Christmas Tour 2016

Christmas Tour 2016 - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour

Christmas Tour 2016

Hello, sweet friends. Merry Christmas! Come in. I’m so glad you stopped by for our Christmas Tour 2016. We’ve lived in Seattle for just over a year now and we sure LOVE it here! Welcome to our home.

Watch our video above in HD or click over to YouTube for full screen!

I’m excited to be a part of this holiday blog tour hosted by the wonderful Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. If you are here after visiting Shauna of The House of Silver Lining, welcome! Aren’t those ladies and their homes lovely?

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour 2016

I love going on Christmas house tours. But if you ever look at homes on tours and feel like your own house isn’t nearly as festive or finished, you are in good company here. My whole house isn’t pulled together, either. :) In fact, I nearly didn’t get this one room ready in time for the tour! Our house has been quite “out of sorts” since the fall house tour. The kitchen has been under construction for months now (but we are about two weeks away from completion!) and we are finally installing new flooring downstairs and the two new exterior doors over the next couple weeks.

It’s been exciting, but a little messy. :)

Rattan Shelf, Cotton Wood WreathSimilar cotton wreath

Lumber and other supplies have been spread out all over my house and everything has been displaced. I had hoped our remodeling projects would have been completed by this tour, but at least there’s a good chance of completion before Christmas. :) Just a few days ago I seriously felt like my house was way too dusty and chaotic everywhere to even decorate for Christmas.

White holiday house collection - The Inspired Room

In what can only be explained as a Christmas miracle, last week I went on a big frenzy and dusted, cleaned up and put up some decorations in our living room and even HALF of our dining room (totally an overachiever, right?!) for Christmas.

Three days ago as I was tossing clutter from the room and literally down on my hands and knees wiping construction dust off the floor before taking the photos, my contractor looked at me funny and asked me if I was having company. There had been dust and chaos everywhere for over two months and then suddenly there I was setting up Christmas decor amongst the mess. And what probably appeared even more random, my girls and I were going around snapping photos. Bless his heart, he started picking up tiles and wood trim from the floor in the dining room to help tidy things up in case I was having a pre-party meltdown and his stuff was in my way.

It was a close call, but I finished in the nick of time to participate in this tour {HIGH FIVES!}.

Cozy Christmas Living Room 2016

So while I can’t offer up a ten part tour of my whole house fully decked out for Christmas this year, I’m relieved to have one and a half clean and tidied rooms to show you today. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the idea of each room in my house and every door and window being all festive for Christmas. I might even get more Christmas decorating done and share it in the coming weeks, but I may not.

What you see here of my Christmas house today is it. It’s all I’ve got. So I hope you don’t mind if we just hang out here :).

Christmas tour 2016 Christmas Decorating It Is Well Sign (get 20% off with the code THEINSPIREDROOM20)

The feel of our home overall has been evolving in the year since we moved in and especially over the past few months. It has been fun to make this new place feel more like home. Besides the new kitchen, we’ve been slowly getting settled in by painting walls, arranging furniture and just trying to get the right vibe going for this house.

One of our favorite things about this house is that the living room, dining room and kitchen have windows that face the rear of the house with a light and bright view of the Puget Sound, mountains and sky outside. A neutral color palette and simplified look with layers of comfy texture help this room feel oh-so-cozy for winter. It’s actually supposed to SNOW here today, so I’m extra thrilled to have one cozy spot (UPDATE: I added a picture above so you can see the snow in the yard!).

natural christmas decor

I love this little wire basket of evergreen clippings, pinecones and silver Christmas decorations.

Leather sofa, gray chunky cable knit rug

You can see a very small peek of the in-construction kitchen through the arch in the dining room. It won’t be blue for long, that’s just primer :). I am SO excited about the kitchen, I cannot wait to show you. :)

You might have noticed that we switched out our rug in the living room for a larger and more neutral one for the winter. I’ll be sharing more about the rug later in the week, but we really love how quiet and cozy it makes the room look and feel!

Christmas tour 2016 - The Inspired Room Dining Room

Small Christmas Tree The Inspired Room

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

I made these DIY snow globe jars years ago (I put them in my book, too!).

I never take them apart so I can just bring them out every year to enjoy.

Christmas Tree Ornaments - Coastal
Christmas House Tour

Coastal touches reflect special family memories and fit well with our view of the sound.
We decorated this little tree with some sweet little glass whales, sailboats and other decorations.

The Inspired Room Christmas Decorating Ideas

The dining room has been in shambles for awhile since it connects to the kitchen.
It was fun to clear it off and wipe off the table to set out a simple glass cloche with snow and a quirky reindeer.

The Inspired Room Dining Room Christmas House Tour

Jack and Lily Doodle - The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room Christmas Cookies

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour & Treats

I wish we could have baked these cookies ourselves, but alas, we don’t have an oven yet.

We look forward to some winter baking in the new kitchen.

