nyc 5

H ello from New York! I'm off on an anniversary adventure with my hubby this week sightseeing and enjoying the city! Yahoo! Then I'm meeting up with a blogging friend you all know for a girls' day of shopping and maybe some coffee at a charming … ** Read more **

Blessed {Happy Mother’s Day}


A gift for moms at church. {My girls} The best daughters a mom could ever dream of. {Luke, modeling his band concert attire -- first tie ever}. When I found out I was having a boy after two girls, I had only one prayer (besides … ** Read more **

A lovely week, indeed.

the inspired room week in photos

  It was a productive, crazy and yet still lovely week at The Inspired Room headquarters aka my life. I've been slowly but surely making my way towards the finish line on my office makeover. Just a few little pieces left and I'm going to call … ** Read more **

A Fabric Flower Pin Craft & Chocolate Fountain Party

craft party flower pin

An (in)RL Craft & Chocolate Party! Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was jam packed and I'm all worn out from hosting several events this weekend, but I had a lot of fun! If you have to be worn out, it might as well be for something fun … ** Read more **

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

jack chewed his tag

{Yes, he chews on his name tag while wearing his color when he can't find anything else to do.} Every night, Jack goes to sleep in his bed. Yes, this is his puppy crate. He loves his bed and when I say goodnight to him, he is usually fast … ** Read more **

My Weekend TJ Maxx Find!

entry basket on wall

Hey blog friends living in my computer! How are you all? I've been crazy busy, which of course is not unusual for me (HA?), but I am getting tons of fun stuff done, so that makes me happy in an "I'm so tired I should actually take a nap but I'm … ** Read more **