Fresh White Paint

One of the best things about doing home improvement projects in the summer (in Washington, maybe not in the really hot parts of the country!)) is we can go outside to freshen up furniture with paint! All winter long I wish I could paint things outside, but around these parts that just is not possible until usually July.

When you are on a meager furniture budget like I am, nothing saves the day and pulls together mismatched and neglected or abused furniture like PAINT. Any color will do!

We’ve had these awesome rattan chairs FOREVER. They were my moms before they came to us. The chairs were stained dark for part of their life and when the finish was worn and grungy, we painted them white. It felt like we had brand new chairs! But that was a couple of years ago.

In the past year while Jack was a wee pup he decided he liked to chew on the edges of the chairs. Sigh. Now that he is a big one year old, he is much less likely to chew our furniture. Not entirely UNlikely, but less likely {Ha!}. He is still a bit of a trouble maker. Eh hem.

Finally the weather has cooperated with us and summer has arrived so we were able to spruce up our chairs. Of course, if you have chewed up chairs you could leave the chewed up arms as they are, if you are into a more shabby chic look or want to remember those puppy days.

But for my personal preferences and style, these chairs were just looking run down and not as chic as I wanted. Out came the paint and in came our clean and fresh chairs! We used a combination of brushing on white paint and spray paint. Not sure that is the best technique, but it was helpful for getting the most coverage of paint on all angles.

Ahhhh, so much better.

I’ll be recovering the cushions and show you how they turn out when they are done!

Do you paint furniture in the summer or is it too hot where you live?

PS: My floors are close to done and they look AH-MAZING. Lowe’s is doing a fantastic job on the install and I couldn’t be happier. Cannot wait to show you the reveal of the floors next week!

If you aren’t sure where to begin with painting furniture and need some solid advice, this is a great affiliate e-book with plenty of helpful tips!

{Gather} A Summer Picnic

where to find cute summer picnic items

find the the sweetness:

1. Terrain
2. Anthropologie
3. Heath Ceramics
4. ModCloth
5. *via Luxe Yard (affiliate, free to sign up and shop!)

Happy Independence Day! {Flags}

Pottery Barn

Flags inside and out!

I love this Pottery Barn flag, but if you are crafty you can make your own!

Pottery Barn Flag

The red, white and blue flag is not only the perfect porch decor, but it proclaims our freedom and gratitude!

Pottery Barn Flag

Susan from Between Naps on the Porch made her own beautiful version! She shares the full How to Make a Wood Flag Tutorial here so you can make one!

PS. I love seeing flags on porches too. 

You can find lovely inspiration for hanging flags on porches here!

So grateful for our freedom! Have a safe 4th everyone!


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