Christmas House Tour The Inspired Room 2016

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour
Small white Christmas houses - The Inspired Room Christmas Tour 2016

Galvanized Trough with Collected Ornaments

Every year I try to add a few more ornaments to our collection so I can fill up bowls or this trough with pretties.

Cozy cable knit rug

Christmas house tour 2016

JOY Letter ornaments - The Inspired Room

Rattan Daybed - Serena and Lily - Source link in post

Cozy winter daybed

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour


Leather sofa, cozy cable knit rug

It is well with my soul sign, discount code and room sources are in the post!

White velvet stockings, pom pom garland

Ladder for Blankets - The Inspired Room Blog Christmas House Tour

It is well with my soul sign - source in post - Christmas House Tour

Jack and Lily Christmas - Doodles at Home - The Inspired Room

Jack and Lily Christmas - Doodles at Home - The Inspired Room

Jack and Lily Christmas - Doodles at Home - The Inspired Room

Lily’s face during Jack’s shenanigans always kills me.

Ornaments in a trough - The Inspired Room

I’m so glad I was able to get this one area of my home pulled together. You’ve heard me say this before, but I’ll say it again. If you are feeling stressed by the state or current condition of your own home, just start by setting up one cleaner and more festive corner. Find ways to savor it. Look at the pretty lights, Smell the seasonal scents. Take a deep breath and be present in that room. I’ve been reminding myself to get out of the chaotic rooms and sit in our living room as much as possible. It makes me feel so much more peaceful!

It’s not about how much we do. It’s not about how perfectly we do it.
What matters most is that we savor the season and find joy in counting our blessings.

Christmas House Tour 2016 cozy cable knit pillows

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Be sure to head over to Amber of Restless Arrow’s house for the next stop on the tour! She is so talented; I can’t wait to see her home!

You’ll find the others on the tour today here: The White Buffalo Styling Co. || Julie Blanner || Hi Sugarplum || The Inspired Room ||Restless Arrow || Cuckoo For Design

Room Sources:

It Is Well Sign (get 20% off with the code THEINSPIREDROOM20)

Leather loveseat (20% off with code CHEER)

Chunky woolen cable knit light gray area rug (I got this on a great Black Friday sale and it is the coziest rug EVER, I’ll share more about it soon!)

Cotton Wreath (similar)

Linen wingback settee

Rattan daybed

Ivory cable knit pillow

Gray coffee table

Botanical artwork

Linen curtains

Brass floor lamp

Fireplace paint details

Leather Moroccan pouf

Woven wood shades

Gray velvet pillow covers

Dip-dyed wood stools

Wood leaning ladder for blankets

White velvet stockings (on sale!)

Galvanized trough

Copper battery-operated wire string lights

Marble and wood cake stand

White ceramic houses: Target (similar)

Navy/gray dresser

Wood industrial console table

Navy patterned dining curtains (sold out but there may be new similar options)

White rattan round mirror

Rattan shelf – thrifted

Dining chairs

Ombre wood bead dining light

Dining room seagrass rug

Dining room clock

White glitter paper trees

Wi-fi thermostat

DIY Mason Jar snow globe details

Similar ship ornament // Similar whale ornament

Wall color: Simply White Benjamin Moore

Shiplap wall details

Ornaments: many from Target

My Christmas Decor Shop & Gift Guides

Be sure to head over to Amber of Restless Arrow’s house for the next stop on the tour! She is so talented; I can’t wait to see her home!

The Question of Curtain Panels

The Inspired Room - The Impact of Curtain Panels

Have you ever wondered whether or not you should add curtain panels to your windows? Maybe you don’t actually “need them” but maybe you aren’t even sure whether you want them. Maybe you just wonder what your style really is, or if it is “in” or “out” or “appropriate” for your particular house or situation.

When we first moved in to this house, I wondered whether or not we should add curtain panels in our main rooms. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them, and we didn’t really need them (since we added woven window shades for sun control!).

Privacy wasn’t a big issue and with a great view out the back of the house, it almost didn’t seem necessary to dress the windows at all. So many modern spaces seem to look so light and airy and clean with nothing at the windows, so I kind of wondered if we should do without, too? Is that the look I wanted for OUR HOUSE or just a look I loved in other houses?

The struggle to make a decision on curtain panels for my own home clearly wasn’t all that significant in light of more serious concerns in the world, I know. But still, it was a thing. I like to take a simple non-fussy approach in many ways with my decor, but was less fabric at the windows going to be more of what I wanted in this house or was less fabric not enough to make my home feel cozy? Decisions, decisions. 

The impact of adding curtain panels to a room

Every house is different and everyone’s style and needs are different, so as I often say, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. What looks good in a photo or in someone else’s space isn’t necessarily what is going to work in your own home. I knew I would just have to live here for awhile to determine what was going to be best.

We live in Seattle so I want as much light as possible coming in, but since we have plenty of cool dreary days I also want to feel snug in my house. Our window shades were hung so they don’t block the light unless I pull them down, and curtain panels could be hung the same way (outside the window, not covering it) so light wasn’t really an issue I factored in.

