New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

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Hey friends! Before I let you in on my new bedroom paint color, I wanted to make sure you heard the news: I’m hosting a Color Clinic with Behr Paint this Thursday, March 15 from Noon-3p EST (9a-Noon PST). I’ll be answering your paint questions on Facebook (both on The Inspired Room Facebook page and the Behr Facebook page! I hope you’ll come by to say hi!)

Let’s talk about my newly repainted room! The new color is Seagull Gray by Behr (in eggshell enamel.). You might remember that our bedroom was the first room we painted in our house. I was writing a book as we moved to Seattle, so it was a pretty busy season all around! I remember thinking that the most important thing to me at that time was to have a cozy little nest to retreat to at the end of the day. So the very first thing we did was paint our room a dark moody color we absolutely loved.

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

We had a lot of painting and remodeling ahead of us, so it was great to have one room that felt pulled together as we worked on the rest of the house. It was just what we needed in that season of transition.

As we’ve become more settled in other areas of our home, I started thinking about this room again. It wasn’t that we didn’t like it as it was, we really did. I was ready for a change, but I dislike redoing things that are already done, you know? But sometimes I just need to make myself get over that and do what I know I’ll love the most. So I got brave and asked my husband to repaint the room, ha!

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

Even though it sometimes means you have to repaint walls, I love when I start to feel more certain of my design direction and how colors will all flow together with the overall vision. That’s when decorating starts to get really fun.

So with our design direction in mind, we decided to make a big leap and transform our room from dark to lighter! After my husband got over the shock that he was repainting this room again, he was on board and ready for a change.

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

As soon as the room was painted Seagull Gray Behr, we knew it was the right choice for us. I always love a serene and peaceful backdrop! It’s fun to have the option to change out other colors and accessories in the rest of the room and not have a bold color competing in the backdrop.

Seagull Gray is very subtle neutral gray, but at some times of day in our house it almost has a bit of a blue hue. It just feels so pretty, I love the soft contrast with the white woodwork. I’ll be sharing the design board for the rest of my room and the other progress we’ve already made in an upcoming post!

Even though the colors you see so far are soft and subtle, I’m bringing in lots of navy blue and white to punch the contrast as well as adding fun patterns, too! And, I’m getting a brand new bed (I’m finally giving my mom back her bed and I’m getting the bed I’ve wanted for years!! YIPPEE!).

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

Many of you have asked where this cabinet ended up when we removed it from our dining room, so now you know! I love that this piece doesn’t scream traditional “bedroom” as you see it from our front hallway.

Just for fun I also put together a pretty color palette below that would be beautiful with to Seagull Gray. We painted the little round picture frame (on the cabinet) City Rain from the palette. You could use this palette in a variety of ways, on walls, trim, cabinets, furniture, as well as fabrics and accessories.New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

Don’t forget to come ask questions at the Color Clinic on Facebook this Thursday! I’ll be helping answer questions on colors and sheen for your projects Thursday, March 15 from Noon-3p EST (9a-Noon PST) both on The Inspired Room Facebook page and the Behr Facebook page.

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

In the meantime, you can explore the Behr Color Clinic site here and find a helpful sheen guide here.

If you want help choosing colors, this is a fun tool you can use to develop a color palette based on your favorite your Pinterest Boards and Pins called Pins to Palettes, check it out!

I also love this Color Discovery Tool which helps you consider colors based on the mood you want to create. You know I’m all about the mood!

New Bedroom Paint Color! Seagull Gray by Behr

Do you have any paint projects planned for this spring?

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

Raise your hand if you have dogs! Raise your hand if you dream about having a clean house AND dogs!

We have FOUR doodle pups in our family, two of which live in my house full time. The other two visit when they can. That’s a lot of fluff!

Even though we love our dogs so much, a clean home is important to me. We’ve found a few tips to keep our house clean enough for us, so both the pups and people can be happy.

Here are some questions I’m often asked about dogs in our house!

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

1. Do your dogs shed?

No, they don’t. I have no idea how to deal with a shedding dog as I’ve never had one, so I will say right off the bat I don’t have any info on dogs that shed.

But, our dogs’ fur flies like any creature does, so we definitely get fluffy white fur floating through the house!

2. So how do you deal with all of the fluff?

We brush our dogs often, and get them groomed every six weeks or so. We have a housekeeper (a robot vacuum!) that we love–she keeps up with the dog dust bunnies pretty well! You can find a post about ours here.

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

3. Do you let your dogs on furniture?

Yes. They rule the house. That was not my original idea, but I lost that battle. :) It’s OK, we adore our pups and it’s worth it to us. They bring a lot of joy to our life.

4. Don’t your dogs get mud everywhere in the house?

No, not very often. I’ll explain below!

5. How do you keep the mud from tracking in on their feet?

We’re very diligent about keeping our outdoor area as clean and dry as possible. We put bark down on soil so they don’t walk through mud. We cover up any spots they are tempted to dig.

We also have large areas of hardscaping, like patio surfacing, leading up to our doors so they have more time to shake off the mud from their paws. We also wipe their paws in the winter if needed before they come inside, although we don’t seem to have to do that very often.

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

6. But, don’t your floors and rugs get really dirty?

We have hard floor material, like wood and tile, that hide most of the dirt at first glance, but they are also easy to clean. Most of our rugs are indestructible, too. My favorites are the indoor / outdoor rugs, check out our rug shop! We definitely roll our rugs up when our dogs seem likely to barf or could be super muddy, just in case.

If we wanted a spotless house we’d have no kids or dogs, but we are OK with cleaning a little extra, as needed. We are also OK with accepting a little imperfection.

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?

7. What about dirt, wear and tear on your furniture?

Most of it is washable or easy enough to clean!

When I had a white sofa, it was slipcovered so we could wash it. In that house, our back door was right by the white sofa and we also had brand new puppies. We also had brand new landscaping! Our pups LOVED digging in that fresh soft soil!

Even so, that white sofa lasted for years with young kids and pups! There’s no more dirt on a white sofa than a dark one, but at least with the light slipcover you know to it’s time clean it.

Believe it or not, I would still get another slipcovered white sofa. But at that point in time, I decided to go with leather instead. You can read the white slipcovered sofa post and see our leather sofa here.

Right now the sofa we have has performance fabric, so it’s very easy to keep clean and the fabric is sturdy enough to hold up to the dogs. We keep sheets and washable blankets and pillow covers on the daybed.

We also have a lot of washable blankets around that we can toss over beds or furniture as needed to keep things cleaner.

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?


You guys, I forgot to mention this one earlier so I’m adding it in because I think it’s my biggest pet peeve. I clean the main windows our dogs put their noses on every single day. Fortunately there are only a couple windows I have to deal with and it takes me less than three minutes a day to keep up on it. I don’t like dog slime on windows :).

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?
Tell me about your pets! How do you keep your home clean with furry friends?

PS…for more of our pups, you can see them on Instagram at Doodles at Home or Jack the Inspired Goldendoodle. :)

How Do You Keep a Clean House with Dogs?