Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Baskets Under a Bench - Decorating and Organizing with BasketsHouse Beautiful

I love baskets. I use them all over the house, including baskets to organize my pantry and baskets to corral items under my kitchen island. Besides how functional they are, I just love how they look in a room!


This is one of my newest baskets and one of my favorites (see it in my fall home tour, here).

I love these spaces and how they use baskets for organization:

Organizing with Baskets in the Office - Baskets on ShelvesBHG

Baskets above Cabinets - Organization in the KitchenBHG

Baskets with Blankets under a Console Table - Decorating and Organizing with BasketsLonny

How to organize your house with baskets and containers - The Inspired Room

Click here to see my full post with tips on how I use baskets and containers to organize my own home!

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Do you use baskets to organize your house?

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