31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 3}:
The Secret to a Clutter Free Room

It is hard to feel content and love your home if your house is a mess. If you are like most of us (and some of the people I asked on Facebook!), you probably crave more order and less clutter in your house. For us to really enjoy the Fall season (and … ** Read more **

Creative Organizing Ideas for Every Room

Country Living: Creative organizing ideas in a freestanding pantry Today we are going to find inspiration to be organized, once and for all! Yay for us! If you want to catch up on my organization series, you can find the most recent post and links … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization::
Step Four: Dealing with Paper


Tips for Organizing Paper! Remember the 5 minute rule we looked at in our previous Baby Steps to Organization? That five minute rule is a great way to measure the success of your organizational system. This is especially true with paper! My paper … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization:: Step Three: Embrace the 5 Minutes or Less Rule


Better Homes and Gardens We all have a different tolerance level for clutter and different styles of organization. Some of us like to see our stuff out in the open, and some of us like to have everything tucked away behind closed doors. Some of us … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization::
Step Two: Are you a S.H.E.?

Country Living Guest Room I want to reorganize my upstairs so I will have a guest room and so the entire second floor will function better. But I'm the master at getting sidetracked. You probably know that about me by now if you have been hanging … ** Read more **

Baby Steps to Organization::
Step One, Assess the Needs

Dining room - Office from Martha Stewart Every August here on The Inspired Room, I've shared my very basic and simple housekeeping routines. Housekeeping and routines are always some of my most popular topics this time of year! Guess we all struggle … ** Read more **