Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas Decorating

Better Homes & Gardens

I love decorating with tiny Christmas trees.

I love them all over the house.

I love them on tables and in buckets.

I love them themed. I love them pure and evergreen.

I love them white.

I love them with lights. Or without.

I love them all.

Better Homes & Gardens

 Country Living

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

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Midwest Living

Better Homes & Gardens

So how many Christmas trees are you putting up at your house this year? If you’ve used small Christmas trees to decorate in previous years (or have them up already!) please feel free to share links in the comments!

Trend Setter: My Dining Room Table Happy Accident

This weekend I got into one of my nesting phases that usually precede holidays. I’m pretty predictable. While I was moving things around and dreaming up all the projects I could probably squeeze into the week before Thanksgiving, I decided would put the leaves in my table. Easy enough, right? And then I realized that I never painted my table leaves. Who doesn’t remember to paint her table leaves? Yeah. THIS girl.

But unlike some women who would probably go paint her table leaves right then and there so everything would match, I just put the leaves in my table. Yes, I let them not match. {You might have seen me post about this on Facebook.

Yes. It is true. This girl likes to take the lazy simple route. I can use a runner or tablecloth if I want to, or I can leave the table as is. I have options.

It is unmatched and imperfect. Accidentally creative and even slightly funky. And you know what? I’m good with happy accidents.

Actually, I think I like it this way.

Festive Ideas for Christmas Parties & Winter Traditions

How Does She?

Peppermint Rimmed Hot Chocolate?

Yes, please! This festive and tasty idea from How Does She! would be so fun for Christmas parties!

It is the little things that make events memorable, don’t you think?

Peppermint Rimmed Hot Chocolate would make a great winter tradition for your family, too! Your kids will never forget family treats like this.

Hey Gorgeous

I thought this similarly festive idea for decorating a beverage glass from Hey Gorgeous was super neat too! My girls are always adding sprinkles to things, so I know they will love this.

Can you imagine how great this would be to dress up ice cream after dinner or milk glasses at the kids’ holiday table?

I found some cute straws at Garnish so you might want to have them on hand for the holidays (they are not an affiliate, although I do love their products)!

Too cute not to share! Happy weekend!

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