Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

One of my most favorite things about Fall, besides wearing boots and sweaters, is drinking a cup of coffee in the morning by the fire.

It’s my Fall Nesting morning ritual.

But to really make the whole experience more special, I have a hot drink station set up in my kitchen with my favorite mugs and tasty coffees, teas and fun syrups for flavoring.

I love my coffee maker, but you don’t have to have a fancy machine. Just fancy cups!

Making coffee in the morning is a little treat I give myself.

I especially look forward to it on those chilly mornings so I can wrap my cold hands around the mug and warm up inside!

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

What is it about pretty mugs that make drinks so much more delicious?

But the best part about coffee in a pretty mug?

It makes it challenging to rush around in the morning.

You want to hold on to a pretty mug carefully.

Sip more slowly. Linger.

Pretty mugs change everything about the day.

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

I got most of these mugs at Anthropologie, but I’ve seen some real cute ones at World Market too. I got the cup drying rack at World Market, and also the blue lidded jars. The little espresso cups came from JC Penney. You could use a basket to gather items in your station, or set things up on a shelf. Whatever you can find to make it cute!

Not only is having a pretty hot drink station an invitation for lingering on cozy Fall mornings by the fire, but it is fun when you have girlfriends over.

The first thing friends will want to do is pick out a pretty mug for their own coffee!

Now you’ve spread the Fall nesting love through your coffee station, and everyone is happy.

Yep. Pretty mugs and coffee stations are a Fall Nesting must-have.

Fall Nesting {Pretty Mugs & Fancy Coffee Station}

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5 Designer Secrets {Cozy Dining Room}

5 Designer Secrets {Cozy Dining Room}

5 Designer Secrets {Cozy Dining Room}

Designer Katie Rosenfeld  (Michael J. Lee Photography)

Welcome to Day Two of my 31 Days of Falling For Fall series!

From time to time during this series, I’ll be sharing various beautiful rooms, displays or tablescapes that I find cozy or inspiring for Fall. Some of the spaces may not even be what you would typically think of as a “cozy style or color.” But because the designer had a great eye for detail, they pulled together elements that brought in just the right amount of texture or warmth. This room by designer Katie Rosenfeld was a great example!

In spite of the fact that it is a white room with pretty blue accents, it feels cozy and comfortable.

How did she achieve that balance?

Here are are five take aways that caught my eye!

1. While the chairs are peacock or teal blue, they are a beautiful soft velvet that feels cozy and comfy. It is that same exact combination I fell in love with for my new ottoman!

2. The light fixture is a warm gold tone. Yes, if you missed the memo, beautiful warm gold and brass is back in vogue in a big way, but a classic metal never really goes out of style. Brass and gold add a touch of sophistication and with a warm glow you don’t get from silver.

3. The fabric lampshades on the chandelier soften the bare lightbulbs for a warmer ambience.

4. The designer added carpet runners to the stairs and an area rug to the dining room. While wood floors alone can be warm and beautiful, the added comfort and layer of texture brought another cozy element to the space.

5. The wood table and stair rail brought a sophisticated touch but still warm natural contrast to all the painted white wood work and green chest.

What caught your eye in this room?

5 Designer Secrets {Cozy Dining Room}

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5 Designer Secrets {Cozy Dining Room}