Winston had his 17th birthday party, complete with party hat and cupcakes. Cutie patootie he is, but he would NOT hold still for a picture. This was the best I could do!  HA! He looks kind … ** Read more **

Sprucing up for Spring {Jack the Goldendoodle Gets a Hair Cut and We Get a Dyson Animal}

jack closeup

Isn't Jack handsome with his new spring hair do? I think so. He was a little miffed that we left him at the groomer to get his haircut. He didn't see what the big deal was about haircuts. Until he caught a glimpse of himself in … ** Read more **

My, How You’ve Grown {Jack}

jack bad hair day

Jack just wanted to pop in and show you how big he is getting. I'd say he is close to 50 pounds. He is working very hard on his manners and good puppy behavior. He knows right from wrong, but alas, he still chooses wrong when in tempting … ** Read more **

Beautiful Things {Recharging}

shopping poulsbo washington

Some days I just need to take a break from the routine and go out in search of beautiful things. I don't need to buy what I see. I can just look. {OK, well sometimes I need to buy.} I like to touch things, pick them up, smell them. I just need to … ** Read more **

We’ve Been Busy Around These Parts

jack at home

Wow a couple of days went by with no post! Ever wonder what bloggers are up to when they don't post? Well if it is me, it is because I'm doing other life kinds of stuff and sometimes it means I'm doing projects too! It is hard to sit on your rump all … ** Read more **

Sometimes You Just Need a Chevron Pello, er, Pillow

chevron pillow white plates hung on wall

Cheap Therapy: Chevron Pillow Confession. I talk kinda funny. I have a few words that confuse people as to what I'm talking about. Like instead of "about" I say "a boat." I always have. Anyway, recently my girls pointed out to me that I say pillow … ** Read more **