Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

fall mantel

fall decorating

fall mantel decorating

mantel velvet pumpkin

fall favorites
Impossibly soft.

Irresistibly squishy.

Delightfully textural.

A yearly fall favorite.

Perfect for a simple Fall mantel without all the fuss.

Inspired Trio SQ

Fall Mantel shared with Thrifty Decor Chick.

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velvet pumpkins fall decorating

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DIY Watercolor Napkins

diy watercolor napkin tutorial for parties or weddings

Hello Inspired Room readers! Michaela here. I’m excited to be back today showing you a little DIY project you can do to spice up an end-of-summer-bash. {And if you don’t have one planned now, you will by the end of this post :) }

When thinking of fun ways to bring in color to tablescapes and party decor, it dawned on me. DIY watercolor napkins. They’re simple, quick and make a big impact. Bonus? You really can’t mess this DIY project up!

Materials: Rit fabric dye (or your choice brand fabric dye), paint brushes, water, white or off-white napkins, bowls for separate dye colors.

DIY watercolor napkins

Step 1: Pour a little dye into each bowl and add water. I mixed up teal, blue and purple.

DIY dyed napkins
how to dye fabric napkins

Step 2: For my first napkin, I spread it out on the table and began by doing large stripes of color across the span of the napkin. I repeated this all the way down the fabric, alternating colors. In some areas I would put more water on the fabric on top of the dye, in order to dilute the color a bit and give it more of a “watercolor” feel. You’ll see the finished look below!

diy party napkins
Step 3: For my second napkin, I did a really thin stripe of teal, followed by an even thinner stroke of blue to give it extra color.

tips for dying fabric napkins

DIY water color fabric

Step 4: To make it appear even more watercolor-looking, I dipped a small brush into the blue dye and tapped the water off onto the fabric, creating little drops of water.

diy watercolor napkin project

Step 5: Wait for them to dry! Note that the colors will dry lighter than when you first put it on.

make your own cloth napkins

If you were throwing a big party, you could easily do a whole stack of these napkins in a short amount of time. These two only took me five minutes– promise!

It’s party time! As an end of summer bash, I set up an ice cream bar for some girlfriends. These colorful napkins were the perfect touch. And each guest gets their own unique napkin, which I think is a special touch.

ice cream party

ice cream party ideas

backyard party

party themes

make your own napkins for party or wedding

Details | Napkins, Heart Bowl, Turquoise Bowls

Hopefully this project inspires some colorful {and delicious} entertaining!


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