Get Organized: Command Centers

Easy DIY Command Center - Shabby Creek CottageShabby Creek Cottage (DIY)

Working on organization this year? Today I’ve rounded up some great inspiration from fellow bloggers and my own home to inspire you! Click the links to their blogs for more details on how to create your own command center.

DIY Family Command Center - The Handmade HomeThe Handmade Home (DIY)

Organization Family Command Center - The Inspired Room

My own family command center. On ours, we use magnetic canisters like these to hold paperclips and push pins, day-of-the-week clothespins for important weekly reminders, clips similar to these for holding papers and calendars, and magnetic cups for pens and markers. My chalkboard was from Costco a few years ago, but I found a similar one here!

Organized Family Command Center - Hi SugarplumHi Sugarplum (using pieces from Martha Stewart’s Wall Manager)

Organization-Board-Command-Center-Girl-Loves-GlamGirl Loves Glam (DIY)

DIY Organization Command Center -4 Men 1 Lady4 Men 1 Lady (DIY)

Command Center - Domestic ImperfectionDomestic Imperfection (DIY)

Get Organized - Command Centers and Wall Organizers - The Inspired Room1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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Kick Excuses to the Curb {Confessions on Decluttering & Organizing}

Organized Closet InspirationBHG

Decluttering isn’t easy. Even when we start out motivated, if we think too much about our clutter we’ll eventually have to make a decision. And that decision is what always used to derail me from decluttering! Gah.

I am a terrible decision maker. I can’t even decide what to make for dinner or what to eat if we go to a restaurant. I don’t know what to wear when I leave the house. I have issues.

So ask me to decide what to get rid of, what to keep and where to put ALL THE THINGS is like asking me to perform brain surgery. Honestly. It’s been hard for me.

The worst of it is I not only can derail the process by my indecision, but I’m inclined to go shopping instead of declutter! Seriously? That complicates things. More in and not enough out is, well, TOO MUCH.

I have issues. But actually, I just have too much stuff and too many excuses. That’s a lethal combination.

Organized Laundry Storage - InspirationBHG

But, I’m not a hoarder. My house is not dirty or disorderly. It’s not perfect, but we do like to keep it as orderly and clean as we can because it is important to us. We do have organizational systems. Most of our house is not even cluttered with anything but the everyday clutter of life being lived.

But I’m the first to admit our garage and closets still need help. We do have way too much stuff out there and I just haven’t had the time to deal with it, but that’s another story. And another excuse. A good one, perhaps, but they all seem like good excuses.

I think I’m pretty much like other people who just end up with too much stuff, we may not be hoarders, but just inadvertent collectors of things we should just get rid of or give to a worthy cause.

Here are excuses that I’ve uttered myself that I’m learning to kick to the curb:

Excuses for Clutter - The Inspired Room

Right? All the things. All the excuses.

But I’ve come a long way over the years. I’m better at kicking excuses to the curb. I know more about myself, my habits, my bad organizational habits, and what I need to work on improving.

I have found so many solutions that work for me and for our home. I can much more easily get rid of things knowing my history, such as the fact that I’m not likely to ever recover a chair so I shouldn’t collect them in my garage.

So even though I don’t have it all together, I’m definitely happier in my home than I’ve ever been. Not because of how it looks, but because of how it feels. And for remaining areas that still stress me out if I think about them, I have hope and a plan.

I’m continuing to work on the goal of a clutter-free home because I know clutter impacts me in negative ways. The are fewer areas of clutter in our life than ever before. It’s becoming easier to let go of all the things without thinking too much, because the alternative is keeping everything — and that is more stressful than deciding to let things go.

Organized Linen Closet- InspirationBHG

I don’t want to spend my life making decisions about what to do with things. I have too much else that interests me in life. I just want to enjoy my home. I crave that sense of peace that comes from only having what you really need or use, those things that actually bring you happiness or serve a purpose in your home. There’s a peace when you have control over your things, rather than your things controlling you.

Kitchen Command Center - OrganizationBHG

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Positive Motivation for Decluttering in 2015

Positive Motivation for Decluttering in 2015 - The Inspired Room Blog

So, we are a few days into the new year now! Are you still excited about decluttering and organizing? Or are you a little unsure about the commitment of getting organized this year? Sometimes the best motivation for reaching goals is seeing the potential positive outcomes spelled out in black and white.

Today I’m over at The Decluttered Home sharing some encouraging motivation for how you can get organized in 2015!

Meanwhile, I’m taking down our Christmas decor and preparing a fresh clean slate at my house for all the exciting things to come in 2015. I’ll be back Monday to kick off the first official week after the holidays with some ways to refresh your home after the holidays! See you soon! Don’t forget to check out The Decluttered Home!

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