Creating Your Own Tropical Backyard Vacation


{Sunset Magazine} I don't know about you, but we don't get to go on many tropical vacations! But just because we aren't jetting off to Bali at a moment's notice doesn't mean we can't slip out the back door to our own private island! You can create … ** Read more **

Summery Window Treatments

via Architectural Digest I love the look of lace or sheer curtains blowing through open windows on a breezy summer day! If you like to lighten up your window treatments for summer, or just want to freshen up your decor in general, here are some … ** Read more **

Outdoor Ambience: Strings of Light

Need a quick and comparatively inexpensive way to add a little nighttime ambience to your yard, porch and patio? I've always been inspired by Disneyland's year-round white lights on their park trees and buildings. You can bring a little of that magic … ** Read more **

Small Space Gardening


Are you ready for summer gardening? The forecast for the next few days here in Washington state is SUN SUN SUN! I like the sound of that! I'm really excited about having a garden in our backyard. While I do not have a particularly green thumb, I … ** Read more **

What Kind of Hostess Are You?

I determined a long time ago I was going to be a laid back hostess. That does not mean I don't pretty up my house with candles and tidy things a bit before guests arrive. I wouldn't be ME if I didn't. I love the process of nesting and creating … ** Read more **

Good Friday: A Beautiful Life


After a long week, I'm looking forward to the weekend! We've got plans to go bowling, enjoy our traditional Easter egg hunt, celebrate the true meaning of Easter with our family, and I've got plenty of nesting to do! Here are some … ** Read more **