The Dutch Door is Here!

Y‘all. Remodeling is a slow process. I know I’ve said that a time or two, right? ;). So instead of continuing to say it’s slow, today I can actually give you an update on one of the projects that is actually not in progress any longer!

Now, I am still going to do an official reveal of this hallway and Dutch door installation on a beautiful sunny day because I really want to do it justice. I will style the hall, hang up some art, take all the pretty pics, fancy angles and before and after shots and everything. :) I’ll put together all the details on the door and have answers for questions you might have.

But you have been so patient I thought you guys might like a preview of one of the first finished projects right now :).

Remember how many times and how long I dreamed about having a Dutch door? I can’t believe the day has arrived. We really have a Dutch door as our front door. :) She’s a beauty!

Remember what this hallway looked like before? I love its new look. You might remember we changed out our lighting, too, to these great lights from Barnlight Electric.

And yes, there is another Dutch door in our kitchen! EEEE!!! :) It’s so adorable. I can’t wait to show it to you, too. I won’t be giving a preview of that door though because I really want you to have the fun of seeing it with the finished kitchen. Soon. Very soon.

When you remodel, the last thing that usually happens is they go over a “punch list” with you. That’s the stage we are at. A punch list is just a list of everything that is left to complete. Every remodeling project will have a few last details that need to be finished or touched up near the end, not just mine :).

Sometimes there are still a few important installations you are waiting on (in our case, we are waiting on our custom round window trim, final details on our new archways, and still have to complete the thresholds in the doorways), and often it’s just little things like fixing a wobbly outlet or a misaligned door latch, adding some caulking or paint touch-ups.

When you hire a company to do your remodeling, you make sure each detail is finished before you send off the final check. But timing-wise, you are at the mercy of the contractors who are coordinating schedules and juggling projects, so sometimes it can take awhile to get each detail completely done.

I wish everyone was out of my house right now so I could just putter around in the kitchen, but today it’s like a party around here. I’ve had an electrician, a painter and two contractors hanging out with me. :) So like I’ve said, we really are so close, but still inching towards the finish line. I’m not just stalling or dragging my feet, I promise.

Hallway and door details:

  • The door color is Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore.
  • The hallway paint color is Swan White by Glidden (although the other white walls in my house are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore and we may eventually paint this hallway the same color).
  • Our door knob is Baldwin and the latch is Deltana.
  • If you missed it, see the rest of this hallway’s before/progress makeover here.

Hope you enjoyed the little peek at the front Dutch door today!

PS. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was going to tell you guys a personal story of mine today about the background motivation that prompted me to want a healthy and chemical-free home, but I ended up deciding to share more than expected so I need a little more time to complete it. I’ll link to it when it’s done, though!For those of you who are interested (like I am) in creating a happy and healthy home and want to know how essential oils can support both your emotions and physical health, I am sharing a fun little five-day Instagram mini-series starting Friday that you are invited to! I hope you’ll follow along with us on Instagram at @pureandlovelyliving. You can also find the series on Facebook here starting tomorrow.

Before & Progress: Farmhouse-Inspired Entry Hall

Small Hallway with Farmhouse Style - After (Before pics are in the post!)

Remember when I revealed that we almost bought an Alpaca Farm? I still think it would have been a dream to wake up everyday and hug an Alpaca. But, it would have also probably been the death of us trying to run a farm. As much as I loved that idea, it was a more sensible choice for us to move to the city instead.

While it’s kind of sad to realize that no Alpacas will be grazing our Seattle backyard, we do have furry Alpaca-like pups romping through our grass every day. :) To bring a more manageable farm experience to our little urban cottage, next year I’ll be adding vegetable and herb gardens so we can live off the land if we want to.

In the meantime, I’m relying on subtle and simple farmhouse-inspired influences in our decor and architecture as a practical way to live the white farmhouse dream.

Way back when we first bought our house, I gathered some specific inspiration for what I wanted our small hallway entry to feel like. I pictured it should feel feel like a charming mudroom in a cottage or farmhouse, since it’s a well-trafficked hallway between both our front and kitchen doors. We aren’t fancy people so we don’t need a formal entry. Give us some hooks for our dog leashes and baskets for our stuff and we are happy campers (errr, farmers?).


While the implementation of our ideas has been slower than I wanted it to be (truly the story of my life), this space has come a long way. We don’t have the Dutch doors installed yet and they will make a huge contribution to the style of our space so I can’t wait to be able to do before and afters at that stage, but we’ve definitely made progress in other ways.

