Festive Ideas for Christmas Parties & Winter Traditions

peppermint rimmed hot cocoa

How Does She? Peppermint Rimmed Hot Chocolate? Yes, please! This festive and tasty idea from How Does She! would be so fun for Christmas parties! It is the little things that make events memorable, don't you think? Peppermint Rimmed Hot C … ** Read more **

Holiday Parties: Top Ten Things to Do Before You Welcome Guests!

Prepare Home for a Party

It is almost time for holiday parties! I've always enjoyed throwing parties. In fact, it is one of my top secrets to getting and keeping my house clean! Giving out party invitations is a sure fire wire way to guarantee I will get a lot done around … ** Read more **

Thanksgiving, Party & Christmas Table Decor: Hurricanes with Hanging Votive Candles!

Thanksgiving Christmas Party Decor

Thanksgiving, Party & Holiday Table Idea! So, in between feeling awkward, sobbing and laughing at Relevant, I was taking note of all the fun decor on the tables. Forgive me if I have this wrong but I believe the table decorations there were done … ** Read more **

Anthropologie Dishes

anthropologie dishes

Oh, Anthropologie. How you pull me in and tempt me. Sigh. Give me the new Anthropologie table top design tool over Farmville any day. Don't have too much fun now.  It is a little addictive, I'm warning you. Now if only I could hit the "buy" … ** Read more **

Summer Decor: The Starfish & Jute Mason Jar

mason jar craft

Simple Summer Party Decorating Idea Remember my trusty and most often used party decoration? Of course you do. Yep, it is the humble yet oh so versatile mason jar. Here she is for summer 2011, this time all dolled up in her summer evening wear, a … ** Read more **

Decorating Tables for Spring


Spring Decorating When I was a girl, my mom was really into decorating our tables for the seasons. I loved it. I would always be so excited about the centerpieces at the dinner table -- everything was all festive and dressed for holidays! Let's get … ** Read more **