A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

I‘m so happy to say that SPRING has actually sprung in Seattle! Our trees are blossoming and bulbs are popping up from the ground. The warmer sunnier days (in between the windy, cold and rainy days, ha) are really inspiring me! Recently Birch Lane invited me to be a part of their Spring Refresh campaign, so I am thrilled to be able to join in along with four other bloggers. I’ll also be doing a take over on Birch Lane Instagram’s feed so please come say hi? I’ll be sharing the four ways we refreshed a corner of our basement for spring!

If you are new to The Inspired Room, we moved into this 1950s house six months ago. It was hard to leave our mostly finished house knowing we’d be starting over here, but we are so thrilled to be in Seattle near our family that we are choosing to look at this as an adventure. You can read the story of our move and see a video tour of our new house here.

Our first improvement in this house wasn’t exactly a blogger’s dream makeover. We had to replace …. (dun, dun, dun) the sewer. Fun project, yes? Read about that here. Subsequently it made sense to replace our cracked driveway and a horrible side courtyard at the same time. But now that those repairs are under way or being completed, we are finally ready to focus our attention INSIDE to make this house our home. And that brings me to today and why I was SO excited by this fun chance to get a new project started!

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

A few days ago I showed you our empty basement before pictures (in this post). We intend to use this lower level as a family gathering space. Our longer term goals for this space include new flooring, blinds, paint, trim work and new furniture. We sold our big navy velvet sectional with our old house, so we have planned to mostly start over with new seating in this room. So as you can imagine, this opportunity to do a Spring Refresh came at just the right time to give our space a jump start.

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to begin on home improvements, especially if your room is currently in the BEFORE state or you have to furnish an entire room (or basement). If you have a cute room already, a Spring Refresh might be about the finishing seasonal touch with pillows or accessories. But when you are furnishing a room from scratch, you have to start somewhere.

Because we aren’t furnishing our entire room at once (we’ll be adding additional pieces at other times in the near future) we wanted to start our spring refresh with one piece we really love so we can build the room and look the right direction from there.

We absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous blue-green Larson nailhead trim chair from Birch Lane. We chose the fabric called “Bryant Calypso Textured Slub”. We could not be more pleased with the quality, comfort, color, size and shape of this chair and its matching ottoman!

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

Most of the new furniture we hope to add will be upholstered in neutral fabrics, so the pretty color of this chair will be really special. It sets the tone for the overall color scheme and the fresh and fun vibe we envision for this room.

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

It did my heart good when this chair and ottoman arrived this week because we could finally see first glimmer of what this space will be like, even before we paint our walls. I love dreaming up things in my head, but I especially love seeing them start to take shape. Up until this week the lower level was just a random assortment of stuff so a new chair was a great first step.

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

Since our plan is to replace the carpet with hard surface flooring, we found a neutral striped rug at Wayfair awhile back that is just placed right over the existing carpet, grounding the space and conversation area, but it will also look great when we get the new floors.

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

Obviously, Jack approves of the ottoman. His feet kill me.

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

I love the nailhead detail on the chair, it adds an extra bit of style and class which I really like.

The pretty scalloped pillow cover from Birch Lane adds just the right spring vibe. I’m excited to see how different this chair will look throughout the year with other colors of pillows!

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane
We have had Birch Lane lidded baskets for awhile now and we LOVE them! I have one in my bedroom for extra pillows and blankets and we will use this one to hide those unsightly remote controls. It also makes a great little side table if you put a tray on it!

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

I kind of have a THING for statement lighting, and this floor lamp? It had me at HELLO.

Here are 4 takeaway tips that we used for a Spring Refresh of our space!

1. Color is one of the best ways to update the look and feel of a room, so leave winter behind and bring a fresh spring hue to your space! A striking color offers personality and a fun point of interest to any room. A solid color on upholstery acts like a neutral, allowing you to still change the mood all year round with seasonal or patterned pillows covers and throws!

2. Tidy up your space and bring texture to your room this spring with a woven basket to corral the clutter, stash the magazines or store those TV and gaming remotes!

3. If you aren’t sure where to begin to refresh a room, why not start in a corner? You don’t have to makeover an entire room, focus on creating one space you really love. In our space, we took a previously uninspiring corner and set up a beautiful spot for reading and relaxing.

