Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

indoor plants teacup garden

When I lived in one of my smallest houses, a sweet little English cottage in Portland, I created a tiny little garden in the back yard where there was previously just an ordinary plot of dirt and scraggly grass. I didn't plant a vegetable garden, … ** Read more **

Spring Dining Room

spring dining room ideas

My husband brought me a pot filled with blooming tulips today. Sweet? Yes. Maybe it was to make up for not getting around to hanging my kitchen blinds. But in any case, it was a nice gesture! I LOVE seeing tulips, they are my favorite. The pretty … ** Read more **

Get Inspired: 11 Ways to Spring into Organizing!

spring organization inspiration

Spring Organization Yesterday, the sun came out. HUGE HAPPY EAR-TO-EAR CAN'T-WIPE-THE-GRIN-OFF-MY-FACE SMILE! I love when the sun comes out here in the NW! The sun totally inspired me to think about spring cleaning and wanting to organize … ** Read more **

Puttering {Spring Coffee Table}

simple spring coffee table styling

I've been puttering again! It's like creative therapy, it relaxes me. I like to mix things up around the house, rearranging the accessories, pairing old and new and texture and gloss for a tablescape. I got a new coffee table a few weeks ago (from … ** Read more **

Spring Mantel {Dreaming of Adventure}

books and globe on mantel

 Spring mantel decor I love love love to putter around the house looking for what I can use to update my mantel for my mood or the season. My Valentine's mantel was still cute other than the hearts and the X and O part (which was fun for the holiday … ** Read more **

Are you Tired of Winter? Let’s Talk Spring Decorating!

Annie Selke and The Inspired Room Twitter Party

Pine Cone Hill I'm SO ready for spring. Are you? You know I always love cozy decorating and Fall, but around this time of year, I'll admit I start to go a little stir crazy and want to transition EVERYTHING in my house over to spring! BRING IT ON, … ** Read more **