31 Days of Falling for Fall!

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Every year since nearly the beginning of blogdom, I’ve done a Fall series here on The Inspired Room. I can’t help myself, I’ve always loved Fall. It is such a glorious time, much too wonderful to waste its precious days fretting over the winter to come or bemoaning the passing of summer.

Who wouldn’t love beautiful days (that aren’t hot!) and getting cozier on cool nights? Fall is perfect. And because I have such high expectations and hopes for Fall every year :-) I might as well do what I can to make those hopes a reality by being intentional about embracing the simple pleasures of Fall.

And that is what Fall Nesting is all about –being more intentional about the season. And that is just what I plan to do!

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like Fall is more of a state of mind and an outlook on life this time of year than it is about the actual weather or turning of the leaves. For me it is about nurturing a love of home and family. It’s about getting cozier at home by adding layers of texture and comfort. With Fall comes a desire to organize and arrange life at home to suit how we really want to live. Fall is a time to savor home cooked meals and bake from scratch. It’s the perfect season to plot out a few projects to improve our home. And of course, Fall is the time to start preparing ahead for the holidays so there is less stress and more good memories!

I already have a great line up of ideas, projects and inspiration to share for the entire 31 days of Falling for Fall, which will start here on September 16th! (There will be a couple of Fall posts before then, too, because I just can’t wait!!).

You can do your own series or fall posts if you’d like, I will put up a linky party the first day of the series!

If you are new to The Inspired Room and my yearly Fall Nesting series, come by to find a new Fall post every day for 31 days!

Don’t miss it, the Fall Nesting series begins September 16th!

To see all of the links for this series, check them out here!

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*For more fall inspiration, check out my Fall galleries!*

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 30 & 31}:
Spill it. It’s Your Turn.

If you came by yesterday and wondered why we were reliving Day 29 for 48 hours straight, let me explain. I’ve had a series of blog mishaps this weekend. I’m a blog wrecker of epic proportions.

I somehow lost my last post. My linky didn’t post on Saturday and I was off at a Women of Faith conference so I didn’t notice until several of you emailed to inquire as to my well being. I’m alive and well thank you, but apparently I’m incapable of programming posts in advance and expecting them to work.

So, finally, let’s just wrap this up with a linky! I’m you all have brilliant ideas to share.

If any of you have written an Autumn post that fits in with this series, I would love to have you link up your best post of the season. A few of you had given me links to share and I never got around to that so I hope you’ll link them here. I have no idea why they are not the photo thumbnail linkies!! I think I’ve lost my mind.

{and now, my linkies are GONE entirely. I’m sorry}.

Thanks for reading this entire month of Autumn Bliss and for your grace as I blew the next to the last day! I think 29 posts in a row was plenty anyhow. Now I’m going to take a nap. (I’m kidding, I had a great time doing this series).  Don’t forget to enter the $100 DaySpring Shopping Spree if you haven’t already!

For the entire series links, click the 31 Days Button below!

Find the rest of the 31 Day girls here.

Your turn. Spill it girls.


31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 29}:
Doing What You Love

Today I’m going to let someone else share their story of finding contentment at home this Autumn! That was the intention of this series all along, to share ways to embrace contentment in this season, right where we are. It is so easy to miss out on joy at home when we over-think things or fret over what we don’t have or find excuses for not doing what we love.

I love my friend Holly for so many reasons (besides her stairs, which you will see at the end of this post) including her desire to find contentment and beauty right where she is, no matter what! I admire that greatly. She is so real and genuine, if you don’t know Holly, I encourage you to go hang out with her on her blog too, because she is a lovely lady and so talented. Welcome Holly!

Don’t you just love it when you have liked something forever and then it gets very popular before you have a chance to actually do it OR suddenly everyone seems to have something after you have had it forever…whether it is a fabric or a haircut or handbag. Silly? Maybe. Prideful? Probably. But true. We women are strange birds.

{Image from Pottery Barn, I love how their stairs are as beat up as mine!}

Well that is how I felt about the idea of putting numbers on stairs. Certainly not my original idea, after all I think I first saw the idea in a Pottery Barn “Decorating for Kids” book years ago …so obviously when you get an idea from Pottery barn you can’t exactly own it..ha!

But the more I saw stairs being numbered I didn’t know if I really wanted to do it any more. But recently, I caught my husband at a weak moment and he agreed to the numbers so I decided to not let it bother me that many talented bloggers and the popular show Sarah’s house have recently showed this idea.

Instead of worrying about being “too trendy,” I decided to embrace the trend because I LIKE IT and it really really fits my house and lifestyle.

Notice how designer Sarah Richardson used different fonts and colors to make this idea more unique!

{Image from Sarah’s House at HGTV}

I simply used the vinyl numbers you can find online from a variety of resources.

I was able to do this one afternoon while Henry napped.

So here it is…my new version of the numbered stair trend!

I am loving the look.

I think the boys like it too…we’ll see if the baby learns his numbers faster than the big brother did. . .

I have learned a lesson:

Do what you want when
decorating your home!

Just enjoy!

Thanks Holly for being real with us! PS. Saturday we’ll have a link-up opportunity so if you want to share your own Autumn Bliss posts (whatever you’ve shared for Autumn or Thanksgiving!)!

So, what do you struggle with in decorating your own home?

Do you worry about being out of style? Being too trendy? Making mistakes? Not being perfect? That the internet world won’t like what you do? That you don’t have talent or skills? What are your worries?  Let’s sit down on The Inspired Room counseling sofa and get real here.

For the entire series links, click the 31 Days Button below!

Find the rest of the 31 Day girls here.

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