Do you ever stop to celebrate progress? I find it can be so tempting to always be looking ahead to the next thing or the finished space instead of pausing to rejoice over the little improvements. So today, I want to remember and share the progress that has been made!

You got to see a glimpse of the entry hall in my fall house tour, but as promised here’s a look at what we’ve done so far in the hallway and what’s next!

The hallway is basically in the shape of a T, so you come in the door and walk down a hallway towards the dining room or can go left to the master or right toward the kitchen. So here’s the progress!

Hallway Before & After - Farmhouse-Inspired Style

This is the part of the hall that is right outside of our kitchen. I wasn’t sure at first what we would do with the built-in, but I’m glad we left it as it was, because it’s now a feature we really love! We never liked the sliding doors but rather than hiring a cabinet maker to fix or change them out at this point, we simply removed the doors and added baskets. Easy peasy! But wow, what a difference that simple change made. It makes the hallway feel bigger and definitely more charming.

We bought new black hardware for the drawers and the cabinets in the hall and are so happy with that transformation, too.


The sign in the hallway outside the kitchen is one we bought for our old house (above, via Between You and Me Designs). I love this verse so I think its message is perfect inspiration in our new entry .

Small Hallway Makeover - Memo Boards + Farmhouse Style + Barnlight Electric Light
We made the most of the little part of the hall outside the kitchen door with a farmhouse chalkboardmemo board and mail holder. The kitchen door is to your right in this photo, the basement door is on your left, the basket built-in is behind you to your left, and my son’s room is a few feet directly behind you, for those of you trying to figure out where this is. Also, the door to the right in this photo will be removed and replaced with an archway in the coming weeks.

Zinc message board and mail holder - sources in post
Zinc wire message board card holder / Metal mail holder

Entry Hooks - Small Entry Hallway - The Inspired Room fall house tour
Directly to the right when you enter the house through the front door, we added this cast iron row of hooks. We are all about function in this house, as long as it’s cute, too. :)

Small House Entry Hall Makeover

When you first enter our home at the front door (through what will soon be a Dutch door, of course), you are in this small hallway. The hooks (above) are on your right and this doorway in front of you leads into the dining room.

We painted the mirror (from Ikea) with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint. The chevron wood cabinet is from Pier 1.

While it’s still a little hallway, it now feels fresher and more inspiring thanks in large part to a coat of white paint (Swan White by Glidden) to contrast with the slate floors and the (four total) adorable farmhouse-inspired flush mount lights from Barn Light Electric (a long time sponsor of The Inspired Room).

We still intend to put up some painted paneling at some point, I’m sure we will get around to that eventually.


Above is a photo of what this part of the hall looked like before.
Small House Entry Hall Makeover

Here’s the comparison of the before and the “progress” shot!

Small Black and White Hallway - Slate Floors - Farmhouse Style

This is what the little part of the hallway that leads to the master bedroom and bathroom looks like. We haven’t yet decided when/if/how we are going to close it off to the entry (probably when we add a powder bath someday), but we do love how it looks now! Again, a coat of Swan White paint really helps the space to feel cleaner against the slate and it’s so much more inviting. The new dark hardware is a perfect complement to the black and white hallway.

We also changed out the doorknobs in this hallway. While we found a lot of really cool doorknobs we LOVED and may get someday, these knobs were so affordable (and easy enough for Courtney and I to install ourselves) that we couldn’t pass them up for a quick and easy change. We love the dark finish for another touch of soft black in the hallway.


This is that little hallway before. Lots of “swine” :).

Small Hallway + Farmhouse Style Makeover
Tobacco Baskets on the wall

And above is another angle of the hallway leading to my master bedroom, after.

Little changes make a big impact in this small hallway! Sources and details in the post.

Small changes make a big impact on this small hallway. Details and sources are in the post!


And above, here’s one last look back at the BEFORE of the hall looking from the kitchen door towards the bedroom. I can’t wait to share you the “after” of this entire hallway once we have the Dutch doors installed and our kitchen complete! Stay tuned.

Did you get a chance to take my fall house tour? You can see it here!

Thanks for following along with this adventure!


White Barn lights: Barn Light Electric / Benjamin® Union Porcelain Stem Mount Light / White Finish / Flush Mount / Mounting Finish: Same as fixture (white) / No Cage

Black drawer pulls

Black doorknobs

Proverbs sign: Between You and Me Designs

Baskets: World Market

Topiary – (similar)

Zinc wire message board card holder

Wood farmhouse chalkboard

Metal mail holder

White paint color: Swan White by Glidden

Sources may include affiliate links


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