While I do believe less can be more, in this case I eventually decided that less around the windows just felt to me like the room wasn’t quite finished or as cozy as I wanted it to be so I wanted to give panels a try.

Whimsical navy curtain panels

Night Flight Curtains

Originally I showed you guys the white sheer Target curtain panels I was looking at, but in the end they didn’t work out (at least yet! Note, you can find some others I like in a graphic, below). We only could find three panels in stock and the fourth panel I ordered was cancelled as out of stock (ack!). While I was trying to find an alternative, I stumbled upon these curtains in navy.

If you have followed me for long, you might remember from my old house that I love having some subtle whimsy in our home. You might not even realize it at first when you look at my house since it isn’t super “in your face” quirky, but if you were here long enough, you might start to realize I have quite a few funny little animals in the house (not just real ones, but here and there on artwork, fabrics, and accessories!).

As I was looking at the barn owl curtains, I realized they would be a fun addition to our house. We needed some whimsy! From a distance they almost look like just an interesting pattern, but once you get up close and realize they are QUIRKY OWL CURTAINS, you can’t help but smile. :) I’m definitely not a glamour girl, and don’t take design too seriously, so these just seem to suit me.

Adding curtain panels to transform how a room feels

Besides the quirky pattern, I fell in love with the deep navy color. While we have a simple color palette (Benjamin Moore Simply White walls) in our living room and dining room, I do love color. One of the decorating lessons I learned early in our my home-making experience was that if you repeat a color throughout a home (especially when the home is small!), the repeated color begins to make your home feel more peaceful and cohesive.

With the navy dresser and pillows in the adjoining room, the bold navy fabric in this room brought the color scheme together and unified the spaces. Though we love the navy curtains and the statement they make in the dining room, we can easily change out the panels for the seasons or if we want to have a different look.

Here’s something interesting I didn’t fully realize until after we hung the panels. Suddenly it became much more obvious why I actually needed curtains. It wasn’t just that I needed color or pattern, they added a necessary layer of texture that changed the feeling of the room.

Even though I’m still planning some updates that will update and impact this room, the panels already made such a difference in how the space feels to be in it. Less fabric at the windows left the space feeling a bit colder, and actually even louder, I just didn’t realize it. More fabric brought a sense of peace, quiet and softness to the space. Less fabric didn’t feel as snug or cozy. More fabric helped the room feel better to be in it, and made it feel more pulled together.

The impact of curtain panels

Emery Linen/Cotton in Gray

Once I got the dining room curtains hung and loved the look, we knew we wanted to go ahead and add panels to the living room as well. I really hadn’t planned on panels in the living room, but then again, after hanging them they ended up being game changers in how the space felt. The soft gray linen panels help to frame and soften the large windows, but also help to define that side of the room and the corner as a special cozier destination for our daybed.

Curtain panels to help frame a corner window

Curtains DaybedRug / Woven wood shades in Bali Abaca – TIR readers can get the best DISCOUNT (40% off) plus any special offers on orders from Select Blinds using the following code when you order >> DESI9N.

The gray linen coordinates well with the dining room panels. I didn’t want them to match. The linen panels are lightweight enough to feel breezy (linen is a great fabric for year round) but weighted enough to not feel wimpy around the large expanse of windows. We used the same narrow black rod in both rooms for consistency and a touch of black.

I find that every time we make a decision to impact how our home feels to us, rather than just making changes based on what’s popular or trendy or what I thought was the “right choice” (for whatever reason, design-wise or opinion-wise) I find we fall more and more in love with our home! It’s a slow process, but I love the direction we are headed.

We are getting more snug and cozy this fall in our small house and that makes us very happy. :)

Now I’m convinced that even if you don’t think you want curtains and you are perfectly happy without them, you might be surprised at how much better your room will FEEL with panels. If you want a softer, quieter or more peaceful room, I’d say it might be worth it to give curtain panels a try.

Stay tuned for the next updates in these rooms! If you missed our fall house tour (with more angles of these rooms and others in our house), you can see that here.

Below you’ll find a round up of great curtain panel options from several sources. Enjoy!

Curtains (source links in the post) that can make a statement in your room

Anthropologie Curtains: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // more

Curtains (source links in the post) to transform a room

World Market Curtains: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // more

Curtains (source links in the post) to transform a room

Pottery Barn Curtains: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // more

Curtains (source links in the post) to transform a room

Target Curtains: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // more

Curtains (source links in the post) to transform a room

Ikea Curtains: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // more

TIR readers can get the best DISCOUNT (40% off) plus any special offers on orders from Select Blinds using the following code when you order >> DESI9N.

PS. This Friday night, October 14th, I will be doing a book signing at the Redeemed Revival Fall Vintage Market in Bremerton, Washington! The market is from 3-8 PM Friday and also 9-4 on Saturday, but my girls and I will be there only Friday from 5-8 PM at the “Found” booth. We will have books for sale, but feel free to bring your own for me to sign. We’d love to meet you there! Tickets are $5 at the door. You can find more information about the event times and the location here.

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