Natural Elements for Fall Decorating

photo: Country Living I think incorporating the simple beauty of natural elements is one of the easiest and most attractive ways to include any season into your decor. There are so many lovely things in nature! And because I like being subtle in my … ** Read more **

Get Inspired for Fall!
Fall Nesting 2009!


Pottery Barn My house is a bit of a mess right now. I feel disorganized. Un-domestic. Flustered. So not like Martha. I am stuck somewhere between summer and back to school. But I am DETERMINED to get my FALL INSPIRATION going. I may not have freshly … ** Read more **

So, who wants to go on a
shopping spree? Anyone?

fall inspiration: Country Living You don't have to be READY for fall to dream about it. This Fall Nesting party is not only for people who are already hanging acorns across their mantle. Even if it is 109 degrees where you are, you can still … ** Read more **

Beach Cottage Drive Bys

Since we are in the last couple of days of summer at our house (school starts next week), my kids and I are heading off on an outdoor adventure! I'm unplugging, digging my feet in the sand and maybe even picking berries. Awhile back I took these … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Week Returns!

It is nearly that time again! Oh, yes...Fall Nesting Week is coming NEXT WEEK, Sept. 2! What is Fall Nesting Week, you ask? Well if you missed it last year, you can get a ton of ideas of what it was like right here in our 2008 edition. Don't worry, … ** Read more **

Vacation & Keepsake Memory Jars

vacation memory keepsake jar

My son loves collecting little keepsakes and treasures. Sometimes we go on leisurely treasure hunt walks through our neighborhood, hand in hand, to see what we can find. We pick up pine cones, bottle caps, pretty rocks and leaves. I love going on … ** Read more **