4.  Lighting is a great way to add new personality to a room. Every chair should have a light nearby, so for our Spring Refresh we selected a stunning floor lamp to finish off our reading space. Floor lamps are so versatile because they fit just about anywhere. They are easy to move around as needed for light and can be tucked into corners of other rooms if you decide to rearrange.

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane

Shop this post and more of my favorite spring finds at Birch Lane by scrolling through below! Thank you to Birch Lane for providing the chair, ottoman, lamp and pillow for this post!

A Spring Refresh with Birch Lane


Larson Nailhead Trim Chair in Bryant Calypso Textured Slub (we ordered a few fabric samples online so we knew exactly what to expect when it arrived. I highly recommend ordering samples whenever possible, as colors can vary between computer screens!) :)

Larson Nailhead Trim Ottoman in Bryant Calypso Textured Slub

Stratford Floor Lamp

Yellow Scalloped Pillow Cover

Woven Lidded Basket

Taupe and Ivory Striped Rug

Horse Bookends

Wood Mirror

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Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals

Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals

A few months ago I shared our initial inspiration and ideas for our already pretty great basement laundry/craft room space. So far, though, our laundry room is in the same state it was before, except for the fact that WE GOT A NEW WASHER AND DRYER! Why all caps? Because I’m excited about doing laundry.

You might remember that right around the time I was sharing about my laundry room, my dryer machine died and I was without one for the first few months we lived in our house. Let me tell you, moving in to a house and right away not having your dryer functioning was NOT a fun experience. We felt SO behind. Trying to get settled into new routines and organized in our new home without our drying just felt overwhelming. First world problems, I know, but we lived with clothes and blankets draped over all the furniture (so unsettling) and in piles on the floor, and we made do with semi-crunchy towels and clothes (ew) for several months.

Finally just before Christmas we received the best gift ever. Samsung sent me a new washer and dryer, the brand new redesigned platinum ActiveWash (model WA50k86ooAV-A2) as an unexpected but welcome part of our partnership!

Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals

Honestly, we have never been so happy to wash clothes in our entire lives, we definitely won’t take a dryer for granted ever again. Being able to wash and dry clothes in our home is not just a chore, it is an every day experience we are quite grateful for. Two months later, we feel back on top of our laundry game! The machines have been wonderful.

Now that our laundry pile is finally under control, we are back to getting excited about designing this room. The room has so much going for it already, we can’t wait to make design decisions on ways to pull it all together (see my initial post on the laundry room inspiration, here).

Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals
This laundry room (from Roly Poly Farms) I found the other day offers great inspiration for how one could start with a basic room and add molding, trim, tile and fabric to make the space like this a dream to work in! I really love that she added a hutch to the wall to bring a lot of charm and character to the space, too.

Someday we plan to add a laundry sink like hers (isn’t it adorable?), but for now we were really excited to find that our new washer has a built-in sink feature for hand washables and stain treatments. Check out how it works in our video below! It’s pretty cool and definitely comes in handy.


Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals
In our last two houses we had front loaders. While I liked the Samsung washer and dryer we had previously as well, we are really enjoying the larger capacity of these new machines. We are able to wash and dry comforters with ease! I also love that the newly redesigned LED controls are easy to access and lay flat on top of the machine (it looks extra sleek, too).

We still intend to use this room for more than just laundry (see our initial inspiration for craft / laundry room combination post here). If we proceed with a new laundry / mudroom upstairs (click here to see that idea) like we are currently dreaming about, this room would make a wonderful second kitchen someday as well as additional laundry facilities for our lower level (whether we rent out the lower level or just have room for friends and guests to come and stay and explore Seattle!).

We are so happy to have a large and wonderful room to do laundry, it’s the biggest laundry room we’ve ever had. Most of our previous laundry rooms have been located down in dark basements (with the rodents and leaky pipes). Those rooms didn’t look anything like a laundry ROOM, if you know what I mean. So needless to say, this room was a selling point. It will be a fun space to improve!

Tell me about your own laundry room, past or present, and what you’ve done (or plan to do) to make it a more inspiring place to spend your every waking moment  keep up with laundry.  :)

I am a Brand Ambassador for Samsung and received this washer & dryer as a part of our partnership. All my words, opinions and experiences are my own.

Our New Washer & Dryer & Laundry Room Goals